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German Wi-Fi networks liable for 3rd party piracy

Kevin H

I wasn't home but my unsecured wireless was

"The owner of the network was able to prove that he was on holiday at the time of the alleged offence.

Despite accepting this, the court held him partially responsible for the civil offence and levied a modest fine"

So it was unsecured even before he went on vacation. The "I thought it didn't count if i wasn't home at the time" excuse was made up as some sort of defense. I'm surprised they even reduced the fine. So does this only apply to home users and not companies? Torrent programs use random ports and there are a lot of unsecured hotspots out there. Article says they only punish those with unsecured wireless home connections due to 3rd parties using it to share copyrighted material.

Sumo wrestler lifts cash machine

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One Who Lifted Up the ATM

This story reminds me of that big Indian guy at the end of One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, perhaps they tricked him into thinking they were reenacting the scene.