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Starlink's latent China crisis could spark a whole new world of warcraft


They should publish a schematic for a receiver. This would drive the Chinese government insane if people could simply build their own.

Greenland melt threshold lower than thought


Nobody doubts "climate change" because climate changes all the time. The only time we have had any significant period of stability was about 10,000 years ago.

The issue is if humans cause any instability and so far the answer is "not that we can determine with certainty". 1910 to 1940 saw the same amount of temperature rise as 1970 to 2000 as we continue to recover from the Little Ice Age.


Thing is ... it was about 2C warmer than today for thousands of years earlier on the Holocene and Greenland didn't melt. It was 5C warmer than today during the previous interglacial and there is no evidence Greenland melted then, either. And every species alive today survived those periods.

Conclusive proof of human activity causing glacier to vanish



Isn't "stealing" ice from a glacier like stealing water from the ocean or sand from a desert? Considering the billions of tons of ice, what he could take would likely be negligible. As long as he "stole" his ice from between the maximum winter advance and minimum summer retreat, he "stole" ice that was going to evaporate anyway.

UK Govt refuses to ban shale gas 'fracking'


Not surprising

This decision by the UK is consistent with recent US Congressional testimony by the head of the Environmental Protection Agency that there has not been a single documented case of hydraulic fracking having contaminated water supplies.

The cases of methane contaminated water widely publicized are where the water has been contaminated with natural methane seepage long before any fracking was going on. Heck, in Burbank, California, the sidewalk is known to sometimes catch fire from natural gas seeps.

Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade


Better get that Arctic oil

while we still can.

There won't be much of anything living up there in 20 years if this holds true.

Google pours millions into wind power


Think of the bats!

There is an increasing body of information that all these wind farms are causing tremendous damage to bat populations. It is already estimated that bat kills by wind turbines is costing US agriculture billions of dollars in losses due to increased insect damage. This loss of natural pest control is also causing an increase in pesticide application.

These things kill bats, they kill birds, and for no good reason. Shame on Google!

Behavioural targeting works, claims US study


Doesn't that just put the D in Duh!

Gator/Claria reached that conclusion 10 years ago. Nothing new here, move along.

'Negatively strange' antihypermatter made out of gold


Negative Strange

Wouldn't a "negative strange" be a "familiar"?


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