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Apple: we've sold a lot of iPhone 4s


instore stock

does the online delivery date (3 weeks) reflect instore stock situation as well?

'iPhone 4G' loser outed


unless this is all misdirection..

apple always keep things secret until the last minute before launch. it seems a bit odd that this has been allowed to happen regardless of whether the poor guy left it by mistake or not.

what if this is apple at its best trying to misdirect the media and all fanbois while they are secretly working on something completely different...

yes it sounds like a lot of bother to go through, but i wouldn't put it past the evil but well designed empire...

Apple bins iPhone covers



Michael C: Okay I get that people drop their phones and it survives but your post is ridiculous. Next you'll be posting that you work in construction and one day you dropped it out of the crane you work in. The phone fell 50 meters but hey since it's a phone from apple it didn't have a scratch and you were able to post the story on facebook immediately.

Bing shies away from gay-as-day search results in Arab countries

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Google as well

Google have enabled safesearch by force as well (in at least Saudi and Bahrain) so not sure why MS is being picked on. Other than the standard "Bill Gates is the devil reasons" of course...


I'm off to test if searching for vagina is blocked or not...http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/thumb_up_32.png


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