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GeoCities demolished

Richard Cain
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Spin! Galore! Spam! Is! The! Reason!

And thank your God that Y! has taken action.

The volume of spam that used geocities URLs in the body text during the past month was amazing.

It's noticeable how much the volume has dropped during the past week. Clearly Y! has finally sat up and taken notice.

McAfee: Save the planet - use a spam filter

Richard Cain

e=m*c [squared]

e = volume of emails

m = desperation of marketing departments

c = crap

Gov stumps £4.3m bee health funding

Richard Cain
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Before the usual nonsense ......

..... hits the comments, a serious note.

This is long overdue. No pollinators = no food. Full stop. Apart from fish. And Brussels says we can't catch them any more.

Activist coders aim to deafen Phorm with white noise

Richard Cain

@ Frank

Thank you. I will check it out.

Richard Cain

@ dephormation.org.uk / Pete


Phuk!! And Double Phuk!

Does anyone know how to keep @ISP addresses live when changing over? It's law that telecom providers (land-line and mobile) allow porting of numbers, but I am uncertain of the situation with ISPs. I am pretty sure that it's impossible, but hope to be proven wrong by some kind Reg reader!


Richard Cain

@ John Leyden & Ralph B

VM has not signed a deal to include Webwise/Phorm, as is stated here: http://www.virginmedia.com/customers/webwise.php

and as previously noted in El Reg.

Antiphormlite is a neat idea, pity that it's XP & Vista only.

However I have just come across another weapon which should keep Ralph B happy, called Dephormation. It's a Firefox add-on and can be downloaded from here:


Another good reason to dump IE &/or Safari in favour of FF, easily the most secure browser out there.

With this now installed I couldn't give two hoots whether my ISP signs a deal with Phorm or not. I had been seriously thinking of changing ISP, but the aggravation of notifying everyone of numerous email address changes was putting me off. Problem now solved.

Blu-ray discs outsell HD DVDs almost 3:1 in Europe

Richard Cain

@Anon_Cow and @Phillip C

I agree that it's early days, but history does repeat itself, time and again. As in Beta Max v VHS: great marketing always beats great product.

Blu-Ray sounds sexy, HD-DVD does not.

Blu-Ray has struck a major PR victory, HD-DVD has not.

I'm with anon_cow on this one.

Look out for pump and dumps spams, and pass them on.

Microsoft will pay you $1 for every one you forward.

I'm on a roll:

Subject will be

[h0t] B-R4Y

Paris Hilton exits missionary position to save Universe

Richard Cain
Black Helicopters

Paris poo-poos sub-zero size models on latest shopping trip.


Paris sub-zero size models on latest shopping trip.

Sub title:

Did lack of tasty food for a few days influence her decision? Tell us now!

Call 09999 999 0990 (calls cost only £25 per minute).

Alternatively log on to www.bbcitv.am/elreg/?IT?/1010/I.think.lesters.great.psp.html.doc.txt.pdf

[opens as a new page entitled "get a life - there is more to it than IT"]

Lost CD may put pension holders in peril

Richard Cain

@ Paul Crawford

You beat me to it! My sentiments exactly.

And it's the same central gov.uk mob that's in charge of the NHS spine, costing 20 billion. Do not use the NHS next time you get the clap. Wifey is bound to receive the leaked report sooner or later.

Darling won't move over gains tax

Richard Cain

No Worries Mate!

Just ask the Tories how to solve the problem, and then let Darling (choregraphed by BROON) adopt the idea.

Probem solved.


Has anyone remembered that the current Chancellor - he who contols our bank balances - was in charge of the failed successor to British Rail? Good job, Al!

iPod Nano in airport trouser conflagration horror

Richard Cain

Brings a whole new meaning...

... to 'Hot Pants'

Cops seek 179mph net vid biker

Richard Cain

To Befuddled American


179 mph?

By A. Boyer

Posted Friday 31st August 2007 14:28 GMT

Sorry, I'm confused. All of these articles lately are referring to MPH. Since when did Britain use miles per hour? Are we talking about 179 MPH or 179 KPH/111 MPH?

-A befuddled American


Here in the old country we have used miles for quite some time. Since about 56 AD actually, after we were invaded by the Roman Legions. Romans invented miles.

From Wiki: A unit of distance called a mile was first used by the Romans and denoted a distance of 1000 paces (1 pace is 2 steps, 1000 paces being, in Latin, mille passus) or 5000 Roman feet, and corresponded to about 1480 meters, or 1618 modern yards.

The current definition of a mile as 5,280 feet (as opposed to 5000) dates to the 13th century, and was confirmed by statute in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I; the change was needed to accommodate the rod which (as opposed to the mile) was a measure ensconced in legal documents.

The USA uses miles because we were your colonial masters.

You also use inches, feet and yards, because we were your colonial masters.

You speak a sort of English, because yes - you guessed it - we were your colonial masters.

Somewhere along the way you lot got a bit bolshy, and changed the fluid measures. Thus a US gallon is smaller than an Imperial (UK) gallon - so not everything in the USA is bigger.

Here's another shocker - not every country in the world uses dollars as currency.

And another! Not every country in the world drives on the right. Old civilisations do (UK, Japan ....), because 90% of people are right-handed, so on horse-back armed with a sword, you approached a stranger whilst riding on the left of the track / road.

Driving (riding) on the right was introduced by Napoleon, as a demonstration of 'out with the old, in with the new', and you lot went for it.

I can only assume that, like this country, history is no longer on the US schools curriculum either.

UK IP office offers trade mark guidance

Richard Cain

Yet more public service reductions

For 'UK IP office offers trade mark guidance', read: 'UK IP office offers explanation of its abrogation of duty'.

You can bet that the charges for registering a Trade Mark will not be reduced in line with the lesser service level. Another example of Nu-Lab decreasing the ROI on our compulsory and increasing contributions to HM Gov.

So now all Trade Mark holders have to monitor new applications on top of all of the other expensive red tape. Where was this in the Government's Manifesto?

Pupils flog public school on eBay

Richard Cain


eBay has pulled the listing.

Lester, you must brush up on your insider trading skills.

Internet = no!


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