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Aussie opposition will scrap firewall

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Narrow minded view

Oh no, not another "I left the country cause I'm smarter than everyone else, and all Australians are "backward assed" (American lingo wannabe), nationalistic types.

All countries needs their citizens to stick around and vote accordingly. Thank you for your departure though.

A multitasking iPad? Let's bin the netbook

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Pathetic comparison...Pah!

I don't see how comparing a one off flight that is cheaper than a car is anywhere near the same as comparing 2 computing devices.

And the previous post about the Ford comparison. I highly doubt you could spend the same amount as you did on your crappy Ford as on a car that would win the rally. But you CAN buy a computing device for the same price as an iPad that has all of the "rally" features. It then comes down to your skill.

A better comparison is to compare two Fords, one that has a pretty look (slick paintjob) but you can't mod it without Ford approving it - versus one that comes out of the factory that doesn't look as pretty, but has stacks of features (power windows, heated seats etc), and you can continue to add a HUGE range of further features any time you like without. Is it vanity, or practicality? You obviously prefer vanity.

Carrier apathy depresses Google Phone outlook

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Nexus two by Motorola? Aww snap

Google are more likely to have poor sales if Motorola manufactures the Nexus Two.

Am I the only one who thinks that owning a Motorola phone is the equivalent of having someone drop a cleavland steamer on your hand?

Poor reliability, poor design, poor signal strength. In all of my experiences anyway.

On to the Nexus Three....

What's so bad about Samsung's Bada?

Wizard of Oz

There's still incentives for app developers on other platforms!

I think what people might be forgetting is there are still incentives for developers on the closed platforms. Just because there may be a smaller userbase than iPhone users there's also less app competition.

What is better? A large chunk of a smaller userbase with bigger exposure, or a small chunk of a large userbase will less exposure?

Depends on the users of the phones, income, propensity to spend on apps, price point, and how good your app is against similar offerings etc. So there's more to consider than how many users?

P.s. I too own on iPhone, but I'm more excited about Android and it's possibilities to dev's and consumers alike!


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