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Electron-to-joule conversion formulae? Cute. Welcome to the school of hard knocks

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Re: "electron-to-joule conversion formulae"

Always reminds me of an episode of Star Trek (TOS) where an Evil Mr. Spock in an alternative universe said "Set phasers to a million electron volts" to destroy a city on the surface of a planet, and I wondered if even a microbe would notice such a small amount of energy.

Activision Blizzard accused of union busting, intimidating staff in complaint to watchdog

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Re: The modern HR department

The rot set in when it went from "Admin" to "HR"

LA cops told to harvest social media handles from people they stop, suspect or not

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Re: Oh do keep up at the back

Not strictly true, though the wording was changed -

“You do not have to say anything. But, it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”

Italian stuntman flies aeroplane through two motorway tunnels

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Re: Wings

I still prefer the story of Taffy Holders accidental flight in an EE Lightning

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Hope he had an HGS toll sticker in his windscreen, or he'll be getting a fine through his door in a couple of weeks

Fix five days of server failure with this one weird trick

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Re: I'm guessing TSB

Back in the days before their Lloyds merger, I worked in the TSB offices in the City of London (St. Marys Axe? St. Mary At Hill? - some Mary anyway). In those far off days they handled Actual Money, so security was quite tight.

That was the place I found out that brick dust from drilling holes in a wall could set off their newly installed smoke alarms, causing much amusement to the security staff.

Lost in IKEA? So, it seems, is Windows

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Re: IKEA coming our way soon

Driving in Manila... The Horror...

Cops responding to ShotSpotter's AI alerts rarely find evidence of gun crime, says Chicago watchdog

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There must have been a conversation a bit like this -

CPD "We arrested a guy suspected of shooting a passenger in his car who was seen on CCTV at XYZ Street at 11pm, but we didn't get a gunshot alert"

Shot Spotter "We only have data for a firework going off about a mile away from that location at about that time"

CPD "Are you sure?"

Shot Spotter "Wait a minute, I'll have the data re-evaluated"

Shot Spotter "Oh wait! After re-evaluating the data it turns out that it wasn't a firework a mile away, it was a gunshot at where-did-you-say? XYZ Street?"

Facebook used facial recognition without consent 200,000 times, says South Korea's data watchdog

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Re: So 26 million won is $22,000

I made someone a "Millionaire" around 20 years ago by sending them an old Turkish Lira note that cost me about £2. Oh how they laughed (not)

So the data centre's 'getting a little hot' – at 57°C, that's quite the understatement

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Re: I once had to do something similar in a Skoda...

Even worse when Dad won't let you roll the windows down because he's afraid other drivers will think he's a cheapskate and hasn't got air con in the car

Senators urge US trade watchdog to look into whether Tesla may just be over-egging its Autopilot, FSD pudding

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Re: I am kind of surprised...

There is going to be compulsory speed limit recognition systems fitted to all new cars in Europe soon, with automatic compliance to the speed limit built in. Fortunately the driver will be able to turn the auto compliance system off (at first). If you turn it off, you will be warned the car thinks you are speeding, but the form of that warning has yet to be decided. It ranges from a speed warning light on the dashboard, to a loud buzzing or beeping till you slow down.

Having watched a video of a car with it already fitted (Bently Bentayga I think, using automatic cruise control), and seeing the car on the Autoroute suddeny slow from 120 kph to 80 kph because it mistook the speed limit sign for heavy goods vehicles as the general speed limit, I am not looking forwards to this. On my last journey I was told by my traffic sign recognition system that a 30 mph road was 40 mph, and it missed the sign that changed the speed limit from 30 to 20 mph. It also told me that the 50 mph dual carriageway was 30 mph.

Think of the fun that kids will have with a jar of Tippex and a black marker pen changing those 30 mph signs to 80's, or the 120 kph's to 20's!

84-year-old fined €250,000 for keeping Nazi war machines – including tank – in basement

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Not really similar, but it involves a tank.

A bloke bought a plot of land and asked the council for permission to build a house on it. The council refused.

So the bloke asked if he could put a tank on his plot. The council (thinking water tank) said "sure".

