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Forget the GPad - is Google building a server chip?


ARM chips for Google? Do they have hardware floating point?

MapReduce is just a strategy for exploiting massive parallelism. You still need floating point horsepower to do the core operations that power the indexing algorithms. Does an ARM chip have floating point capability?

MS and Oracle's big dev tools - who needs 'em?



1. I use Komodo for Perl and Ruby development. I wouldn't be caught dead without it - the dragon has saved my bacon so many times I've lost count.

2. I hope NetBeans survives - it's really a quality development environment. If there was a Perl on the JVM like there is Python and Ruby, I'd be using NetBeans.

3. Once a project gets to a certain size, a *standardized* IDE is a requirement. You flat out can't manage a big project without one, and if two programmers can't agree on the development environment, one of them shouldn't be on the project.


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