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Flaw could expose 'millions' of home routers

David McMahon

Change password...


Find the user manual to change your routers password, also apply at least WPA2 security whilst you are there.

Most routers are accessed via or or sometimes

Don't use Mckinnon style passwords!

Seagate intros networked storage for the home

David McMahon

Raid 1 or no deal

As title!

Who fancies losing 1-2TB of data?

I never just buy one drive any more!

@TheRealRoland, "Don't go for glorified press release reviews, make sure the reviewer actually touched, installed and worked with the product for a while"

Quite agree!

'Eternal' sun-plane still aloft after 7 days, aiming for 14

David McMahon


zweckentfremd it comes top!!!!

Nice one!

Can you get my website on page 1 please? :) there's a pint waiting!

David McMahon


To prevent getting bombed by photo-voltaic aircraft hide in Hoth?!? Oh wait...

Gizmodo editor reunited with seized goods

David McMahon

Did he

get bumped off?

Steve Jobs denies Judas Phone antenna problems

David McMahon

I predict

that the Iphone 5 will be released quicker, and who's betting it will have some kind of bumper either built in or a case will be standard?

LPG lake on Titan evaporating in scorchio -180°C heatwave

David McMahon


A big oxygen tank! Fun! :)

iPhone customers lay into Apple after iOS 4.0.1 update fails to install

David McMahon
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Hold the front page!


David McMahon
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Why did they release a patch...

To hide the wrong number of bars?

With the same duct tape used to protect to insulate the casing, you can just put tape over the bar indicators!

By 2025 Apple will have taken over the world so am adding this disclaimer

*****All Apple products are perfect, By order 2025 ©Apple 2025*****

BOFH: Little ups and downs

David McMahon


a Chinook?


Futurologist warns of malevolent dust menace

David McMahon

Where do I..

Get a job predicting Smart-Dust???

I predict bigger hard drives, faster processors, the next version of Windows to look better, boring stuff like that.

Global warming brings peace and happiness

David McMahon
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Sea views for everyone!

Vista-hating Microsoft throws poo at Apple's iPhone 4

David McMahon
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MS Could have changed the UI, wallpaper, screen-saver and boot/shut down screens, called it Vista, still would have sold the same amount due to bundling, how many people rushed out and bought the Vista Ultimate??? How many people regret it?!?

I saw an advert for a Vista disc it actually said "don't get Win7, stick with Vista"!

If you look closely (especially the network settings) the Win2000/XP dialogue boxes are still in Vista/7!

They are just buried behind more "user-friendly" dialogue boxes.

God-blocking web filter ironically hard to find

David McMahon


It's not April yet!

The quotes give it away!


Pirate Party storms out of uber-secret ACTA negotiations

David McMahon

I thought the Reg..

Was against Freetardism, so a trade body fighting pirates would be good news right???

Underground tunnel complexes FOUND ON MOON

David McMahon

If you look closely

you can see the 'moonians' going about their daily 'moonly'?? business collecting minerals for their customers :)

Thieves steal 3,000 laptops from US Special Ops contractor

David McMahon

All they need now...

Is Gary Mckinnon to be able to use them


unfortunately he is facing life imprisonment for embarrassing the US Gov so

note to thieves try

1, "Password"

2, "Admin"

Look for the gold plated one for the top Brass!

Patch Tuesday sounds death knell for Win XP SP2

David McMahon

You can....

Build an XP disc with SP3 and lots of updates in, so a new install won't have the time and problems of installing on top of SP2

This is why I hate Vista's inability to slipstream SP2, there is a way but is very long and never got round to it!

I find the lower end Vista Machines (Especially Laptops are much better "re"grading to XPSP3 (XP3?)


Sluggish corporates ill-prepared for death of Win XP SP2 support

David McMahon


Download and rule!


LaCie touts tough truck-resistant flash drive for tough guys

David McMahon

If I dropped my flash drive under a lorry

I would be more concerned with my being under a lorry!

Loons speak brains on gov Treasury crowdsource site

David McMahon

Employ Crocodiles in immigration offices!

Has to be my favourite! :)

Sounds like a sketch show, genius!

Pressure mounts on Apple to recall iPhone 4

David McMahon


Good points in one, Good work

Life on Earth gets wiped out every 27 million years, say boffins

David McMahon

I'm trying to read this

At 6am, it's not happening! I'll try later!

Please don't end the world yet! I've not had supper

iPhone 4 burns, hurts owner

David McMahon


As long as the charger supplies 5VDC then the charger could be a Billion amps lol

Thats why you can have a 2KW PSU running an PC motherboard and not have to replace it when you decide that life is worth more than having 4 GPU's

Asus tackles summer sun with no-gloss netbook screen

David McMahon

Yes but

I think she can be forgiven? :)

El Reg marks Steve Jobs for termination

David McMahon
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Without Jobs...

The whole industry of Fart apps, will disappear! Bored office drones won't have things to show off to bored office drones!!! What will be do?

Telco sets honey pot for nuisance marketers

David McMahon
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Just hang up!

