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OpenOffice files Oracle divorce papers

David McMahon

Been waiting for this

I wish the team every success with this, we know that Oracle would only have money grabbing intentions of the project, so am glad to see that cut the strings, this story needs updates!

I deploy x(OS)Office every time someone does not want to spend money on MS office (Often deleting pirate versions of MS Office) so can only hope that the project continues.

I would advise everyone to download the binaries as Oracle might pull the plug on downloads.

Pint for the team :)

Iowa police mugshot exposes world's worst tattoo

David McMahon


in America!

Are they starving him? Looks like he weighs less than 300LB!

Nutter repairmen scale 1,768ft TV mast

David McMahon

Where is it???

I wanna know where this is!

Made me feel a little ill!

RIM unveils The BlackPad BlackBerry PlayBook

David McMahon
Jobs Horns


They were too scared to use the word "pad"

Hang on, that means I'm gonna get sued too!

I'd be grateful to apple for a list of words I am allowed to use!

Today's Mission, turn every story into an iHate comment! 10 points each! :)

How do you copy 60m files?

David McMahon

Backup over WAN?

That worries me!

60M files in the cloud!

Do any of these tools check (verify) the files afterwards?

I urge a local backup copy, perhaps a PCI-X / PCI-e Raid card and some HDD's??

Very interesting article, looking forward to testing those tools, I copy files from dead Windows installations (Windows installs are always slowly dying!) but yeah not on that scale!

I will need to buy some more HDD's this/early next year to back-up customers data, WinXP can only use a single Volume of 2TB, so a Raid 1 array of 2x2TB drives will suit :)

I might buy Windows 8 lol

and relax!

Standivarius Aero fold-flat laptop stand

David McMahon

Bea eah aaa

U t ful!


Ten... iPhone 4 accessories

David McMahon
Jobs Horns

Good show

Hating hard on the reviews section! :)

I would loathe to put a iPhone in the bin though, I would flog on eBay then buy something worth having!....

hmm but that means selling it to some poor soul, especially if left handed!