So the bloke put a T-34 tank on his land with the gun pointing at the council offices.


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Re: Just order from Amazon...

Or if you don't want to buy from Amazon, The Tank Museum has inflatable ammo for sale.

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Re: WTF?

Germany takes Nazi symbols very seriously.

If you've ever seen the film "Das Boot" you'll notice that the flag on the U-Boat is never shown flying, only drooping limply down so as not to show a Nazi symbol.

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Re: If he had just kept the tank

Being an expert in WW2 German military hardware - i.e. I once saw an episode of Combat Dealers - I'd have thought a working Panther tank would be worth a fortune.

Amazon sets the date for televised return to Middle Earth: September 2022

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Re: Oh come on.

I really don't get that comment. Was it a joke about announcing the air date when it's still 13 to 14 months away?

Malware and Trojans, but there's only one horse the boss man wants to hear about

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Re: Not as bad as I expected

Are you implying that Right Pondians would never have any aquaintance with the words Trojan + Horse?

On this most auspicious of days, we ask: How many sysadmins does it take to change a lightbulb?

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Re: Facilities are to blame

Thinking of 1 digit difference in phone numbers, my home phone was 1 digit from a mini cab office, my phone was XXX9, the mini cab office was XXX0.

The number of times I'd get a call around midnight by someone Tired and Emotional demanding a cab was unbelievable.

When it first started happening I'd tell them they'd got the wrong number and they'd need to re-dial, but more often than not that would would result in abuse, so I ended up saying " Yes sir, where are you and where do you want to go? And your name? OK, it'll be there in half an hour" and hang up.

You MUST present your official ID (but only the one that's really easy to fake)

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Re: Get it on paper

Bit surprised by the NHS app Covid pass. Mine expires on 30th August 2021.

Er, no, we would like to continue suing Facebook, US state AGs tell courts

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Re: What is a "Lache"

I was wondering what a milky coffee had to do with a court case..

Cellnex complains regulators waved through CK Hutchison mast buyout in Europe – only sticking point is the UK

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Isn't it funny..

..how wannabe monopolists always claim it'll be good for competition.

Scam-baiting YouTube channel Tech Support Scams taken offline by tech support scam

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I was a bit surprised by this bit

"The same report found that the 18-37 age group was the most likely to fall victim"

I'd have thought the 18-37 age group would have been the most tech savvy and least likely to fall for a scam.

I've got a broken combine harvester – but the manufacturer won't give me the software key

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Re: Only half the story

I remember getting some counter intuitive advice about repairs once.

My washer/dryer (a make notorious for breaking down) had broken down for the third time just after the warranty had run out.

I was chatting in the pub to a mate who used to be a domestic appliance repairer about whether to pay for a repair or buy a new more reliable machine.

He said that if the new reliable machine broke down, there was a good chance that the spare parts would be harder to get hold of, and the repairman might not have much experience fixing it. However, the repairer would probably have lots of experience fixing the the unreliable make, and might even have the spare parts needed tucked away on his van if it was a common problem.

I went for the new more reliable machine option, and it's lasted about 15 years now, with the only problem being a blocked water outlet pipe due to fibres and gunk blocking the spiggot to my waste pipe which took me about 15 minutes to clear.

Western Approaches Museum: WRENs, wargames, and victory in the Atlantic

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Re: a quote from American journalist David Fairbanks White, …

5. Nazi Germany expends vast resources building and defending the Atlantic Wall.

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Re: Video by Drachinifel on YouTube

And Lindybeige - The wargamers who won a real battle


Specifically about WATU, though he also has videos about a visit to the museum, and The Battle of the Atlantic.

Richard Branson uses two planes to make 170km round trip

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Where does Space begin?

Blue Origins tweet is being a bit disingenuous there.

There is no Internationally recognised standard of where space begins.

The Kármán line was originally set by Hungarian physicist Theodore von Kármán in the 1900's at about 80km/50 miles. This was later arbitrarily reset to 100km mainly because it's a nice round number.

The FIA says 100km (though recently they considered putting it back to its original 80km).

NASA Mission Control (unlike NASA itself) considers it to be 122km/76 miles.

