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Red Hat's open source rot took root when IBM walked in


Re: Right cause, wrong target

Quite possibly. So instead of not careing about the OS part, since there are plenty of good non-redhat free competitors (being open source and all) and selling other applications on top of it, and creating a new cloud business to rival microsofts, oracle, and aws, they have really pushed the community away. Ubuntu has been making inroads to developer desktops for a long time in businesses that pay for redhat licenses, and those, like me, who ran rhel, or alma, or centos, or.. have been noticing that Ubuntu is becoming the defacto standard Linux and is, in general a better supported platform. This time, the redhat users didnt just scream, many have left. The writing is on the wall. This isn't just a bad decision, this is here to stay. Its time to drop fedora and redhat, and move to debian and ubuntu. My employer still pays for a redhat site license, and with it some redhat products which are not operating systems, but the mind share of wanting to be a redhat shop is out the window. Apps are moving in to containers on debian, workstations are going back to windows or to mac. Now that microsoft has improved and been more open source friendly (including a pretty good WSL2 implementation with, you guessed it, Ubuntu being the defacto OS) All redhat have done is removed one of the major reasons for staying with them if you have made a career of it. Redhat, or IBM, really shot themselves in the foot with this one. Microsoft is the new Redhat, and Redhat is the old Microsoft. And apple.. still apple for better and worse.

Red Hat strikes a crushing blow against RHEL downstreams


Re: GPL violation

Yeah, they are burning their actual customers. Companies who can self support and want free Linux have many options. For RedHat to stay in the game, they need to have a free option too. The developer licenses are too encumbered to be used how we need. I work for a large organisation that has a site license for RHEL. I used to run Centos on my home PC servers where I keep my skills up to date, and for some stuff I run on VPS on the public internet. I also used them for convenience even where our RHEL site license had me covered. They still got paid. I moved them to Alma when Centos died, and I have no interest in stream. I am not the only one with no interest in stream too - if the centos-devel mailing list archives are still available you can look at the size of the monthy tarballs and you can see just from that when they lost the community. They jump from consistently 100Kb - 2Mb compressed until December 2021 then not one month since has reached 100Kb in content since.

With that move a lot of people moved to alternate free clones, a lot moved to other distros. Now with containers being a more popular hosting solution, cloud native, Azure Linux, RedHat have missed the boat creating their own cloud which they could have charged for while funding a Free OS.

Personally I have decided to invest the time in learning the Debian / Ubuntu ecosystem. Thats 25 years of experience in their platform moving away. And I suspect there are many. Now its Ubuntu LTS in WSL on Windows on my workstation, Ubuntu in VMs, and while my Alma boxes are still switch on, if RedHat don't change course they will not be replaced with RedHat ecosystem products.

And here is the clincher, I am a decision maker in places where they still pay for RHEL. I was happy to spend my employers money on their support, even though we rarely need it, but now I think the path points to Debian, Arch, or another commercially supported OS in a container platform, and I am saying so when decisions are being made about the RedHat license.

Automation is great. Until it breaks and nobody gets paid


Sounds more like malware than a legit thing. I honestly didnt know where this story was going to go half way through.

Germany clocks that ripping out Huawei, ZTE network kit won't be cheap or easy


Re: Needs A Re-write......

There is erricson, nokia, alcatel-lucent.

There has been supply chain hardware backdoors inserted in supermicro computers in targeted attacks. So its not just hardware, or software, that is the problem. And as phones dont/cant use end to end encryption and phone numbers are easier to tie to a person, this is a fair risk.

Heads to roll at Lenovo amid 'severe downturn' in PC sales



Its also that it has become widely enough known that Lenovo is no longer an IBM owned company, but a Chinese company. In this less geopolitically stable world, there are businesses that would no longer touch Lenovo as a brand. Not saying its the only reason, but worth mentioning.

Why we abandoned open source: LiveCode CEO on retreat despite successful kickstarter


I dont think teaching a wierd language to school kinds is helpful really. Using a good mainstream interpreted language has much greater benifits outside of the school room. memory management? not needed in most mainstream code these days. good on em for doing what they want but to those schools try python with visualstudio code community addition. or serverless on aws free tier.

I was offered $500k as a thank-you bounty for pilfering $600m from Poly Network, says crypto-thief


Re: Really, now?

