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NHS blames computer error for transplant fouls

David McMahon


ECC Reg Memory for the win :)

Freetard-targeting Trojan seeks to scam scaredycats

David McMahon

Difference is

the lawyers are allowed to do it!

David McMahon


Er No that wont be a defence, will it?

I do love the irony of Criminals and lawyers using a similar business model to get money out of people downloading more bloody top 40!

Jesus Phone in shock Opera browser benediction

David McMahon


Maybe Apple will buy Opera then?

I wonder if Adobe's browser will be allowed?

(Yes i know they don't have one, it's just a joke from my extremely poor sense of humor)

Bloke threatens BT with giant plywood cheque

David McMahon
Big Brother


I think cheques are being phased out roughly end of the decade, wonder if this is one reason why?

iPhone 4.0: iAds, multitasking, and 98 tweaks

David McMahon
Big Brother


Think Different! Especially if you don't want to! Ha!

Unofficial Windows 7 SP1 beta stumbles onto interwebs

David McMahon
Gates Horns


Has anyone tested it?

Not a risk for me! Mind you im "still" using Windows XP! Funny how that seems like nice distant memories to people! I have been put off Vista and 7 because I had a Vista SP0 PC once! 1GB and onboard GPU yum!

Hitachi offers to double li-ion battery longevity

David McMahon
Jobs Horns


Can't help yourself mentioning a "jobsian cult" product??

Apple drops HTML from iPhone and iPad

David McMahon
Jobs Horns


Don't give Jobs any ideas!

Microsoft clutches open source to its corporate heart

David McMahon

Cancer :(

Does Steve Ballmer still think Linux is a Cancer?


Badgers because they are cute (ish) and because whilst trying to help a dying one day the RSPCA van crashed into my parked car, I'd love to say the badger got up and laughed but he died :(

Cost cutting - from desktop to toilet

David McMahon


Seems "the man" is sticking to himself?

Am I on a blacklist yet?

MSI tells 97,000 customers to 'Read The F***ing Manual'

David McMahon

ISP Tech support

ISP Phone Tech support makes me laugh

"please raise a ticket online"

Would if I could....

Teen's mobe loaded with X-rated smut

David McMahon

Vibrate function

Does the vibrate function still work?

US Navy plans self-building floating fortresses

David McMahon


I'm convinced we will see WW3 in my Lifetime

Branson's SpaceShipTwo rocketplane gets off ground

David McMahon

Customer Servce...

Does this mean that you will speak to Martians for Virgin customer service? Heaven forbid they spend some money on call centres!

Oh and don't forget to access the internet to submit ticket when your internet goes down

Telegraph trips over the Large Hardon Collider

David McMahon

Black hole

But will it disappear down a black hole?

Tesco Internet Phone rings off the hook

David McMahon

Tesco fail?

Seems odd that Tesco can't make this work, after all comms will be important in taking over the world.

Apple bins iPhone covers

David McMahon
Jobs Halo

An apple (strory) a day makes me hate them more and more!

Every day I hear a new Apple story makes me hate them more and more!

So when is Steve Jobs going to do a military coup and take over a Island?

Energizer battery rechargers still haunted by trojan backdoor

David McMahon

I like the idea

I like the idea of a USB device to charge my batts, means I wont forget to unplug them, am concerned at the power being drawn off the MB though.

oh yeah and test the software lol

Always amazes me when seemingly genuine includes nasties.

Fire icon as at least these ones don't burn out you Laptop!

Steve Jobs and governator tout transplant reform

David McMahon
Jobs Halo

iLiver iHeart?

So when's the iPhone app (yawn) coming out, where is the news story on the BBC??

Don't Jobs "young" workforce in a major Communist country contribute their organs as needed?

oh and don't forget your iCurtains (not available in 7 colours) to work on the iFad

Canon Powershot G11

David McMahon

Swivel Screen

Back down to earth my old Canon Powershot A80 had a swivel screen, Loved it so good to see this G11 has one too, hope Canon and the others bring them back :)

The A80 sensor don't work properly but cant bring myself to chuck it lol

Sky gets Five HD

David McMahon

Freeview HD

Makes me wonder why HD TVs are being pushed so much when (unless you are willing to pay the £30+ for sky HD or be dicked around by Virgin Medias billing department) there is so little content

Answered your own question I think. :(

I'd like to see Freeview HD catch up depends on how much the broadcasters "get on" with Ofcom...

Microsoft confirms IE9 will shun Windows XP

David McMahon


I copy and paste data from my customer PC's so my backup PC has to be able to find files without using indexing!

I could install Agent ransack on Windows ME V2 or 3 but what's the point, I will use XP until the security updates stop coming!

There's probably a Linux distro just for what I do so will investigate

Or of course I could install a non MS Browser!

Other big thing that annoys me is Vista SP2 can't be slipstreamed!

Intel investigates after retailer sold fake CPUs

David McMahon

Bad Caps

Yes, Still see them on P4 and Athlon boards.

It's why I only use solid cap boards

I hope the people get their RMA request accepted!!



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