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Internet Society: Cryptocurrency probably not an identity system

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I'd disagree, how is identity handled at the moment? a record stashed in a database. Blockchain is essentially the same thing so why wouldn't it work in the same way?


It's never that simple for real humans, Wilson told El Reg: “Identity is not transactional. It's a means to an end, anyway, not the end – it's quite rare for someone to go around identifying themselves all day.”


We kinda do, all the time. When in person it's via our face, when on a computer system it's on almost every action we take.

Mozilla puts squeeze on slow Firefox add-ons

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I don't mind if it slows performance, its a debugging tool I'd expect some hit. I think the advantages out weight the drag there.

Otherwise that's probably a good move.

HTML5 kicked into 2014

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They're just dragging it out now...

W3C: ah crap the specs almost finished and we don't have any work after as it works on everything

crappy manager type: well we could drag it out make another £50k+ arguing over the bold tag again... <b> or <strong> ... hmm lets see this take more than 3 years.

p.s. I know the lengthy bit was the video codecs but I'm still bemused over changing <b> to <strong>, wonder how many other pointless changes there will be.

Meltdown ahoy!: Net king returns to save the interwebs

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think you nailed it

I was thinking the exact same thing.

Data for 100m Facebook accounts published to BitTorrent

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Facebook bashing is getting old

If this guys a "certified penetration tester" where is his work effics gone when he makes all of this available via bittorrent?????? why didn't he just let them know?

Sounds very dodge to me!!

Microsoft wants to put infected PCs in rubber room

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I love this concept!!

I think he's right.

The OS should be a first defense against most if not all of the crap thats floating around on the net. It can at least detect if malware prevention systems are in place / active and up to date. If they're not kill port 80 :) that alone would nicely annoy almost everyone. While at the same time giving us techs a nice little side earner fixing stuff like that.

But the serious point of preventing the spreading of malware around the net to others I reckon is spot on. We need more ideas like this!!!

Sony: PS3 leap year glitch caused network lockout

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articles wrong

changing the clock manually to the 1/3/2010 didn't fix it. I tried and tested that theory the minute they claimed it was a date bug.

Also tried changing it to other dates and all resulted in a load of error messages everytime I tried looking at playstation store.

Didn't risk any games as some have over 6 months worth of game time on them. Getting my disgaea characters to level 9999 again would have resulted in my and a sledge hammer seeing some action :)


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