1) if someone else holds the keys to your crypto, you can loose it. If there is a security hole in your crypto, you can loose it. Make sure you know your tolerance to risk, and dont go out there with an inherant trust of everything.

2) mostly correct, except there are supposedly some privacy coins, but I havnt looked in to them (eg monero).

3) correct... its mostly secure, but nothing is completely certain.

4) money has no value either, the value comes from traditional money the same as it comes for crypto. That is people agree to use it, trust it, its worth what someone will pay for it, swap for it, etc. That value can change, the same as traditional money.

Always do your own research. The truth is that its not as valuable as some people would have you believe, but its also not a ponzi scheme and its worth more than nothing. It is early days for crypto and smart contracts, and the value is speculative, but I think if it was going to fail anytime soon, it'd have failed already. Sure its probably not going to replace how your employer pays you any time soon, but I think it is going to continue to grow over time.

I wouldnt suggest anyone buys it on promises of making a quick buck without understanding of what it is and how it works. I think we know which cryptos are the big players now, I wouldnt bother with any new startups using forked code and some vague promises.

Giant Tesla battery providing explosion in renewable energy – not as intended


Re: Entropy says no.

True, I think lithium is only a brief environmentally damaging stopover on the way to hydrogen storage.

Desktop renaissance? Nope, rebound of hefty PCs is just because there's notebook shortage – analysts


Re: Is this Intel/AMD specific?

I have not seen it reported but it seems obvious to me that the desktop sales begun their decline after the intel 2600k was released, and nothing worth while followed it up for many many years. People would buy whatever the mid tier desktop was then keep it for years. personally I ran my 2600k desktop for 9 years untill amd finally upped the game. ive updated two intel systems of my own in the last 2 years, and my mother in laws laptop to a ryzen model as well. so thats 3 purchases up from zero for many years thanks to amd. i suspect I am not alone.

Self-supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server virty users see stealth inflation


Re: GPL, anybody?

i dont think thats true, they just need to supply the source code including their changes and improvements, which they do, and they have to accept the existance of clones, which they do. if they want to push their users further away, so be it. my recommendation? c8 -> alma linux.


Re: Why tie yourself to a single distro?

yep. not a fan of the end of centos, but red hats enterprise linux is what i know. so ive been sitting on a centos 8 vps slice waiting to see whats happens. im not interested in stream, oracle is too evil even if their rhel clone is free but today i used the alma linux beta script to convert it (alma linux is the free cloud linux version) and it worked perfectly. im sure other rebuilds will be good, but alma is good to use now.

Linux kernel maintainers tear Paragon a new one after firm submits read-write NTFS driver in 27,000 lines of code


Re: Bit harsh

They did, see this response:


And they have all been working together nicely, the patch and process is much improved, and things are looking good.

Australian contact-tracing app leaks telling info and increases chances of third-party tracking, say security folks


Re: Maybe, maybe not.

What, and phones are not trackable based on their IMEI from the tower, or from their WIFI scan data? Open up Kali Linux and run airsnort-ng and some scanning tools and watch for the known wifi networks phones are scanning for. Showing busines names, hotel names, and all under their own wifi ID. This fingerprint is already there and doesnt change at all . A necessary ID that by default changes every 15 mins, bumped up to 2 hours is hardly the security concern in your phone. They probably changed it to lower processing costs of merging the data back together when someone is found to have covid and they need it.


Re: The publicly acknowledged privacy concern

Actually I have worked with AWS, and their staff were not able to see my data. They do have very strict standards and security good design in house. But the best thing is, the app does not upload data until you find you have covid and allow it to upload. So 'all the data' does not mean 'everyones data'. Far from it. But where it has value to save lives, then people can share data (or not, but if that was your intent surely you would not install the app).

Oddly specific 'cyber attack' hits Alaskan airline RavnAir and one plane type


It seems likely that the plane had old software on an old windows system and may have just been vulnerable when other systems were not. It sounds unlikely the dash 8 or the airline were targetted specifically.

Go fourth and multi-Pi: Raspberry Pi 4 lands today with quad 1.5GHz Arm Cortex-A72 CPU cores, up to 4GB RAM...


