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'The LHC will implode the Moon or PUT OUT THE SUN'

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There is no any process of BH evaporation

Hawking formula for temperature of black hole T = (hbar c^3) / (8 pi k G M) can easily be transformed to T = (hbar g) / (2 pi k c).

Compare it with Unruh formula for the temperature of accelerated rod T = (hbar a) / (2 pi k c).

If you use the Bell paradox for rods of different length you will come to conclusion that T=T(r).

Using mc^2=hbar c / R_c one can receive the temperature at the depth R_c:

T = mgR_c / (2 pi k).

Or at the any depth R, if g=const:

T = mgR / (2 pi k).

Or in differential form:

dT/dR = mg /(2 pi k).

Changing the depth R by the distance from the center of gravitating object, r:

dT/dr = -mg /(2 pi k).

This is a formula of gravitational gradient of temperature! It was received in the analogues form by Loschmidt and after by Tsiolkovsky and by … and by me in the form:

dT/dr = -(2/5)mg / k.

This temperature gradient does not lead to thermal exchange. This temperature gradient is quite good proved by the experimental observations.

So, there is no any process of BH evaporation. Hawking formula describes the luminosity of usual stars.

The most dangerous objects are not black holes, but magnetic holes or condensates of strange matter.

The amount of dark matter in the Galaxy is 6 times bigger than the usual barionic matter. Contact of microscopic droplet of dark matter with ordinary matter will transform the Solar system into a cosmic corpse.

I give 50% probability that CERN will explode the Earth in a couple of weeks. The 30-th of March it will collide protons with the energy 2*3.5 TeV.


'Negatively strange' antihypermatter made out of gold

Space Genetics

Droplet of death

By the way, look my formulae, which were written before this article was published:


p + p + 1000 TeV = p + p + N(usd) + N(u~s~d~).

N(usd) - strange droplet.

N(u~s~d~) - strange antidroplet.

N(u~s~d~) annihilate with matter.

N(usd) will ruin the Earth like these:

N(uds) + p = (N+1)(uds) + K+ = (N+1)(uds) + e+ + 500 MeV.

(N+1)(uds) + n = (N+2)(uds) + K0 = (N+2)(uds) + 500 MeV.


I reread the LSAG report once more and found there another error. The binding energy of constituent element of strangelet is not several MeV, as they wrote there, but about 500 MeV. So, all their talks about thermal bath are erroneous. Strange matter is very dangerous!

The value 500 TeV, as a binding energy of (uds) in a strangelet N(uds), can easily be received from comparison with the rest energy of kaons K+ and K0, which are correspondingly 493 MeV and 497 MeV.

Kaons (K+=us; K0=ds) can be side products, occurring at the time of proton (p=uud) and neutron (n=udd) capture by strange matter N(uds):

N(uds) + p = (N+1)(uds) + K+ = (N+1)(uds) + e+ + 500 MeV.

(N+1)(uds) + n = (N+2)(uds) + K0 = (N+2)(uds) + 500 MeV.




Extremely powerful explosion.

This explosion has specific energy output, which is hundred times bigger than under the nuclear explosion.

By the way, at the time of November-December collisions there were more Kaons output that it was theoretically predicted. That means that we are very close to creation of this dead droplet, which can transform the whole Earth into 10-meterr lump of strange\dead matter.

Space observations says us that periods of pulsars are almost do not change. That means that strange matter is very stable.

Read about strange matter, strangelets, and strange stars in Wikipedia. I think that our civilization is crazy. From one hand, it already knows about a deadly dangerous strange matter; from the other hand, it tries to create that dead droplet at colliders. I do not understand you, people.

I wish you to become mentally healthy and STOP all powerful colliders.

Somebody wrote: Also the mass of a proton is 938.272 MeV/c^2 and the mass of a uds is 1,115.683 MeV/c^2.


Mass of a free proton is 938.272 MeV/c^2.

Mass of a proton in deuteron is several MeV/c^2 less.

Mass of a proton in He is several MeV/c^2 less.

Mass of a proton in C is several MeV/c^2 less.

Mass of a proton in Fe is several MeV/c^2 less, and minimal.

These mass differences say us about binding energy.

Strange droplet consisting of a several (uds) is unstable and decay.

AFAIK some authors said that droplet could be stable if it has at least 10 elements.

The more number of “strange nucleons” inside the droplet, the more binding energy.

I think that its binding energy properties are analogues to those of a magnetic hole. So I think that specific binding energy has a limit and it lays somewhere near 500 MeV (or about of 1/2 of protons rest energy).

Note. My computation for magnetic hole gives: energy of ruined protons splits per two parts: 2/3 goes into creation of magnetic field; 1/3 goes into binding energy or simply emitted with radiation.

Strange matter has fermionic structure.

Magnetic hole has bosonic structure.

CERN physicist can create dead droplet, having fermionic, bosonic or scirmionic structure. Any such condensate is dangerous, because it can transform the whole Earth into dead extremely dense matter.

Now they collide protons with energies of about 0.45 TeV per proton. In any of the next days the energy can be risen to 3.5 TeV. That can create a microscopic droplet of death, and in a 1000 seconds our Earth will be exploded.

PS: In the Galaxy at the time of about 100 000 000 000 years almost all stars dies and the same number of stars are born. Now is the time for our Sun. Who will push the button?


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