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Chaos surrounds New Zealand iPhone 4 day

David McMahon
Jobs Horns

Oh no!

What are they going to do? Don't they realise that people need food, shelter and iPhones to exist?

Is there a charity that we can contribute to?

I would like to hear the stores of the brave Chinese who are making millions of cases so that people are not disconnected!

Microsoft should starve on radical penguin diet

David McMahon

If I were them

I would sort out sodding Mobile!

Then they can rule for another 10 years!

RIM answers Apple iPad with...The BlackPad*

David McMahon

Nice one :)

That what I would choose! :)

David McMahon
Jobs Horns


yes as long as they hold it correctly

MS preps emergency patch for Windows shortcut peril

David McMahon

The amount of times...

I see XP with only SP2 or Vista with only SP1 is silly!

I say force people to upgrade :)

UK.gov sticks to IE 6 cos it's more 'cost effective', innit

David McMahon

Never mind IE6

They leave an entire machine on a bus! I hear that the lost and found needs an armed guard!

Aussie broadband is slower than a slow thing in a slow town

David McMahon

They don't need it!

Gonna ban porn soon!

Social-engineering contest reveals secret BP info

David McMahon

At work a few years ago...

Someone had hacked into and run a cmd.exe window (W2K) he was typing rubbish like del command.com!!!!

I knew the PC was locked down so just watched in amusement! I then used the cmd window to communicate like an IM client!

Said hello, can we have the PC back to work etc etc quite funny :)

Mozy insists: It's not a bug...

David McMahon

So if a patch removes this feature.

Can we get a refund? I quite like this feature!

Nexus One phone rockets to 28,000ft

David McMahon

It survived!

Glad to see it survived :)

Futurologist defends 'malevolent dust' warning

David McMahon

So when he worked at BT..

He didnt predict the need for people in the country side to want to watch Youtube?

Apple coughs to iPhone 3G IOS 4 upgrade problems

David McMahon

If I

Understand correctly this update just reduces the signal bar indicator, so that people are encouraged to hold it correctly???

Perhaps iPhone 4's could help people train hand-eye coordination?

For the Renault guy, that is quite unusual tech combo, so I recommend a "regrade" to the older OS (Is that legal??)

On a serious note, do these toys have a Master reset function? Maybe you have to stroke the Apple logo for thirty seconds or something?

***Apple Brings you much love peace propensity to smile for you to keep***

Apple sued over hot iPad shutdowns

David McMahon
Dead Vulture


It's hard work being an Apple hater here! Please Slow down the stories!

I think one piece of Apple news a week is quite enough!

I have no more sarcasm to contribute, I am beaten!

David McMahon

Yes but

Did they hold it correctly?

Supercomputer geek builds Cray-1 around home PC

David McMahon

@Robert Carnegie

Might have been the 486DX, I have this book so will reference!


The author has his own forum, worth the price of the book alone.

ID card astroturf - No2ID beats the truth out of IPS

David McMahon

Good to see..

A good use of the FOI system, they so far have not responded to me asking if Anna Chapman is single.

Apple fanbois not as data hungry as Big Phone says

David McMahon
Jobs Horns

Not using expected data??

Just wait until they get their cases!

iPads for hospitals: is this a good idea?

David McMahon
Jobs Horns

So Jobsie

Is going to really become God?

What are his views on abortion for example, I wonder will he block apps that help with abortion.

Other problem, What if the docs quickly need to use Youtube (flash) to help with cerebral procedure?

Oh and will it work for left handed people?

can the iHate icon be set as default for me? Please? :)

Scareware victims seldom fight back

David McMahon






then reinstall Windows! (only way I clean is with an OEM disc of Windows!...

(I'm aware you don't need to but by doing so you can guarantee to kill that and all the other shit the user has put on they're machine

Google brews (another) Facebook rival, says report

David McMahon


How do I turn it completely off in Gmail?? :)

***Breaking news***

Bury cats home have over 40 Kittens to re-home, so get down there today and be ready for a new excuse as to why your patch cable don't work any-more!


***Right back to hating Apple!***

Facebook beta joins web Q&A craze

David McMahon
Big Brother

The Truman show..

So instead of one man getting all the attention, 1/2 Billion people have the desire to do it themselves!

O2 extends iPhone 4 return-for-refund window

David McMahon
Jobs Halo

Missed memo

Gahh im so sick of all the Apple Haters!

It's just a privacy mode! Hold it in a certain way, you get privacy!

Withings Wi-Fi bathroom scales

David McMahon


Don't confuse diet with an eating disorder!

Brigitte Bardot demands flying donkey action

David McMahon

When will we see....

The first ass-tronaut?

Police chief: Yes, my plods sometimes forget photo laws

David McMahon


The real criminals go past in their white van, laughing at plod stopping tourists.

NatWest sets lawyers on student site

David McMahon


So this is how our (taxpayers) money is being spent!

I'll buy them a bottle of champers, Well I would if only they had not bought all the bottles in existence!

[redacted] added to "DNB" (Do Not Buy) list.

iPad alert: Are you a selfish elite or an independent geek?

David McMahon
Jobs Horns



Down with Apple!

Battle joined for future of open source IPS

David McMahon


A pic of the gorgeous Anna Chapman!

I'm still loving being her guard she needs new cuffs, quite the animal!!!

NHS spunks £7.5k on porn room

David McMahon

Just get...

some lovely nurses to do a show!

Keep the uniform standard, but shorter! :)

Apple reminds Aussies they can buy iPhone 4s on Friday

David McMahon
Jobs Horns


Some Aussies already have an iPhone four but we can't get hold of them....



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