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Desktop Colour Laser Printers


Good... and what about printer + scanner ?

I would love to see a group test on scanner + printer all in one devices !

iPhone, IE, Firefox, Safari get stomped at hacker contest

Paris Hilton

Linux hacks ?


There was no mention of some linux hacks there, just Firefox.

Does it mean that hacking firefox on a linux platform would be the whole platform at risk ? Or would it be just according to the current user rights ?

Thanks in advance


Paris 'cose she wouldn't know neither

Challenging accepted ERP wisdom



Funny, I read some time ago a study by some MIT researchers that in fact there is nothing like "industry accepted best pratices" and that companies should rather try to figure out their own practices based on their own needs and contexts.

For sure, it didn't say that they shouldn't look at what is done around, but still it was about adapting and not just copy/pasting. Meaning that something working for some companies could very well fail for some companies in the same ballpark, depending on the context.

Most resistance to 'Aurora' hack attacks futile, says report


What about linux based shops ?


Would a company running only linux boxes have been saved from this attack ? Or at least way less vulnerable ?

thanks in advance