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Euro NCAP to mandate auto-braking in new-car test


vs spending money on learning to drive properly

These devices have a cost, I bet my left arm (because my right one is now faulty due to an non-fault RTA) , that if the same money was spent on improving driving skills there would be a better benefit to general road safety than relying on electronics.

Virgin Media nukes downloads after SuperHub 'upgrade'



Does not suprise me.

I have a new superhub that upgraded itself to R36 on first use.

I can't even get a good enough wireless signal (I was advised to use my old router with modem mode after they confirmed that the wireless N signal was too crap to even get 26mbs down when sat next to the superhub) with my superhub to get this download bug.

Shame as the actual broadband connection is brilliant (consistant low ping gives me geekgasms), but the Superhub spoils the whole service.

Millionaire Ubuntu space nerd Shuttleworth live on The Reg


Ubuntu out of beta yet ?

Dear Mr ShuffleCock,

People would take your OS seriously as more than a toy if it did not suffer so many regressions (bugs, performance), changing to new shiney features that are not finished. Its a real shame as some of the concepts you have introduced are compelling, such a Unity, but its like one step forward, one side ways and one back.

Jedi light-sabre beats Taser in Oregon parking-lot fracas


I wait patiently for the youtube video

of the CCTV footage, with digital enhancements and sound effects

WinPho sceptics cut Lumia 800 sales estimates in half


WP7 is hard to sell on the shop floor. Looks weaker than it actually is.

Current WP7 devices look weaker than they should in the store front.

The easy to use Metro UI simply does not look impressive when the phone has no data, contacts, music, connectivity to populate the tiles. Swiping around and the experience seems poor as you get lots of sparse looking screens and could be interpreted as badly organised.

Look at an in use WP7, where the screens have lots of info, the tiles are aggregating useful information and you get to understand that usefulness of the Metro UI.

WP7 cannot compete on a spec checklist competition (partly due to it more modest hardware requirements compared to Android/IOS), lack of new whizzy bang features such as 3D, dual core (which the savvy will know might not equate to a better device) that sales men can use in their blurb to sell to not so tech savvy punters), its no surprise that WP7 devices are not selling. Microsoft cannot leverage brand loyalty or the locked in Windows experience or the sheer popularity as advantages anymore in a world where people are getting more used to mixing platforms between devices.

I am waiting to see more information about Windows Phone 8, I don't want to get tied into a 2 year contract where within 12months I could end up with an outdated OS, I would rather stay out of contract and get a WP8 phone. I would be sorely annoyed if I got a lumia 800 does not need the minimum requirements to run WP8 and WP7 simply get life support while the rest of the world moves on. And Yes I have enquired to Microsoft and got a we do not know response.

If WP7 had all the features of WP7.5 from the start I would of probably got one straight away knowing I would get a good life out of the device on a 2 year contract.

I think the Lumia 710 could actually make more sense than the Lumia 800 as the hardware spec matches up with older iOS and more budget orientated Android devices, long as it gets priced competitively.

NHS hurls iPhone into booze abuse fray


First Drink of the Day !



Don't worry V2 is in the pipeline the 64bit Rugby Club edition.

Due to 32bit limitations there will be a special 64bit Rugby Club edition to allow accurate post (and sometimes pre) match tracking.


Accuracy may be affected whilst under the influence of alcohol

Warning !

Virgin Media to trial filesharing monitoring system


How much illegal filesharing is there actually ?

Do they actually know how much actual -provable (ie in court of law) illegal file sharing is happening, not ALLEGED illegal file sharing ?

Filesharing laws to hit websites and newsgroups too



Full of FAIL.

Lots of people get cut off - ISPs loose revenue. ISPs don't want this. FAIL.

Lots of people appeal: system breaks under backlog or cost or both. FAIL.

Nothing happens to lots of people: FAIL.

Lots of people point out under law that the allegations need to be proven in a court of law: still a FAIL.

Cut off people still don't go and buy more music (because they would of never bought it in the f@cking first place) to pay for maintaining the Recording Industry Dinosaur: FAIL.

Copyright Laws change and people are forced to stop download and still don't buy any more music. FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL

MS forensics tool leaks onto the web


Runs on running OS

According to http://news.cnet.com/8301-10784_3-9930664-7.html

"is a USB thumb drive that captures evidence on a computer that could be lost when the computer is shut off"

I guess the tools on the USB device can take a dump (of the system memory).

Ingram sore over Belgian warehouse burglary



So according to the wording, if I do not check the serials I will not participating in a crime.

Also if you do not tell them, how are they going to know to take legal action ?

Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines


@Lee Jackson

"Downloading copyrighted material is stealing no matter how rich the company is you are stealing from. "

What about if you have permission/licence ?

Whose responsibility is it ?

Nanotech researchers create the world's smallest writing


OS X 30.4

Now with Subatomic nanoholographic font smoothing.


One problem..

Have you seen the size of a scanning tunnelling microscope required to view / retrieve the information, I doubt it would even fit in a standard crate :(

DVLA under scrutiny over penalty notice dating game



the cost <strikethough>To government</strikethough> to the tax payer could be immense

Company That Can't Be Named slams critics



My experience of companies that prefer to remain anonymous have something to hide...

Lenny might be late


end of the month...

Is that end of the month 2008 or 2009 ?

Are today's developers more creative?