Re: Curious ...

my pi3 lives in the shed running the pi version of orchid core for its nice html5 interface for 6 1080p security cameras. the cams all talk to the pi on one isolated vlan and save back to a nas on another vlan. while this works io bandwidth is limited, and i want to write my own home automation app in ruby on rails as that language is now part of my day job. but rails is known to be a memory hog.... now a pi4 with gigabit, usb3 and 4gb of ram is going to increase the real world limits i was up against out of sight. $5 of adapters is slightly annoying but ill just buy what i need in one hit and its not a deal breaker for me. the improvements are more than worth it. i think they might sell more of the 4gb version than they realise. not everyone is chasing just price, a lot of the time the software quality and size of the community is what puts them ahead of competing platforms (real or perceived).

FTTP NBN gone from draft Australian Labor Party policy platform


Pitty upload is still mostly so slow. Im finding myself uploading images to team channels from my phone in full res, and generally on a home connection (even a good one) its way faster to drop off wifi and upload over 4g, then reconnect to the home internet. My wife also works from the home office, and the lack of upload speed means she takes a huge productivity hit waiting for file transfers to businesses servers. Of course I suffer the same when working from home for out of hours work.

nbn™'s HFC fix will see connections tested from March to July 2018


Im getting a solid 45mbit on my 25mbit docsis 3 telstra cable at the moment.. but it went down for 4 days at the end of last week. Telstra couldnt tell me what the fault was and the outage eta counter counted down from 9 to 0 hours over and over.

Then I noticed a bunch of cable was missing from the end of the street, and I could see one 20m length not connected at either end between the overhead poles.... sounds like nbnco replacing cable in my segment before their service becomes available here and not telling other cable users whats going on....

nbn™ scoreboard: our new way to look at Australia's national broadband network


Re: HFC Horrible Fucking Crap

Interesting you say that. I stopped following the nbn mostly due to rage quit but have been thinking the solid 45mbit im getting out of my 25mbit docsis 3 telstra cable was a sign that when the politics of wholesale pricing is fixed the nbn hfc stood a good chance of working well.

I do like the numbers reporting but a deeper analysis doesnt hurt either.

Five ways Apple can fix the iPhone, but won't


bluetooth file transfer compatability with other vendors

A glaring artificial restriction to me is the inability to transfer photos and video between non apple devices. I still have a video from a mates wedding on my phone (and pc), too big to email. They would have it by now if their apples could have accepted mp4 transferred via BT. Theres other ways, sure, but it keeps being forgotten. It shouldnt be so hard and wouldnt even hurt apple to fix.

NBN costs creating budget time bomb: Deloitte



Its unfortunate that the Libs thought they needed to have a different policy to Labor. With so many people who do understand technology predicting this outcome long before the multi-technology mix was adopted, they could have won a lot more people over saying they agree the original version was a good plan but opting to improve delivery time and costs with comparable technology like FTTC and unlike FTTN.

The way they have done it, and they way they are cutting so many corners now to get anything rolled out as quickly as possible Deloitte is entirely correct. This will remain a f**kup of epic proportions in costs and lack of fitness for purpose for a very long time. And it will be very hard to spin it any other way to the large and always growing number of Australians who get their news online and not from the traditional printed media.

nbn™ talks up HFC upgrades to gigabit speed


I run a (very) small business, and wish to be able to host services from my home. I also work full time, and the limited upstream from home severely limits the work on my own venture I can do in my lunch break (the day job is a large organisation on fibre who are aware of my business and it is not considered a conflict of interest and they have plenty of bandwidth at that end). Sure if I had more money I could host a large enough dedicated server, but at this stage I can not. So it looks like my business never really gets off the starting block. CPU is cheap but I'd love to be able to do more with terabytes of consumer grade storage at home. Oh well, the liberal government dont seriously want to help small Australian tech start ups literally in their lounge room trying to take on the world do they?

As for HFC being upgradable? Yeah no sh!t! But since we had the HFC before we started, exactly what did we need the NBN for? Im certain we would have gotten docsis 3.1 HFC anyway by putting the network back in the hands of the public and opening it up as wholesale, which would have made it cheap enough to gather enough customers that the update would have been viable as part of regular business.

Such a pitty how libs have found a way to spending pretty much the same amount of money to implement the easy update to an existing network and call it "as much of the same thing as you needed, really.... and the rest of you, too bad..."

