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Have no idea WTF is going on with the Oracle-Walmart TikTok deal? Don’t sweat it, here’s our latest rundown

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"ByteDance/TikTok could be required to hand over that information to the Chinese government"

Does China have a CLOUD Act too?

Before you buy that managed Netgear switch, be aware you may need to create a cloud account to use its full UI

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Is this a kind of ransomware?

I'm starting to believe I'll need to build my next switch or AP - as long as there will be enough carefree peole buying the devices anyway instead of letting them take dust on shelves or in warehouses.

But I hope they are going to piss off someone with enough time to bring them into court.

Dying software forces changes to VMware’s vSphere Clients

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Sure - I pointed out the backward compatibility issues, and I don't like Java much - but at least it's still alive, not deprecated, and wouldn't have required to re-write from scratch the UI every time, plus they already have Java server applications in the product, why add another unrelated technology like Flash? And there are still many inconsistencies in the HTML client, at least in the 6.7 one, I didn't have the chance to work with the 7 one yet.

Sure, they would have needed to keep the client updated.

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True - it looks VMWare bet on all the wrong horses at the wrong moment. On the HTML side, not helped by the heavy fragmentation of libraries, and the endless streams of framework du-jour.

Moreover, they heavily use Java server side. Why they never made a Java client instead of a Win/.net one? OK, Java is Java (and it's piling up a lot of backward compatibility issues as well), but at least it would have run on different platforms.

Meanwhile 6.7 still relies on the Flash client for the Update Manager, is there an update moving those functionalities to the HTML client too?

Amazon staffers took bribes, manipulated marketplace, leaked data including search algorithms – DoJ claims

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Too much power in too few hands...

A good example why those ginormous companies with their tentacles everywhere are simply too dangerous. Too few have too much power. Antitrust should not only look at the consumer prices, but at the market distorting power too. To create consumer, you need first people who earn enough money to be one. In a distorted market, customers will disappear.

Oracle Zooms past rivals to run TikTok’s cloud, take stake alongside WalMart and ByteDance investors

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Re: Still, why anybody outside US should trust a US company handle their privacty?

Just I'm afraid companies like Capita are no longer in the EU.... and I believe UK will soon sign a deal with US to allow simple data transfer there just like it did with Japan. Probably both most one way transfers....

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Still, why anybody outside US should trust a US company handle their privacty?

All EU - US privacy agreement (Safe Harbour, Privacy Shield) have been struck down because it's clear in the actual situation US laws can't warrant privacy....

“The limitations on the protection of personal data arising from the domestic law of the United States on the access and use by US public authorities . . . are not circumscribed in a way that satisfies requirements that are essentially equivalent to those required under EU law” said the European Court of Justice.

Probably EU must ban TikTok until it's sold to SAP <G>

Online fraud prevention biz fails to prevent CEO's alleged offline fraud

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Re: Slap on the wrist

When robbery is performed using a Montblanc instead of a gun, the laws - signed with the same luxury pens - are on your side.... Canis canem non est

Woman dies after hospital is unable to treat her during crippling ransomware infection, cops launch probe

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"Unix windowing goes back at least to 1984 with X."

Yes, the problem it's still there. Not surprisingly a large number of Linux UI applications are written in Java to shield them from the utterly fragmented windowing environment under it - and the lack of tools to make development faster.

The sooner Penguinistas understand it, the sooner Linux will have far greater chances to become a desktop UI. As long as the status quo is defended because "Linux is never wrong", Windows will rule...

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Re: Analogous to “Because I saw you tie your shoe laces, I ran over that kid”.

Sure, using a CLI is what physicians are well versed in... when people like you start to understand how the real world works, outside your cubicle with Linux, you'll start to understand why people keep on using Windows, and Linux keeps on with a tiny percentage on desktops - and if you from it remove IT professional that percentage becomes infinitesimal...

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Re: Analogous to “Because I saw you tie your shoe laces, I ran over that kid”.

The problem is that looking at medical images in ASCII art on a Linux terminal is pretty useless... There's a reason why the "year of the Linux desktop" is still far ahead in the future.

Apple takes another swing at Epic, says Unreal Engine could be a 'trojan horse' threatening security

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"standard for a bricks and mortar shop"

Have you ever tried to run one and see what costs you? Apple has huge savings by running an e-store, if Apple had to run millions of "bricks and mortar shop" to sell apps the costs would be hugely higher (Amazon too, for the matter). It's a nonsensical comparison - moreover "bricks and mortar shop" have to buy goods in advance to sell them with a risk they go unsold, Apple doesn't.