On the whole - NO !

IMHO the proportion of true currently active creative developers has dropped.

IMHO the number of true currently active creative developers has increased slightly.

In the past 10 years I have seen the proportion of lower level developers increasing rapidly. That is the developers who are not 100% hand coding fluent and must rely on RAD GUI tools (usually Microsoft) to develop with.

So, what can you photograph?



Firstly there is no mention of what can/can't be published.

You've also missed a few, like Wildlife and copyrighted matertial.

Private Property.

Further, if you impose restrictions on access and those restrictions are broken, it becomes Trespass (which in most circumstances is not a criminal offence, not forgetting Scotland has different laws on Trespassing).

Do not forget no member of public, property owner, employee or security staff have any rights to remove or destroy your property, camera, memory cards, film, mobile phones etc.


Taking photographs can amount to harassment, that is causing someone alarm and distress and is not just an isolated incident (in Scotland its not a criminal offence, rest of UK it is).


UK has no recognised right of privacy, but there is an EU convention on human rights, that gives everyone the right for privacy for the family, home and mail/phone calls.

Law Courts

Criminal offense to photo a court of law.

Protected Wildlife.

You must obtain a licence "near" their nests or places of shelter.

Copyright infringements.

Movies is a more common example, but you may be breaking copyright by photographing something.

Cheers, Nick.

Dixons admits 'it's even worse than you thought'

Paris Hilton

Only would be worse if they went bankrupt.

I once returned a faulty HP desktop PC that my Uncle bought in a sale about a month after it was bought.

This is about 5 or 6 year ago at PC World. One of the senior staff/manager ? managers refused a refund on my first enquiry.

He said it would require diagnosis by their staff ... blah blah blah.

I pointed out to him that it only required a literate person to understand the machine was not booting past the BIOS screen.

I enquired if he was not literate enough to be able to read the system board failure (or similar) error message; at which point he raised his tone of voice in proportion to how much redder his face went, saying, it could be a number of things, then he tripped up by saying, it required a qualified person.

So then I asked what qualifications were required to read the message... I kid you not, he actually shouted at me (raising his voice in proportion to the colour of his face going purple) , saying he meant someone qualified to diagnose the machine, not read the message.

I asked him if what qualifications are required by the staff that will diagnose the machine (looking at the spotty teenagers in the service desk booth), he went very quiet and mumbled something about internal training course on PC systems (but no mention of needing to be literate !).

By now I was enjoying this, as the long queue for the service desk had turned into a crowd around me.

I asked him YOU are not required to know how to read ?

At which point he said of course I can read.

And I then completed the circle by asking, well in that case read this error message, give me a REFUND on this machine right now, or I will complain to your head office and trading standards.

I actually got a few claps from the crowd !

I got the refund and was actually followed by one of the security staff as left walked from the service desk counter to the exit.

BT's 'illegal' 2007 Phorm trial profiled tens of thousands


Customer care at its worst

BT are doing a great job of gaining customer confidence - NOT !

Skull and cross bones... because Pirates also dig holes :D

Net think tank: Phorm is illegal

Thumb Up

Petition Available


(I did not start this petition).

Filesharers petition Downing Street on 'three strikes'

IT Angle

how they will be allowed to allow me to download but then say I was not allowed to download ?

If the person monitoring for copyright infringements allows you to download copyrighted material... how can you be breaking copyright ?

Someone please explain, how they will be allowed to allow me to download but then say I was not allowed to ?

How does Downloader -average-Joe tell what he is ACTUALLY going to download, is downloading OR have downloaded ?

Are they seriously going to base it filename only, or is there going to be some leeway that allows Downloader -average-Joe to actually identify what he has downloaded ?

Complaints should be directed at Ofcom or the relevant regulatory body (maybe the Office of Fair Trading or Trading Standards), if you think you have been treated unfairly (in this case a bad strike - IF it ever happens).

Open source CMS - promise without pitfall


Nice Summary.

http://www.opensourcecms.com is a great resource as it allows you to try out the many CMSes and Blogs to find what suits your needs.

You also need to test out the CMS on the desired platform and spec of machine, for example one of the most popular CMS systems creates a high load on MySQL, which affects scalability on shared hosting for example.

Test out the potential customisations (Modules), as well, because sometimes they can conflict and cause performance issues (again this can occur even with the most popular of open source CMS, one example in my experience in exceeding memory allocation due to amount of modules I needed to enable/install to get the functionality required.

Its always worth looking at the history of how frequent updates and bug fixes are released and the serverity of the bugs they fix, some CMS seem to require a lot more fixing.

For a major project/website, it really is important to spend a lot of time evaluating and testing.

Cheers, Nick

Virgin Media still claiming no usage limits



http://abcde.co.uk/virginmedia/stm.html has a lot of useful figures.

"To avoid STM your average KB per second (over the 8 hour peak period) must be equal to or below these figues:

Broadband Size: M average speed 12.4KB/s or 99.2Kb/s.

Broadband Size: L average speed 26.7KB/s or 213.6Kb/s.

Broadband Size: XL average speed 109.2KB/s or 873.6Kb/s."

IMHO the limits are far too aggressive.

I think that the price should be adjusted to compensate for difference in maximum monthly download available

I think this would be the fair thing to do as our "unlimited" monthly download limit will drop by around 2/3rds !