India orders 770 million LED light bulbs, prices drop 83 per cent


Re: What kinds of drivers? (not vehicle)

Your thinking of old halogen transformers. Most led bulbs generate only a small amount of heat for the rated amount of light. It sounds like these guys know what they are doing and bought quality bulbs at the right price from the success of the program.

Uber Australia is broke: 'We don't pay tax because we don't generate revenue'


We all know its legal. Instead of asking the same questions and getting the same answers over and over and instead of upping the gst to 15% how about changing the law to close the loop holes? For something sold in australia, australian tax is oweing or the business cant operate in this country? The gov would then be able to collect heaps more tax, fairly and legally from big business who most agree should be paying their share. The law would have to be carefully considered and written but it can be done.

NBN mulls capacity charge revamp


> (for example, “10 Mbps of customer package can be served by 2 Mbps of network capacity”) no longer applies when everybody on a DSLAM (or in an NBN service area) is streaming movies at the same time.

No Sh*t! We (the geeks) have been trying to tell you (the current govt) that for years! This kind of usage has been expected by many of us for a long long time now!

Volkswagen used software to CHEAT on AIR POLLUTION tests, alleges US gov


To answer some Qs in the comments. Car manufacturers do sometimes get busted for fake economy stats, and this was discovered and reported by university researchers.

From: http://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/foreign/2015/09/18/epa-vw-diesel-vehicles-violated-emissions-rules/72401296/

Last year, Hyundai and Kia Motors Corp. agreed to a record-setting $360 million settlement for overstating fuel economy ratings. The agreement ended EPA’s two-year investigation into the automakers' overstatement of mileage ratings for 1.2 million 2011-13 U.S. vehicles.


The VW emissions issue came to the attention of EPA in 2014 after independent analysis by researchers at West Virginia University, working with the International Council on Clean Transportation, a non-governmental organization, raised questions about emissions levels.

Malcolm Turnbull's run Australia's NBN for two years. How's he done?


while announcing cloud computing first policy 2014

How can the libs kill FTTP and at the same time provide a policy to use cloud service providers first? Assuming they are attemping to lead and promote the same to businesses how are small and medium businesses meant to use cloud services to their maximum potential without fibre?



Non-corporate commonwealth entities are required to use cloud services for new ICT services and when replacing any existing ICT services, whenever the cloud services:

• are fit for purpose;

• offer the best value for money, as defined by the Commonwealth Procurement Rules; and

• provide adequate management of risk to information and ICT assets as defined by the Protective Security Policy Framework

'YOUTUBE is EVIL': Somebody had a tape running, Google...


elreg misquote

The source matierial shows google didnt say "YouTube is EVIL.". The reg has added that as a quote when its not true.

The way I see it the options are:

1) Sign up to the new payment scheme.

2) Remove your content and submit DMCA requests when someone else uploads it - a way out.

3) Use the content ID system and let people view it for free.

That doesnt seem too bad to me. Its just a pitty enough people are stupid enough that google probably wont loose their position in streaming, even if smart artists abandon the platform.

Redmond top man Satya Nadella: 'Microsoft LOVES Linux'



Im sure its no mistake that they support centos and oracle, but not redhat. So they'll take the money for hosting, take the customers, maybe give some $ to redhats biggest enemy (oracle) but make sure none goes back to RH. They are within their rights to do so, but i dont believe for a second they do want to work with RH.

RIP MSN Messenger, kthxbai. Microsoft finally flicks on KILL SWITCH in China


MSN isnt dead.... just the client

As all of my contacts used pidgin instead of Microsoft's crappy client before the end of live messenger, we just kept using it through reports of it closing down. thus far the network is definitely still alive to this day. I dont know if the skype client is using or not, but I suspect they wont turn off the backend network in a hurry. as all that data that goes through it has to be worth $ to them.

Just how far did storage and compute converge in 2013?


yes, and the omission of the hybrid cloud tech in redhat enterprise linux 7 (and centos). It will does this very well, and has the ability to use rented grunt or storage across the net for short term needs when you need to crunch through a big job then back to normal on your private system. I wouldnt be buying a propriety system ahead of this.

