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Hubble Space Telescope may now depend on a computer that hasn't booted since 2009

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Re: Shuttle!

No, NASA just plans to de-orbit it safely, making it hit the sea in some remote area. There was something like plan to bring it back with a Shuttle - but now there's nothing that could bring back to Earth such a large thing intact.

'Set it and forget it' attitude to open-source software has become a major security problem, says Veracode

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There's a difference - when you have to pay for libraries you use a smaller set and often want to use what you're paying for, including latest releases. Also, commercial libraries may care more about backward compatibility and breaking changes.

With FOSS some applications are really a great bunch of libraries cobbled together somehow - after all everything is free and people look for libraries even for the smallest and easy to write code. This mishmash soon becomes very hard to properly maintain, as each library should be tracked (some are updated regularly, other seldom, a few never), updates checked for security fixes, and when new versions introduced everything need to be re-tested (good if you have automated tests - not so good otherwise...)

and if the libraries themselves don't have a proper management and the next version may breaks your application because FOSS developers may not have the will and resources to keep updates different versions.

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Re: The Solution is Simple for Those who Mislike Open Source

Most commercial libraries are regularly updated - but not all the updates may be free - you may need to upgrade the library and pay the upgrade price, something come developers may not be willingly to do and keep on using older, non secure versions.

Many libraries also come with source code - not open source, of course - so you can fix issues yourself if you're able and have time. That's again something you may need to pay an additional price to get.

I always got my libraries with source code for that reason - developers who are cheap will deliver cheap code, it's inevitable.

US Air Force announces plan to assassinate molluscs with hypersonic missile

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Why are these tests not performed around US shores?

There are better molluscs to be obliterated there...

Germany's competition watchdog to investigate whether Apple's ecosystem damages other businesses

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It looks more damaging its own one. Anyway MS already underwent antitrust scrutiny and had to change behaviour - today the biggest problem IS NOT Microsoft.

Updating in production, like a boss

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Re: There are two types of database programmer in the world

There are also those who don't use transactions and use "autocommit" because that's how their old dBase/Paradox/Access/mySQL database worked....

Not that SQL Server 6.5 helped much - it escalated locks so quickly any transaction opened for more than a few seconds had good chances to lock whole tables...

Windows 11: Meet the new OS, same as the old OS (or close enough)

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"Windows 10 is so much better than its antecedents that it has stopped being a problem"

Actually, it became the only choice for those unable to buy 7 support, so to keep on running Windows applications the only choice was to switch to 10.

I did the month 7 support expired - not before.

While Windows 10 is still a problem - one people have to live with. And I bet 11 will be even a bigger problem.

(No, I can't switch to Linux for lack of applications and hardware support - both at work and home - at home I could switch to Apple but it's a problem on its own too).

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"And preferably allow a choice of window managers..."

What made an hell for UI developers under Linux? One of the reasons the "year of Linux on the Desktop" is still set at Star Date 2123847891273981289317891.2?

Because Apple OSes - always regarded the pinnacle of UI design - let you choose how the UI should look?

The OS MUST dictate the environment - UI included - so you know you will find a coherent environment from machine to machine, and developers will know how their UI will look and behave on any machine.

User in exchange get applications that behaves - at least for common operations - the same way, although the Web crazy made too many application a bunch of ill-designed UI cobbled together to look like web sites - which requires you to discover for each new one where the hell commands are - and often even what a command is - and of course needing always a mouse.

The fact that Windows UI went backwards when Nadella put in charge some cheaper incompetent people doesn't mean windows managers are a bad idea - instead it's time Linux understand the need of a coherent system and choose a standard UI for all distros and a standard API.

Mayflower, the AI ship sent to sail from the UK to the US with no humans, made it three days before breaking down

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"Jaguar I-PACE vehicles"

I see where all the money are sinking down...

Open standard but not open access: Schematron author complains about ISO paywall

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"contain intellectual property of demonstrable economic value"

Do they get royalties on them? Or just ISO swallow the money to pay for the Louis XIV lifestyle this kind of organizations usually like?

Tim Cook: Sideloading is a disaster and proposed App Store reforms would harm user privacy and security

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Re: Why Victor Meldrew types, why?

Sorry, children - you don't understand this event will shape what you can do what a computer for years to come. It's not Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft vs. Linux. This is not a tech issue. This is an antitrust issue. It is about how much power we are willingly to let in hands of a few already too powerful companies.

We saw how letting Google then Facebook hoard data eventually moved Microsoft in the same direction (and Apple too - but trying to block everybody else on its platforms).

If Apple is able to enforce its anti-competitive policies others will follow because there's easy money to be made. Computers (not only the small mobile ones) will become totally walled off and you'll be able to to only what graciously permitted by your overlord of choice.

