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Reg man straps on Facebook's new VR goggles, feels sullied by the experience


After having spent 3+ months with the Go, the best use for regular folks I can safely say is 3D movies and VR Porn. For me it was being able to develop a 360 video for it, for a trade show and making $$$. I'm now enjoying making my own content for it on Unreal, which I eventually intend to sell custom corporate branded experiences as marketing gimmicks to Agencies and their clients. Just waiting for Vulkan support to go next level.

Why Apple's adaptive Touch Bar will flop


replicating Fn keys on an OLED strip is dumb, thats why Lenovo failed. However it's quite a nifty feature while using Apple's reboots of their pro apps (fcpx, motion and Logic)

Murdoch machinations mean Microsoft must rename SkyDrive


I think I should have the winning entry which is :


Iran fingered for attacks on US power firms


Payback for STUXNET

The Iranians probably reverse engineered STUXNET to finger Uncle Sam.

Android is a mess and needs sprucing up, admits chief


lost chance

athisvwasbprecisely the market where webos. had a future, hopefully Ubuntu mobile will someday provided shurtoeworth doesn't eff it up

'No discernible increase in piracy' from DRM-free e-books


isnt it evident

very few people "read" anymore. This is not the case with other media such as music, movies or games.

Microsoft 'poised' to SPAFF A BEELLION on e-book also-ran Nook


Microsoft ... bringing in the bloatware in books

Infinite loop: the Sinclair ZX Microdrive story


Speed benefits when compared to tapes?

I was a kid in Calcutta, India growing up with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and I could not get my well meaning father to invest in a microdrive, after he had already plonked some hard earned rupees on a "Compluter friendly" casette recorder, where you could vary the speed of the playback motor, to load programs slightly faster, provided the reading head and the capstan were clean. Can anyone tell me the loading time speed benefits of the micro-drive vis-a-vis std data cassettes in loading up say "Daley Thompson's Decathlon" or "Horace goes Skiing", which btw we all copied from each other using analog tape to tape.

Chinese officials wring hands over Google's Android dominance


Mark Shuttleworth should visit China

The Chinese govt should really look into Ubuntu touch and fork it for themselves. Honestly Huawei should've just bought the rights to WebOS before LG did, but I suspect HP would've got fingered by Uncle Sam had that happened.

LG acquires webOS from HP – but not for mobile kit


Isn't it open source

Does this mean HP had sold off gram ? Will this influence community development on Openwebos? I have a firesale touchpad and starting and shutting down times does not make it an ideal rtos for a tv platform

Fondling again: HP slates new tablet for April


The irony will be when someone runs openwebos on this

Google's stats show few Android tablets in use


Isnt this a sign

Tablet manufacturers (esp Samsung & Sony) should really now pay more attention to Open WebOS. Android was always lacking as a tablet platform, but not WebOS. Sad it didnt have the traction, and HP did far too little, too late. The open source avatar could see the mass adoption rates if it's only given a chance.

Aluratek, Coby license Microsoft patents for Android



If they'd only waited till the sept release for the open webos sdk, they wouldn't have had to pay for microsofts protection racket

Ten... Androids for under 200 quid


LG Optimus?

How can you omit the LG Optimus One/Net in this list of cheap phones. with a 600/800 mhz proc and a massive 1500 mah batt, decent 320x480 screen and responsive performance it does offer an exceedingly good value for money.

Microsoft's Surface plan means the world belongs to Android now



Wonder if Open WebOS has any chances of redemption when it's released in Sept. It's still a brilliant alternativeto the big two already in the tablet space.

Samsung plunges $500k into Linux Foundation



I wonder if one of their top execs considered plonking down their wons into open WebOS instead. That would make so much sense.

iPhone banned in Steve Jobs' ancestral home


I wonder if those idiots know that Android smartphones have the same anarchy friendly features as iPhones

LG Optimus One P500 budget Android smartphone

Thumb Up

The Optimus Juggernaut starts rolling

This is the phone which saved LG Electronics's hiney in the mobile space, and came soon after the ouster of it's former incumbent CEO. The Optimus lineup will triumph in 2011 if the Optimus 2X and Black are any indicators.

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010


Barnes & Noble Nook Color

My vote goes to the Nook Color. It's a clever juxtaposition of an ebook reader and a scaled down tablet with an upcoming app store, all at a terrific price point. It is an impressive step forward in bridging the 2 worlds.

Mozambican goat rapists face shotgun wedding


caprine polyandry in India

Wish they'd think of that in my country (India). It would provide some reliev to the population pressures here