Department of Human Services removes Medicare from internet


Im sure the recent health services budget cuts after the election have not helped. Perhaps the desk thats meant to have someone sitting in it looking after this kind of stuff is now empty?

Crippling server 'leccy bill risks sinking OpenBSD Foundation


why openBSD?

I looked in to this quite closely. The reason openbsd need so many machines is so they can support many different architectures. most those architectures are obsolete, but they maintain and run servers because the different processors running with different speeds and features and other subtle differences often show up security bugs such as in openssh (but also other components/apps). Once the test suites find an issue in say openssh on vax or spac it is often proven that it exists on other architectures but doesnt show up easily. So the fixes end up befitting everyone who runs openssh, including most the linux distros.

the problem is that the openbsd guys are an old school stubborn lot and you cant convince them more small donations from outsiders would work. They want to charge more for open bsd cds (which i reckon many possible donators would not even want) or some large corporate to come forth (and they arnt). They dont want to put a donation meter on their site so you know people are donating and your money is well spent and they dont want to do anything differently. If you try to politely suggest that small donations would work and suggest some more modern concepts to attack the donations it is very likely you'll get turned away by an ill considered rude answer. Good luck openBSD... I respect your code but the way your going, your going to need it.....

NSA spies should clean up their act, says Prez Obama-picked panel

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"The government need not stop its practice of collecting bulk metadata about Americans' phone calls, the group found. But it recommended that this data be held by a private party, rather than the government itself, and that the government should only be able to request specific information when it is needed for investigations."

ABC finally brings iView to Android


Cool. Works just fine for me. Looks like 1000+ downloads now.

And it doesnt have any location/gps access. Not sure why it needs to know my account details, or sdcard access though, unless its going to allow download and offline streaming. Which would be pretty cool. Pull down the video via wifi at home then watch on the bus.

Just when you were considering Red Hat Linux 6.5, here comes 7


Re: Not sure...

Yeah, start testing it if you want and submit bugs to the trackers. But dont plan on using it in production in 2014.

'Mixed tech' NBN needs a super-sized HFC net



So, I get 5mbit ADSL now and HFC passes my house and has been there for 10 years. So because of this I will get no upgrade at all, and even if I did the best that would happen is to get connected to 10 year old HFC. And that HFC is shared bandwidth so if the majority of subscribers move on to it, the usable bandwidth will not live up to expectations. So getting connected to 10 year old tech that the private sector built is part of a plan which will now cost the taxpayer $92 billion AUD. How the hell can you call that an NBN or value for money or building infrastructure for the future?

Junior telcos tie knot in NBN Co copper plan


Re: Can Aussie pollies do anything right?

I think you'll find the liberal party are running the country like a business. Trying to spend the least amount of money on the least amount of stuff they can get away with for short term profit.

The government however should be trying to do what is best for the people. They should be prepared to spend money to keep the economy moving.

Those who I know who work in Parliament are some of the hardest working people I know - you just wouldnt know it! The media is very selective on what it reports and heaps more goes on than most people know about. Huge documents are researched and picked apart and negotiated on very limited timeframes, and they need to balance all the different groups trying to influence them different directions.

Then they need to go in to damage control mode when the media runs an unfair one sided over simplification on every subject thinking they can summerise 800 pages of complexity in 1 headline. If that was possible Im sure the results we see would be a lot better! Its horrible work/life balance.

The oversimplification of politics in the media is really unfortunate as it has a huge effect on what people think.

Most of Dread Pirate Roberts' treasure still buried, say researchers


So the research paper is claiming that everyone who was interested in bitcoin in the early days are all really aliases for satoshi, who then decided to transfer some coin to DPR in 2013? Sounds like people throwing names around to try and get some useless study published to me.Could the link be any weaker at all? Is it even a link?

No, it's NOT Half-Life 3 – it's Valve's lean, mean STEAM MACHINE


Re: Destined to fail

I dont see that underpowered but consistant hardware specs is the benefit some say it is. I dusted off the old xbox 360 last night and fired up badlands. I noticed the game chunking quite a lot during the intro.

Conversely, PC games have been able to automatically benchmark the pc rig they're running on and configure to suit for years and years. Varied PC hardware is simply not the problem console gamers say it is. Its just an excuse to justify lame hardware and slow development cycles while the manufacturers milk more cash.

This will build on the success the steam platform already is.


