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Blighty's online pr0n gatekeepers are begging for a regulatory beating, says digital rights org


Re: Bloody big state Tories

At least at the end they say she wasn't a real person but is a pity they felt they had to do that when everything else is pretty accurate.

UK Home Sec kick-starts US request to extradite ex-WikiLeaker Assange


Some people think the process shouldn’t be happening atall. This is a story for those people to show they are wrong

Bored bloke takes control of British Army 'psyops' unit's Twitter


The link in the story states they joined February 2019 but the Wayback machine one states January 2016.

I didn't think changing the name reset that?

Fake broadband ISP support scammers accidentally cough up IP address to Deadpool in card phish gone wrong


Re: Well?

Could have just said "In Turkey, in the UK" etc etc. Don't need to go into anymore details than that

Hands off that Facebook block button, public officials told by judges in First Amendment row


Re: Unexpected consequences

Not really, you could be someone with a green card or visa and live/work in that area so engagement with local auhorities would still be seen as able to engage with them. Realistically public forum is just that, the public, so you don't really even need to live in that area etc either.

The easy answer is to not use social media certain ways. Maybe don't allow comments, have all questions through a different webpage where they can define their T&C's themselves? Or do what others do, if it's swearing or abusive or libelous you can still remove their posts, just not ban them.

ZX Spectrum Vega+ blows a FUSE: It runs open-source emulator


Re: I wonder...

It's a matter of which crowdfunding website it is as well. If it's Indiegogo then you know from the start it's probably a bit dodgy as why would you say you'd do something if you didn't get all the money you needed?

America's forgotten space station and a mission tinged with urine, we salute you


Re: Lots to see here


Look, we're doing stuff: Facebook suspends 200 super slurper apps


Every time you do one of these quizzes or add an app for something you accept the terms. And yes it still also includes a list of your friends. If you don't want to share that information then you have the choice of not accepting the terms. It really is as simple as that.

And yes if we have stupid bloody friends that do that then we need to look at our friends rather than Facebook. I didn't use the Analytica app but a friend did so shared some info. But what info and what impact did it have? I'm British so didn't get to vote in the US Election and my Brexit decision was not changed by anything either. Yes bad that people have my data but what actual impact did it have?

Sources: Misco sold to Hilco Capital, care home for the distressed


Or you could just shoot the two mongrels right now.

Not even worth a go? Not like the assets would be split between the staff on the way out is it.

Attack of the IT monuments men: Museum wants your kit


Re: Wow...

Try going there

Whisper tracks its users. So we tracked down its LA office. This is what happened next


Probably one of several hundred people that have done the same thing recently.

You can ring my #bellogate. EMAIL STORM hits 29,000 hapless UCL students


Re: Panic

Tell her to not bother and just blame bellogate on the fact she didn't know ;)

Sit back down, Julian Assange™, you're not going anywhere just yet


I feel sorry for the Ecudarorian Embassy staff having to put up with all this rubbish more than anyone else. I'm really surprised they've not drugged him and then dragged him onto the pavement in the night.

Online tat bazaar eBay coughs to YET ANOTHER outage


Not been working since 10pm last night for one of my friends in Cambridge and only just come back on here.

What's your game, Google? Giant collared by UK civil lib minister on 'right to be forgotten'


The reason Peston and other newspaper journalists are 'at the top of the pile' are they are the ones with the widest reach and have written about many people!

I'm not going to get something from Google saying we are removing things from your Blog as not that many people outside my group look at it! Peston et al should see it as a sign of their influence and nothing else.

Noone wants Google to take things down, and yes this is an overegging of the situation but it shows how stupid it is when a private business has to judge such things. It should be up to a proper legal system to remove things if they indeed have to be.

Lost treasure of Atari REVEALED



The legend is not lots of cartridges, it's MILLIONS.

Lots of cartridges and equipment used to make them were thrown away around that time as the factories were being changed, that is not denied. It's the scale that is the issue. Finding a few isn't the same thing.

Would be happy to see them find millions though, will make for a good tv programme.

