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Last remaining reason to order an iPhone 5 disappears

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Isn't satire supposed to be funny? Or at least involve some form of wit?

Intel re-invents its mainstream SSD



...massive demand for solid state memory, courtesy of smart phones and tablets, and Apple buying up capacity in advance so they can keep their prices down and margins up. Prices will come down, but not until capacity expands to fill the need.

Apple, the iPhone 4G, the cops and the click-tart

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Solid and Informative

A Reg article about Apple with no gratuitous digs? Fascinating.

A balanced take on a story that seems to have a lot of people in a tizzy. Well done.

Asus will hit e-pad market this year

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Apple does seem to have at least thought about ergonomics - the iPhone OS is much better suited to single-hand operating than the Windows OS used on older tablets. As for laying it flat, the protective folder raises it at an angle. Yes, it's an extra expense, but not a particularly expensive one. Still, nothing beats actually getting your hands on one and seeing how it feels.

Paris, because, well, once you use the phrase "single-hand operating" there's nowhere else to go...