Re: This will either save PC gaming or kill it.

They have said you will be able to dual boot it, so there are pleanty of ways you can also use it as a media player. Performance wise this leave the 'next gen' consoles for dead. I bet they sell a lot more controllers than systems though, as plenty of people will want to supply their own hardware (or use existing hardware).

Big Content says Pirates of the Caribbean do their worst in Australia


Its because the Australian police consider piracy a civil offence (and it is, too).

If the MPAA want to act, then they should identify the sellers then take them to court themselves. The court system would then make a ruling.

Telling the police to do all the work at the tax payers expense is not how things work here. Hurrah for the police doing things the right and legal way.

Cisco: We'll open-source our H.264 video code AND foot licensing bill


site license

So cisco is paying a site license for unlimited use on the h264 codec for the whole world? That would have to be one hell of a license fee. Something doesnt smell right. There will have to be limitations, or else the fee will have to be so large that mpeg la are happy to never accept a cent from anyone else.

I can see the license being restricted to use in FF and/or other browsers would work. But I bet I cant write my own unrelated video conferencing application and distribute it then say "cisco will pay up for that part".

New Oz government keeps Huawei ban after spook briefing


i wouldnt trust huawai

After seeing what the NSA have done in the USA (and the rest of the world), breaking / backdooring crypto standards and possibly hardware (intels random number generator) I would expect that everything is backdoored. Sure the intel guy who made intels RNG says no way it is backdoored, but whos to say that one person in the right place didnt slip one on the silicon before it was produced? The same thing is surely happening in China. The regime is different, but people are people. So the question becomes whos back door do you want on your infrastructure? Im guessing China is enough of a threat to take seriously.

DON'T BREW THAT CUPPA! Your kettle could be a SPAMBOT


Or maybe the competitors of the named brand shoved a few boards in the competitors products then sold them to retailers, only to buy them again and get the story in the news. I would say this would be more likely!

Not that you couldnt put a cheap small allwinner chipset based system with wifi in an appliance.....

Drone owners told: stay out of bushfire skies


My mate has one of these. Ive used it with him to get some great footage, but have kept it away from everyone because the risks are real. Its about 50cm from side to side, made of hard plastic (not styrofoam) and quite soild. It would make a mess of a chopper stabilising rotor if it hit it, thats for sure.

Great device, but you need to respect the law and use common sense if you are going to fly one.


DARPA slaps $2m on the bar for the ULTIMATE security bug SLAYER


thats not a bug, its a feature

Other than really stupid flaws which can be detected automatically with tools like lint, if anyone chooses to run them, you cant do this automatically. How can you tell if its a bug or expected operation. I can see these tools closing holes, and breaking as much functionality, and it taking just as long for a human to create the original intended result.

Telstra plans to keep hands on government BEEELIONS


Re: You lack sufficient cynicism young commentard

"The "public" can get FTTP under the coalitions plan if that is what they want. It has always been an available option that you can pay for if you require it."

Can you produce a link to current documentation for this? I want fibre to the premisis, and considering what it will cost me in stamp duty to move house, I am prepared to put down the thousands and pay for it if I have to.

I heard it was an option, then I read somewhere that it wasnt, and now I can not find current facts at all. If I can buy it, I will, and I dont know what happens next. Do they run fibre from the exchange to just my house? From the node? (I read that the FTTN architecture was not upgradeable and would need to be ripped up to swap to FTTP). Do they run a single house off a shared 30 connection GPON passive fibre card like the original FTTP plan (though it would have been blocks of 30 houses installed at one, withthe fibre pulled through the ducts in one hit), or do they install a dedicated link per household?


This is not just a pro FTTP rant... I really do want straight answers on if I can pay now and what happens. I want to take that option. Anyone?

Microsoft's Azure will bring tiers to your eyes



Gee, nice bit of microsoft spam. I hope they paid well for it.

For a competing system, see redhat hats offering.


You can have public, private or hybrid cloud where you can lease extra capacity on an as required basis adding nodes via the net to your own private cloud on an as required basis.

But really, is this even news?

Microsoft relents: 'Go ahead, install Windows 8.1 on clean PCs'


Why make everything so hard to move to a failing platform that needs some love right now? They must really hate their customers. The left hand giveth and the right hand takes some more away.