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Just how special are Power Users?


Demanding does not necessarily mean power

You seem to be confusing demanding users with power users. While some power users are demanding, many non-power users are also demanding. In particular, a (good) software developer may need a more powerful machine for some specialized work they are doing, but needs very little IT support since they know how to resolve most issues themselves. At the other end of the spectrum are the technical illiterate who, no matter how basic and managed their computer, still call help desk all too often.

There is a reason for the stereotype of the "is you computer plugged in" service call.

I was with you while you were discussing whether power users really do need more powerful kit, but you then lost me when you jumped to a chart about demanding users, as if they were the same thing.

iPhone ego clash costs Flash at Virgin America


The vast majority or web content ... are built using the technology? Really?

You state:

"But Flash still dominates the web: <snip> the vast majority of web content <snip snip> are built using the technology."

I thought the vast majority of web content used text and images. I guess I go to the wrong sites.



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