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Elgato Turbo.264 H.264 encoder

Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media]

There are PC options surfacing too

Stealth Imaging also have relatively low cost cards (4 and 2 input devices) for transcoding DV and other content to H264 - at first glance I thought this was a rebadged device from them.


The first mention I'm aware of is on the Quicktime lists Aug 2006, which predates this device by some time :


As noted in your article, it still takes a tremendous amount of raw CPU "grunt" to encode to H264 (and VC-1 video) near realtime, even iif GPU uplift is applied using a good graphics card to assist the encoding.

So I reckon there will be a market for these sorts of devices for a good while yet. Any idea of UK retail sellers for the Elgato though ?

Cheers - Neil


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