The huge profits Apple itself posts shows that they just make easy money with little costs - it's a mafia-like operation.

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"Apple would face incalculable harm"

Sure, a lot of profits lost.

The rest is just propaganda to try to avoid the above. Apple wants revert to the pre-PC world, where hardware makers had total control of the software as well.

Users are the losers.

Alibaba wants to get you off the PC upgrade treadmill and into its cloud

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Another attempt to kill the "Personal" in PC...

... and centralize everything again under the full control of someone else....

Net neutrality lives... in Europe, anyway: Top court supports open internet rules, snubs telcos and ISPs

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"are good for the consumer"

Which consumer? Some consumer may have no use for such services, and what if one gives you Netflix for free but not Sky, Disney or Youtube, or any combination of them? That's not good for the user at all, which is jailed to some services. And those agreement may even change with time...

Database consolidation is a server gain. Storage vendors should butt out

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Beware of the hidden issues....

Running the same workloads on fewer server, even with the same core count and amount of RAM and storage requires to understand what resource contentions may arise. There will be more "shared" resources than before, and it could be more difficult to optimize them to different requirements. Sure, some newer, faster (and expensive) technologies can offset some of these issues, but not always completely.

There are also the security implications, as more users, DBAs and admnistrators need access to the same server - while without some form of clustering taking down one machine will impact now more applications. Change management becomes more complex. One application may need a patch impacting another. Machines closer to full hw utilization may have less room to expand if needed.

As said elsewhere software licensing costs may not be reduced much, as vendors work hard to cope with more powerful hardware.

Consolidation is a multi-dimensional affair, each dimension needs to be carefully examinated - if you look just at the dimension "less hardware = better" you may find there's more under the surface.

Who cares what Apple's about to announce? It owes us a macOS x86 virtual appliance for non-Mac computers

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Invidia is the Apple business model....

LDS Silver badge

Even if it was a good idea, now that's been asked by The Register...

... it will be engraved forever in the Apple Bl[a|o]cklist....

Family wrongly accused of uploading pedo material to Facebook – after US-EU date confusion in IP address log

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Re: Anyway in most contracts - at least here - the users accept full responsibility

As the owner of the car you're in most legislation responsible for what the car is used - and it's up to the owner to demonstrate the car was used by someone else. "Ownership" usually implies responsibilities as well.

The burden of proof is on the prosecution, but laws also assign specific and implied responsibilities in many situations - and it's up to the defendant to demonstrate someone else was actually responsible. Think about someone who sign a balance - if it is found false, you're responsible unless you can prove someone deceived you and gave you false numbers.

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Re: Anyway in most contracts - at least here - the users accept full responsibility

It's already been enforced, don't worry. You'll need to prove you've been hacked - the fact a device could be hacked is not enough. If your car kills someone, you'll need to prove it was stolen, otherwise you're in trouble. The fact a car can be stolen, and cars are routinely stolen, is not enough.

It's like the excuses of people posting something very wrong on Twitter and then claiming their account was hacked.

Internet is not a place where you can do anything without any risk to be identified and persecuted....

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Re: Another reason an IP

Yes, time to switch to IPv6 and fixed prefixes and addresses for everybody, so good-bye to "plausible deniability" for movie and music pirates... like it or not, IP addresses are and will be used - of course as long as they change who had which IP must be carefully checked.

Anyway in most contracts - at least here - the users accept full responsibility for what their networks are used for - and it was the same before with telephone lines too. If you have lame security you may not be able to use it as an excuse for illegal uses of your connection.

To get the VoIP credentials for my line to use my own devices instead of the ISP-supplied router, I had to specifically sign and accept responsibility for any illegal access to my line.

Stop asking for Amazon, Google and Microsoft cloud with 'no justification': US Library of Congress told to drop its 'brand-name'-tastic RFP

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'Vendor lockin is something governments should be assiduously working against'

All cloud systems are designed like Hotel California....

Oracle customers caught in the cross-hairs of Larry’s 'interesting dynamic'

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"product is called Redshift for a reason"

Well, the "redshift" term was created because spectrum lines were found moving towards the red part of the spectrum, not vice versa. And requires objects moving away from you, not from something else.