Oxfam, you're full of FAIL. Leave economics to sensible bods


Re: Erm... really?

The basic answer is these people have the contacts and do the work to know people who will donate massive amounts of money in terms of time, exposure, cash and resources.

If you went in as the Oxfam CEO for free you have saved them £150,000. But can you get an event together than can raise £3 million for Oxfam?

It sounds mentally high, but there are reasons behind it.

Silk Road reboot claims: Hacker STOLE all our Bitcoin funds


Re: All I can say is......

The different is that if you were hacked for example your losses are covered by the banks under legislation. If your Bitcoins are hacked that's it, they are gone. There is no compensation.

So long, Hotmail: Remaining users migrated to Outlook.com


I got my Hotmail account in 1997 when I left university as it was the only way to have an email address back then as we didn't have online access at home (soon changed that though).

I've kept it as my main contact email for many reasons, had different work ones, even ones for websites I ran but have kept mine all this time as basically, it works!

UK.Gov passes Instagram Act: All your pics belong to everyone now


Re: could this get worse?

Well your original would have the EXIF data and you could prove creation of photo, maybe even other versions taken at the same time. Not to mention you could bring the kids out as evidence.

More likely a company selling something in Korea uses the photo and you never know about it until a friend on holiday sees it.


Image matching

Considering how easy it is to find where images came from via even Google Images and Tineye a lot of likely image theft will very easily prove it's not a diligent search. It's fighting that point that will be the issue.

People cheating in photography competitions, big fashion houses stealing designs etc have all been proven using basic searching that a child could do. A lot of what is on tumblr for example can often be tracked down very easily with only a small amount of effort. It's making sure that people not doing that don't get away with it.

And as a friend said if someone is stealing something off DeviantArt then it's very easy to prove it's yours

Google Glass will SELF-DESTRUCT if flogged on eBay


Re: Let's NOT buy the google glass


Try millions



It's not hidden, you know what you are doing when you buy it, the bit I find odd is the whole only buying one, no resale through THEM as there would surely be a market for that at some point. Some people will want to buy more than one, some people will break them etc so I'm guessing there has to be a returns thing somewhere.

A lot of what we 'own' we don't own these days, but unless you want to do anything out of the norm with it noone really cares. You get the use which is why you spend your money in the first place.

Noone is forcing you to buy any product.

Pre-ordered a Microsoft Surface? So SORRY it's late, have a voucher


Re: Article in brief.

Because something that should have been received by last week was disturbed by something that's happened this week?

Majority of humans still don't have a mobile


When a large % of the world's population doesn't have clean water or electricity I don't think it should be a surprise that not everyone has a mobile.

Virgin Media's 'bye-bye to buffering' ad nuked by watchdog - AGAIN


Re: As punishment

None of which I as a Virgin Media customer have experienced.

But when I saw this ad it was blatently obvious it was bull.

Apple: Blue-shirts can fix iOS Maps in their spare time


Re: Makes sense.

Basic changes done by normal people leaving the skilled people to concentrate on the big things perhaps?


Re: Imagery

Same as Google Maps then? Aerial views either blurred for over 6 years old. Whole communities not shown because they weren't there that long ago, major transport links not shown for exactly the same reason.

Google Maps is great, but people seem to think that it's perfect. It's not.


Re: If Apple actually gave a shit...

Noone made you upgrade.

I didn't as I always wait to see if anything like this happens.

Apple begs ex-Google bods to fix crap maps app


Always the opportunity of opening Google Maps up in Safari. Or is that too complicated for people?

German Pirate party punters 'don't pay their membership fees'


This story misses out the basic point that the majority of people who vote, whoever they vote for, are not members of a party.

You don't have to be to vote for someone, you on;y sign up to be a member if you are really interested and want to help more, maybe get involved in doing more than voting.

But member numbers ultimately mean nothing.

OLYMPIC SECRETS to stay locked up for 15 YEARS


Re: Ticket fiasco, perhaps?