Unluckily the problem with young people is they see some shiny-shiny colourful fashionable item, and they can't see the devil behind it, or are ready to sell their souls because some imaginary advantage it gives them.

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Basically, he's asserting a dictatorship is safer than a democracy.

It might look so - but the long term damages are far, far bigger than any short-term advantage. Unless you're the dictator, of course.

What Microsoft's Windows 11 will probably look like

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"most website designers"

Actually all this craziness started on the web - and especially in many Google applications.

Microsoft was and is so stupid to follow blindly.

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"Replace a laptop motherboard; old windows install sees it as a new PC"

That happens only with OEM licenses - which are cheaper for that reason. And you may still obtain to re-activate it in some situations.

My retail copies of Windows moved from old computer to new computer without issues - but they are more expensive.

Of course if your license keys comes from somewhere on the internet....

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They are awful people, I'm sure <G>

Actually you keep on dreaming on a market that does not exist.

Sure, if Office existed it could ease the transition somehow for those who need to use Office only - but why MS should ease that transition? In the business space it does still sell Windows.

Moreover Office for macOS does exist, but still not everybody jumps on Apple, and it's not the price only - it's the whole ecosystem - people don't use Office only.

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No, those days are long gone - since the market changes, and anti-trust cases against MS forced it to change its beahaviour.

Windows is broadly documented now ,and does you can still find applications that don't run? Actually you can easily run quite old applications without issues. You've even got an embedded Linux to run Linux applications.

Not that MS became a charity or a truly nice company - just it has no need to act like it did in the 1990s. Very different landscape and competitors.

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The problem is the user base - there are not enough Linux users willingly to buy Office for Linux. There's a tiny percentage of desktop users, and among them, even a smaller one willingly to buy a closed source office suite.

If you create an environment unfriendly to commercial software - but on the server side, maybe - you can't complain if such commercial software doesn't come.

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Re: Rounded corners???

No, probably that patent expired, even Firefox spent time to design new widgets with rounded corners, I believe it's a safety feature, children can't cut their fingers with rounded corners... nor a window falling on a foot can hurt much...

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"Better integration with iOS and Android devices"

With Samsung phones it does have an interesting integration with "Your Phone" - yet look at the app name, is not "My phone" as something connected to "My computer" - it's "Your Phone" connected to a MS controlled computer...

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Re: Just

What? Linux does not have an Office replacement?

All the FOSS horses and all the FOSS men couldn't put a replacement together again?

Anyway it's exactly the $ you put in m$ explaining why there's no Office for Linux - no money to be made.

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You're thirty years late with your post.

Cuffed: Ukraine police collar six Clop ransomware gang suspects in joint raids with South Korean cops

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"whether any Western cybercriminals have attacked Russian"

There are too few valuable targets there - and probably far harder to extract cash from them - even Western cybercriminals probably prefer Western targets - moreover some social engineering techniques would need a knowledge of Russian they don't have.

State-level cyber attacks are another story, and of course police doesn't target them.

China's latest online crackdown targets mean girl online fan clubs that turn toxic

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But it will eventually rise again...

Is this a menace?

Because Marx could have dreamed of something different, but his system is so flawed that since 1917 we just saw Communism leading directly to bloody dictatorships with some oligarchs at the top using the State as a private property.

So China is not a blot - it's just another instance of a flawed idea, and thereby it can't really be different.

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"donate money to their idol of choice"

How to rob the poor to give to the rich - it's fun to see how a country ruled by a Communist party is a heaven for the worst oligo-capitalism, or maybe that's exactly the cause. When you're brainwashed since childhood to admire and worship some "dear leader" without any doubt, you're going to look for one.

Big Tech critic Lina Khan confirmed as FTC chairwoman

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"The Wrath of Khan Storms BigTech Enterprises"

Probable title of an upcoming El Reg article.

Just I hope this time Khan wins!

Indian government reverts to manual tax filings as new e-tax portal remains badly borked a week after launch

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It happened only because their better programmers are very busy writing software for Western companies...

Realizing this is getting out of hand, Coq mulls new name for programming language

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A clear case of English supremacists.

Face it. English is not the only language of the Universe. The fact that a foreign word sounds bad in English, and one can't understand it's a foreign word, just means that person is an ignorant English supremacist. And they should be shamed as such.

If they can't understand differences, have to destroy them because they can live only in their little poor world it's they that have to change, not the others.

Mark it in your diaries: 14 October 2025 is the end of Windows 10

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Re: Two possibilities

Hope Dave Cutler will stop anybody attempting to use an OS design which was already old in the 1980s...