As soon as the Voice Can't pronounce my Surname, the game is up and I just hang up! :)

Jobs icon because as a leftie, he can't contact me on an iPhone!

Russian spies dumped in Vienna after swap

David McMahon

I heard

That Anna Chapman has a British Passport and might have to be locked up in Blightly! Any offers? (Prisons overcrowded)........

Aww ok I'll do it then, wonder If I can get some kind of grant??? (To buy her flowers chocolates and very soft cuffs!)

RIM nemesis slaps patent suit on Apple, Google, Microsoft...

David McMahon
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Tut tut

My invention for a flat disc that spins on the ground to aid movement of cargo and people has been stolen millions of times!

Still Means I can get a few quid out of companies that blatantly use my design without the correct licence!

My other invention for a substance that you "chew" with your "mouth" in order to stay alive has been stolen by approx 6-7-8 Billion people!!! When will my ideas be respected???

Jobs nicked my idea for an antenna too, one of my less successful inventions...

Gateway DS50 Core i3 desktop PC

David McMahon
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Re-Branded Acer

Set up the Acer equivalent a while back for someone. I quite liked it esp the 4 front USB ports, nicely spaced, details make the Machine! :)

Apple iPhone 4

David McMahon
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So what would

A Left handed reviewer give this phone?

When are they to come with a free case?

I don't think its expensive enough, after all it's an Apple product people will pay to have the coolest phone at the water cooler, but if anyone talks about it with me I will change the subject to "isn't the weather nice?"

Still I suppose if you are left handed there is less chance that you will be disturbed whilst showing off your fart apps.

I notice Jobs does not have his Nobel peace prize yet, surely some mistake??

Blizzard exposes real names on WoW forums

David McMahon


Well Spotted! :)

David McMahon
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Maybe this is just a way of

1, getting publicity?

2, losing some accounts to save on servers?

3, Letting WOW go to the streets!

Example "OMG WTF my teacher is a F'ing orc! Lets do him at lunch!"

Lindsay Lohan goes down for 90 days

David McMahon
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Hands Sara...

A lovely cup of tea and promises to go along with everything the reg says, and will even clean the cuppa with his tongue! I wonder if the cup will have a little of Sara's Lipstick on it?

There is a IT angle on this, after all we are reading this online are we not? :)

Also without IT it would take longer for this story to come out, pictures would have to be sent via the post etc etc.

I wonder if there is an app so you can do time?? To think maybe you would have to stare at it for 90 Days??? Maybe it could give you a shock if you took your eyes away?

That way Lindsey could be a real bad apple! :)

Mozilla stokes Firefox 4 with first beta build

David McMahon

Tried it lasted 5 mins

Prefer my tabs just above the page, half my add-ons don't work, if the tab move stays above the address bar will prolly use another browser unless printing (but not exploder lol)

Maybe a good time for me to investigate new browsers?

Japan gets unlocked phones and 42Mbps HSPA

David McMahon

Can we have

42K HSDPA. Please :)

My mates on Dial-up are always taking the...

Renault DeZir: 'leccy sex machine

David McMahon
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Only problem is

Its real range is 50 miles! 50 there, 50 back! Unless of course you can use the electricity at your destination, also batteries fade after a few years/ few months

They need battery stations where you pay to have the battery removed and replaced with freshly charged ones, two mins with a forklift sorted :)

Also means the clock / radio / security would need a CR2032 like a motherboard! :)

Apple's iPhone 4 denial: insulting or ignorant?

David McMahon
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Erm this is Apple we are talking about?!?

All their products are perfect! It don't really matter if not anyway lol

Fanboi #395847

Two infosec blunders that betrayed the Russian spy ring

David McMahon


The idea that saying MI6 sets off alarm bells, then maybe this story is a attempt to hide real operations? After all This is a big story especially on the Internet.

You can imagine all this flak the low level operators are sifting though!

Just make sure no bad jokes surface on Twitter!

p.s where can I get Anna Chapman Pics? Anyway I'm off to apply for a prison guards job!

Russian spy ring bust uncovers tech toolkit

David McMahon

Yeah but..

you can change the wireless card in the Lappy, or just get a £20 adaptor for each meet

Google chief: Nexus One was 'so successful, we killed it'

David McMahon

Yeah they

Did quite well the first year of Search but gave it up, that Bing has 90% of the market now!....

Oh hang on its this Universe!

Apple seeks antenna engineers after 'Death Grip' debacle

David McMahon
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This don't look good

for the existing Antenna enginerrs! But I did say that iPhone 5 will have a better signal and be marketed as such!

Maybe it will have smart shoe boxed size box with the antenna built in?? Or possibly an acrylic "apple" with the stalk as an antenna???

Don't forget it will soon be illegal to criticise Apple products so get ready for the delete button!

Nokia snaffles user data on the down-low

David McMahon
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The reg is right!

This is the out of control decade! Congrats lol

Jobs icon cos he started it! :)

Animated CAPTCHA tech aims to fox spambots

David McMahon

I hate Captcha's

Always takes me three goes to get em' I actually feel I have achieved when getting them right first time!