From what I saw on the times I was at the Olympics most of the seats not filled weren't the businesses (they gave most to their customers as it was an amazing publicity thing) but the OBS and media partners. And of course noone wanted to see anything but the biggest teams and events.

Not to mention that with a lot of the foreign visitors at games once their team had played they buggered off!

I was at a double women's basketball game and after Australia had played several hundred people just left.

It's not as simple as some people think it is.

Getting rich off iPhone apps is b*llocks, say UK devs


Don't make any money?

Um, how much did Draw Something get sold for? Oh yes, $180 million.

I think what people mean is that they can't make a good enough game so it obviously doesn't work!

Megaupload boss: Site popular among US government users



This means nothing. Using the system isn't the problem, it's what the company did that is illegal.

Even if individual users were breaking the law using Megaupload that is NOT the same as the Dept of Justice etc using it. That they are/were allowed to use such systems on government systems is a more interesting issue. Normally that sort of thing is massively clamped down on and blocked, just like torrenting or any p2p system.

PayPal slaps down Dr Who ‘charity book’


I agree with Martin, this is what Kickstart is for.

If you don't want to get screwed over by Paypal then try obeying their rules or don't use them.

I bet he'd get a lot more interest if he restarted on Kickstarter too.

LulzSec says it will partner with media on Murdoch emails


Hurry up!

Send it to the police then.

If they are going to share it they should share it on Sunday ;)

19,000 papers leaked to protest 'war against knowledge'


But it is technically a new document then

If they change the font, the text size, apply a style to it then it is the typographical copyright that they own and that is what you are breaking if you reproduce it, you can copy the copyright free text, but everything 'new' makes it a new document.

iPhones secretly track 'scary amount' of your movements


Yes but...

If you somehow obtained it you'd probably get arrested as you could have only got it from the phone or computer and that would have meant accessing it illegally.

You're right but having that information would be proof of illegal activities.


I don't have a problem with the information being gathered

as we all know this is a legal requirement on the case of the networks, and I can see why many elements of the iphone app's and services need the information, not least for the ability to use the phone and wifi.

I can see how legacy information might be useful so it is left on the phone (although more likely that it takes up so little space it doesn't matter).

For me it's more the matter that it is available on the pc you sych to.

And also the fact that the app to look at it is Mac only! I want to see where I've been!

UK iPad 2 to cost under £400



Good luck with playing your itunes HD movies on your Kindle

Fans fall in to await iPhone 4 arrival



I can't see how these people are going to be able to walk in and get more than one. If they are reserved then you are only supposed to be able to get one per person. I guess there will be some people that have other peoples numbers and are collecting them, but is that actually allowed? Not from what I've heard, but who knows?

The funny thing is if they are reserved they can go in at anytime and pick theirs up. If they've not then they'll be out of luck as I can't imagine there will be any spares for sale!

Google sniffs along app store shelves


Oh dear

It is incredibly sad when people don't know how to find a major site like Facebook without having to Google or Bing it.

But I know it is true, my parents do that all the time.

ID cards poster girl laments her £30


Errr yes,

they've always said they were going to get rid of it

Blighty surrenders to Street View


The OP is an idiot

If I wanted to stand in front of your house and take pictures of your children I could do it and I wouldn't be blurring faces.

It would not be illegal, so get over yourself.

This is a great thing. The problems with the system are where idiots have moaned about something and got sections removed. I can't even see my own house now because of some idiot complaining about their house being visible.

What they need to do now is redo some areas that have been messed up and do more deals like they have with the National Trust to use the trikes to do roads/paths where cars can't go.

If you want to complain about anything, look at the birds eye view on Bing Maps. That really will give you more information about your houses, ways in and out etc. All Google Streetview is doing is showing what I could see if I walked down your street. Or would you want to stop me doing that as well?

I am very surprised that we've not seen big adverts for this though.

More workers poisoned by supplier for Apple, Nokia



This has nothing to do with Apple or Nokia, it's the responsibility of the subcontractors.

I'm sure theres a thing in both companies terms with the subcontractors saying don't kill your staff.