UK launches consultation on forcing landlords to allow gigabit broadband upgrades

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"I suspect it is easier / more cost effective to install something more advanced than an ONT"

"ONT" just means Optical Network Terminator and you'll still need one in a GPON network be it 1G, 10G or 25G (10G is being tested with the first customers here, while I see Switzerland IIRC someone is offering 25G already)

Being GPON connections already shared among many users, the ONTs are installed one per user - it won't be really effective to install one for more than one user. An ONT is quite cheap.

It's also usually easier to run a fibre cable in existing ducts (it can run with power cables as well without safety issues) than a Cat5e or Cat6.

EE and Three mobe mast surveyors might 'upload some virus' to London Tube control centre, TfL told judge

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Re: Open door policy?

Don't you know that terrorists can throw USB sticks with the precision of knives throwers in movies, and hit the USB ports from several metres, even across gates and grids?

'Vast majority of people' are onside with a data grab they know next to nothing about, reckons UK health secretary

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"Data saves profits, people are dying"

And exactly because they are afraid to die, we can then charge them handsomely for drugs and treatments...

I'm fine to sell them my data, where are the money? Or anything produced using people's data will be free and available to every body?

Six years in the making, Vivaldi Mail arrives alongside version 4.0 of the company's browser

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"It would be wonderful to have a privacy-respecting freeware offline desktop"

And then connect it to GMail....

DoS vulns in 3 open-source MQTT message brokers could leave users literally locked out of their homes or offices

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RabbitMQ doesn't use MQTT by default. It uses AQMP - MQTT is a plug-in, don't remember if it is enabled by default or not.

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Re: Patch a key

A key broken inside the lock....

Lotus Notes refuses to die, again, as HCL debuts Domino 12

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Big Brother

Re: allows business users to create apps and forms

When CASE became "low-code"? IT has been using Newspeak for a while now, and it worries me....

Version 8 of open-source code editor Notepad++ brings Dark Mode and an ARM64 build, but bans Bing from web searches

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"the inevitable white glare induced headaches?"

That depends only on how your monitor is set, and the environment light intensity, distribution and direction.

Having a monitor set for photo editing - with brightness well set taking into account ambient light as well, instead of being at 250% as in most monitors, plus colour temperature at 6500K instead of 9000 and over which makes it too blue, white background is quite fine. Both natural light and artificial one are designed to come from one side, diffused, at the proper angle and with proper contrast around - something that unluckily not many places, especially offices, can deliver. I still find incredible how many working places are inundated with the wrong kind of light.

Especially for me because my sight depends on the size of the pupil - and with a black background it means it opens more and I see worse, incrementing eye strain, not decreasing it.

Oracle hits UK reseller with lawsuit for allegedly reselling grey market Sun hardware

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"Oracle offloading SUN and SPARC IP to someone that can do something good with it."

Fail to keep the company afloat and re-sell it to Oracle again?

Sold: €15k invisible sculpture that's a must-see for art lovers

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"to see him walk across said bricks"

That's art too!

G7 nations aim for global 15 per cent tax on big tech and bin digital services taxes

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Re: $314.73bn

Maybe some creative accounting to create huge expenses somewhere else to avoid to pay taxes there?

"Look, Microsoft country X has bought the rights on the new Azure logo for 200 billions from Microsoft Bermuda, so we can't really pay taxes for the next one hundred years, we are very sorry..."

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Re: Too soft too weak

What do you prefer? To pay for your school and hospitals also, or pay for the next Bezos/Zuckerberg/Cook ginormous yacht/mansion only?

Raising prices may hit profits more than taxes. Only bling goods prices can bi fixed (mostly) at will - as the average consumer doesn't really care about the price - and higher prices can even make them more exclusive.

But in all the other sectors higher prices may shift sales to competitors, or simply reduce sales. And since that's still a small dent in their huge profits, they would be really avid and stupid trying to kill the golden eggs goose with a sharp price increase.

Supreme Court narrows Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: Misusing access not quite the same as breaking in

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"is that the Trump judges voted en masse"

It's no surprise they voted in favor of a policeman abusing his powers...

I wonder what would happened if the plate was that of a politician or a judge in front of his mistress house.... and the information was sold to a journalist.

FYI: Today's computer chips are so advanced, they are more 'mercurial' than precise – and here's the proof

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They attributed it to cosmic rays striking the micro and causing a bit flip.

It was just aliens hiding their presence. But they did on the checks too.

US slaps tariffs on countries that hit Big Tech with digital services taxes ... then pauses them immediately

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"Tariffs don't affect exporters"

Really? So why exporters are so worried about tariffs? How could tariffs affect importers and not exporters - which are tightly coupled?

Tariffs do affect exporters as well importers - they could sell less because of higher prices, or have to accept to offset some of the tariffs with reduced profits to keep market share. Who have to sustain the major burden depend on who the exporter and importer are and their relative strength in settings buy and sale prices - and often it could be simply the exporter local branch.

