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1&1 goes titsup, blames lengthy outage on DDoS attack


1&1 were absolutely terrible when we used them in 2011

We went with 1&1 back in 2011 for a dedicated Windows server - liked the ability to adjust the RAM, CPU and disk space of the hosted VM independently of one another plus their price was good. We were hosting some web based software as well as the SQL database backend - it was only for a few dozen users at the time.

Server died just before Christmas 2011 (yeah, nice!) and I spent day after Boxing Day restoring the bloody thing when it was finally accessible again. Support were an absolute joke at the time, proceeding to re-image my server the very next day, without asking me first, just after I had completed everything.

We also purchased a domain and email service for a new company starting out under our wing - after a few months they wanted to manage, and pay, for their domain, emails themselves. This took several dozen emails back and forth, involving about half a dozen 'support' staff - just to transfer the ownership and billing of an account to another person.

Moved the system to a more expensive 'fanatical' company a few days later and haven't looked back. Used other UK based companies for domains since then too.

Glad I did now.

For sale: One des res nuclear bunker


Used to be a massive one of these in Colchester

Yeah, there was a massive one compared to this in Colchester (corner of Lexden and West Lodge road) It was one of the surface-type shelters with a good foot of reinforced concrete as the roof, with blast doors, etc.. It even had two stories... Me and a group of mates in our mid teens took a load of tools with us and managed to take one of the doors off its hinges to have a look around, but by then the Observer Corps were no more, and there wasn't anything very interesting left apart from a couple of phone lines which were still connected which we used to make all sorts of prank calls. A couple of years later it was completely demolished and there is a couple of blocks of flats there now!!!


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