Yet Oracle has to bet on customers coming from a distant past.... when Oracle was one of the very few choices, when the universe didn't evolved yet in the many systems of today. Larry has to rely on its own products a lot - which may not look too fashionable to new IT generations -, unlike AWS that like a black hole can attract, capture and swallow a lot of open source, without emitting anything back....

Ireland unfriends Facebook: Oh Zucky Boy, the pipes, the pipes are closing…from glen to US, and through the EU-side

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"regardless of a US judges orders"

Technically, the GDPR has exceptions for data access under lawful investigations - the problem is the CLOUD Act may not be a lawful investigation under the EU country law... and Zuckerberg would have to stand a judge order to obtain the data....

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"does this prevent people accessing it from the US? "

Oh well, under the CLOUD Act a US judge can still ask access to those data.

The main difference if for Facebook itself. As long as the data are in EU, it's far easier for EU to enforce its rules like GDPR. When data are transferred outside, it would become much more difficult.

Data "published" by the users themselves for other to see can be obviously accessed.

AT&T’s CEO has a solution to US broadband woes despite billions sunk into the problem. You’ll never guess what it is

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It's funny how they could connect rural areas with telephone cables in a distant past...

... but now with all the modern technology they can't do the same with fibre cables. The reason is wireless is cheaper although with its issues, and any saved dollar can be put in executive bonuses and shareholder dividends.

Anyway any government fund to cover "rural" areas should be paid only after a given area is covered with the requested technology, and after it has been found functional. Not before.

Classy move: C++ 20 wins final approval in ISO technical ballot, formal publication expected by end of year

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'you still can't write something like an OS with them'

Just because the compilers and linkers were never written with that in mind, thereby they don't output the required file formats. There's nothing in the language forbidding it.

Anyway they got 'modules', aka 'units', more than thirty years before C++...

China proposes ‘Global Initiative on Data Security’ forbidding stuff it and Huawei are accused of doing already

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"oppose abusing ICT to conduct mass surveillance against other States"

What about oppose abusing ICT to conduct mass surveillance inside your State?

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"I too would rather be spied on by the Chinese than by the US."

Are you sure? A classic way of espionage is to blackmail someone after obtaining info about someone that one doesn't like to be known by others.... or they can gather information about you and use them to obtain useful intel to be used for other attacks....

China blocks access to website hosting code-for-kids tool Scratch and its forums

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"India has been a stable and friendly democracy over many years, for example"

But Modi is working hard to make it more alike China....

Microsoft: We're getting rid of Flash by the end of the year - except you can still use it

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AFAIK in vSphere 6.7 the Update Manager plug-in works only in the Flash interface still.

When classes are online, how do you get out of school? Florida teen cuffed, charged after crashing cyber-lessons

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Re: Someone will give him/her a job!

The job should involve a broom and a bucket...

Anyone else noticed that the top countries for broadband speeds are well-known tax havens? No? Just us then?

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Re: Meanwhile, in Italy, the incumbent successfuly stopped the FTTH competitor

For now they killed the competitor that was going to menace them badly - Starlink has yet to come and prove it's a competitor - then it's easy to ask for a law limiting antennas installations....

Anyway because of the CLOUD Act I would be very careful to use Starlink. I also wonder what happens if a US company owns partially a foreign network - does the CLOUD Act still applies?

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Meanwhile, in Italy, the incumbent successfuly stopped the FTTH competitor

TIM, the ex state monopoly telco, successfully lobbied the government to crate the "One Network", basically forcing OpenFiber, the company born to deploy FTTH and that won the bids to deploy the state-funded broadband network, to surrender its network and be integrated into a new company of which TIM will own more than 50%, using a shell company to look like a wholesale-only entity, but controlled by the incumbent - basically a return to a monopoly.

That after TIM was fined by the antitrust authority, because it was found using its dominant position to try to hinder OpenFiber FTTH deployment in "market failure" areas which was declared as such after a public consultation with telcos - including TIM - to know which areas would not see any private investments.

TIM lost the bids for the state-funded network because it proposed mostly VDSL (FTTC), while OpenFiber proposed moslty GPON (FTTH).

The reason used was that the network is a "national asset" - so national that TIM major shareholder is Vivendi (and most of its share are held by foreign investors) , and it's selling a 38% stake in the network to the US fund KKR, while another investor that should buy the ENEL partecipation in OpenFiber could be the Australian fund Macquarie. That's because TIM has a 20Bn debt and is desperately looking for cash. The operation is basically a TIM bailout - killing competition, avoiding the quick depreciation of its copper network slowing down the FTTH deployment, and soon making a private company debt a taxpayers one, through the state-owned fund Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

And you believed Pai and the FCC were bad.... the only hope is Vestager will investigate the affair and find it breaking antitrust laws.