If it affected only the importer - who would care if Trump or Biden sets a 1000% tariff on foreign goods or services? They would be the perfect tax, exporter would keep on making money and local buyers will happily pay the tax while buying as much as before... in which universe that happens?

This lack of economics basics do well explain why some ideas are acceptable to some voters.

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Re: About bl**dy time

You can tax shareholders only when the company pay dividends. The company may not pay them. What to do? A property tax on shares then? Probably it's better and simpler to tax company profits?

And why in such situation a foreign shareholder should not pay nothing (which would become immediately a huge loophole) if the company operates in your country and does take advantage of local state spending and investments?

There are countries in Europe where companies do not need to pay for medical insurance because there is a National Health Service. Why they should not pay their share of it too?

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Pricing is never so free like sellers would like. Apply the full amount and you can lose sales to competitors, or pay part of the fees to avoid losing market share but reduce profits...

Moreover tariffs are not applied on services only - they are applied to products - just like Trump did. It's how to win allies to front China...

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No, it's the other way round - they believe that successful companies are endowed by their creator not to pay taxes, while less successful ones, or simply local ones, have to sustain all the tax burden.

Yet, nobody asks the to pay "more" taxes - only the same taxes other less successful ones pay. Being successful the simple amount will be higher.

Here the problem becomes who taxes - US doesn't want US companies European operations to pay taxes in Europe and hope to tax them in US - but European nations can't just look at huge US companies funnel huge amount money outside Europe doing nothing (and other countries as well) and paying peanuts locally. US in the same situation would act the same way.

If Biden believes European and other countries will subsidize his spending plan is utterly wrong and makes he look just as stupid as Trump - simply the money don't exist. For example EU has its spending plan for pandemic recovery as well - and because taxation in most countries is already high enough - more money has to come from those who dodged taxes till now.

It is true that EU has to tackle some internal dodging as well - for example that allowed by Luxembourg and Netherlands (plus others), but two wrongs never make something good.

Microsoft to unveil 'what's next for Windows' ... Rounded corners and what else?

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"using containers to isolate applications from one another"

Intel offered a solution at the CPU level almost forty years ago - moreover with memory read/write/execute control. OSes are still looking for one.

China reveals plan to pump out positive news about itself. Let's see what happens when that lands with social media fact-checkers

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Re: Pushback against decades of propaganda might be futile

His analysis is interesting - in a time when capitalism did really exploited people - it's his conclusion that are deadly wrong. He was against religions, but tried to found a new one.

And luckily not everybody pushed them so far - moderate Socialists well understood reforms didn't need bloody revolutions, rights suppression, and dictatorships - that even when "in the name of the people" are still bloody dictatorships - and drive any nation right into the direction of exploiting people again, just under a different guise.

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"Its progress since then has been remarkable"

Yes, especially that of those "bad people" who went to Taiwan or where shielded for a while in Hong-Kong... think of what China could have been if if wasn't heavily damaged by Mao, his wife and their crooks - who killed millions. Moreover, who helped China to fight Japan? How worse could have been, without that help?

Now Xi Jinping aims to be the next Mao, and removed even those little safeguards China had after Mao. Of course actually nominating oneself some kind of lifetime emperor is a very Marxist thing - "power to the people!" - of course there is only One People.

"Many European governments, particularly in the East, have proto-fascist governments" ????

Actually there are only two - Poland and Hungary. Plus Belarus and Russia, if you wish to include them but they are not "proto" at all - but they are the offspring on that other "Marxist" marvel that was CCCP. People like Putin should have professed a lot of Marxists beliefs, to become Colonel in the KGB.

Maybe you also mean people like Salvini in Italy? Do you know he was a "Young Communist", hanging out at collectives? Because, after all, the boundary between Communism and Fascism is very thin, and moving from one to the other very easy. After all, Mussolini himself was a prominent Socialist before founding the Fascist Party (the Communist Party didn't exist yet in Italy at the time - they detached from the Socialist Party only in 1921).

Deadline draws near to avoid auto-joining Amazon's mesh network Sidewalk

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"a stalker can abuse it to stalk people better"

No, they won't abuse it because the system is built exactly for that. That's "stalking by design" - although Amazon wish it only could stalk its users - but obviously it won't be able to ensure it.

Have to call Shenzen to start mass producing "Tiles" in some cute and/or innocuous-looking shapes... "hey, girl, attach this cute soft and fluffy cat toy to your bag....", "look wife, I got you this 'Prada' (he he) wallet for your birthday...."

Those working at Amazon & C. are now utterly unable to understand what they are putting on the market - they can see only the $$$$$$ they hope to gain if they can gather more user data.


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