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French court says non to pre-loaded Windows on Acer laptop


About customers complaining about no pre-installed software.

How about doing the fair way: when they choose the computer, ask what preinstalled software do they want - the one that cost, say 100$, one that cost 500$, but have more functionality (office) or one that have all the functionality and more and is completely free of charge.

Now thats fair competition.

An option of having no software shouldnt be a problem in that light.

That would force microsoft to decrease their prices or come up with another, less aggresive OEM licence.

Microsoft too busy to name Linux patents


Linux doesnt infringe

Lou Gosselin sais that patents<>copyright. And thats right.

But linux doesnt infringe any patents! At least thats what Linus Torvalds sais and he should now.

The technology used in os development has been invented in the 60s and 70s and all possible patents are long expired.

I am certain (trusting Linus' word) linux doesnt implement any patented feautures.

By the way the idea of not allowing people to put their effort in writing a useful piece of code because of patetns (aspecially those bogus, incorrrect and hastened ones) makes me feel sick, raped even.

The software patent system as it is now is faulty and wrong!


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