As Amazon pulls union-buster job ads, workers describe a 'Mad Max' atmosphere – unsafe, bullying, abusive

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Sure, I'm still surprised call centres find people willingly to work for them. Just, sometimes, it's the only job you found....

LDS Silver badge

Re: scum

Just wait for Bezos to find his Stakhanov, and hail him as an Hero of Socialist Amazonian Labor.... Amazon starts to looks like a Soviet labor camp - after all you didn't need unions in the "Workers' Paradise"....

In the frame with the Great MS Bakeoff: Microsoft sets out plans for Windows windows

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The revenge of OS/2?

Back then one of the aims of OS/2 was to replace the Windows API with something better designed. MS killed OS/2 because it wasn't compatible wirth Windows applications which would have required a deep rewrite. Now they are in the same position, each new API they design is killed by compatibility needs....

Forget Fortnite and FIFA: India wants to develop games based on local legends

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"What is the problem in doing Hindu first politics?"

That it is bad as any other "xxxx first" politics. Modi politics is identical to any other religious-based authoritarian politics - there is no space for anybody else.

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Re: How much are Bollywood movies successful outside India?

Yes, you see the revenues? Indian expat spectators... and some people having fun.

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Explain me, why Apu in the Simpson is a racist character and Mario and Luigi are not? Or the Italian cook in the Simpson as well? And so on...

If country cliché are racists, then all of them are racists, you can't select which one are and which one are not.

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You mean the racist cliché of an Italian plumber?

LDS Silver badge

How much are Bollywood movies successful outside India?

Well, the same will happen to Hindu games. They will be a local production only.

But they will suit Modi's 'Hindu first' politics anyway, and brainwashing children has always been among dictator's main aims.

Zuck says Facebook made an 'operational mistake' in not taking down US militia page mid-protests. TBH the whole social network is a mistake

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Re: If there were no Facebook?

There's no way you can build a network like this to suck any useful (and even not) data from each "user" and keep it "clean" from nefarious uses. It's simply too expensive - and the business model is not to publish user contents, it's making money from them through ads. The slurping and ads slinging features can scale, the monitoring can't, and will be always behind.

And there's no will to address the underlying issue until the laws give them a perpetual "get out of jail" card under the "user generated contents" excuse.

Zuckerberg can even profit from this kind of situation, as it keeps FB in the news and gives him the chance to appear the one who tries to fix things (to his gullible followers, of course) - only when things will get really out of hands, and something even worse than two people dead will happen, and in a country closer than Myanmar, he will find himself in very bad waters.

Here's some words we never expected to write: Oracle said to offer $10bn cash, $10bn shares for TikTok US – plus profit share promise

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It's a strange and sad world...

... when an app has a value more than double the value of the whole Sun Microsystems....

Google wants to listen in to whatever you get up to in hotel rooms

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"Evidently there was a rat in my room. I want your excuses and a refund".

Facebook apologizes to users, businesses for Apple’s monstrous efforts to protect its customers' privacy

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Re: I'm confused

The day other revenue streams dry up probably will happen. We've already seen the Microsoft U-turn on the matter under Nadella. Especially if Epic wins and the store revenue are at risk, or if sales go down because of the situation, users data could become suddenly a good revenue source... of course advertisers will have to buy from Apple, not Facebook anyway. Even if Cook may not want it truly, Cook is not the owner of Apple.

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Re: I'm confused

Apple simply hates anybody making money from its iOS platform unless it gets at least its 30% cut.

As a side effect in this case people get more privacy.

The answer is Anthos, cries Google's OnAir videogasm. But what is the question?

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Eveerything I read now looks a new way to...

... avoid you can run something on things you own instead of things you rent....

Supreme Court rules against Huawei in long-rolling Unwired Planet patent sueball: Take the licence terms we set or else

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"In so acting the English courts were out of step"

I believe they lost the lawsuit here....

Start Me Up: 25 years ago this week, Windows 95 launched and, for a brief moment, Microsoft was almost cool

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"A 2 year old system should not have been brought to a halt "

You forgot how fast the hardware was evolving in those years.... it took very few years for a CPU to become outdated and unable to run the next operating system.


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