There is even a case for 1000km/600 miles as then the Earths atmosphere can be disregarded for all practical purposes.

The FAA, NASA, USAF, NOAA all think it's 80km/50 miles, and anyone going over 50 miles high as having been in Space and being an Astronaut. Even "real" Astronauts are surprisingly cool with this. Terry Verts (former commander of the International Space Station) and Mike Massimino both reckon that they are, with Massimino saying “I think if you get above that line, you certainly qualify as an astronaut, absolutely. The more the merrier!”, though let's face it, Mike Massimino is fucking cool anyway.

It brings up interesting political and legal questions too.

There is "Freedom of Space" at the moment, like "Freedom of the Seas" (much under attack now), where no one should interfere with your passage, or require permission or authorisation to visit or use.

If the limit on where Space starts was legally set and Internationally recognised, it would determine where that "Freedom" starts. Any object below that would be in your airspace when overflying you, and if you hadn't given permission or authorisation for it to be there, you'd be entitled to shoot it down if you had the capability.

OK, you're paying data charges in the EU, but you can still roam free in, er, Iceland

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Re: I see no ships

"Only one of the carriers is allowed out at a time..."

Not so sure about that. Last I heard HMS QE had just gone through the Suez canal, and HMS PoW was visiting Gibralter.

Revealed: Perfect timings for creation of exemplary full English breakfast

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Re: On the go ...

The old Greasy Spoons are getting rarer and rarer now. The best of them would fill you up with good quality food at little cost. I'm lucky to have one near me, literally 200 metres away, that has survived.

A recommended one if you're in central London is the Regency Cafe in Westminster. Full English for £6 in central London is a bargain, though you should add extra bubble 'n black pudding for £2.

When free and open source actually means £6k-£8k per package: Atos's £136m contract with NHS England

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Re: “Cynical, me?”

Isn't that "Pretentious, Moi?" (Fawlty Towers)

Hmmmmm, how to cool that overheating CPU, if only there was a solution...

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Similar thing can happen in the UK too. Some years ago during a hot summer, the area around Carnaby Street in London was blacked out due to overheating transformers in Carnaby Street main substation. The "cure" was to drape plastic hoses over the cooling fins with tiny holes punched into the hose along its length, and the hose connected to a cold water tap.

Facebook granted patent for 'artificial reality' baseball cap. Repeat, an 'artificial reality' baseball cap

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Re: "hats solve the problem presented by AR glasses"

Not really. The problem with AR glasses is they tell the world you're a prat. These FARTs do the same.

Pub landlords on notice as 'Internet of Beer' firm not only pulls pints, but can also clean the lines

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Re: And Newky Brown tastes really weird, but maybe that's an acquired taste...

I remember Grotneys Red Barrel was becoming weaker and weaker over the years until it was pointed out that if it went any lower in alcohol it'd be allowed to be sold in sweet shops. At the time any drink with less than 2% alcohol was considered to be non alcoholic. You could buy a can of Shandy in a sweet shop that was just under 2%. After the bad publicity Watneys dropped Red Barrel, and replaced it with Watneys Red.

BOFH: When the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East, only then will the UPS cease to supply uninterrupted voltage

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Re: Reminds me...

Ahhh yes. Used to have the "Dormer Handbook" that would tell you the optimum speed for drilling different materials for each size of drillbit.

Do you come from a land Down Under? Where diesel's low and techies blunder

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I was amazed once when visiting a Castrol oil processing place to see a fairly small guy spinning two 45 gal. imp/55 gal. US drums on their edge, each controlled by one hand as he walked along. A final flick and spin, and the drums spun off to stand upright in their proper positions. I felt like clapping.

Whatever you've been doing during lockdown, you better stop it right now

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Not just the smell, the flies too!

BOFH: Despite the extremely hazardous staircase, our IT insurance agreement is at an all-time low. Can't think why

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Read somewhere about a place in the US that had to close because of Covid, and their insurer refused to pay out because it classed Covid-19 as "pollution" and the policy didn't cover pollution.

Wyoming powers ahead with Bill Gates-backed sodium-cooled nuclear generation plant

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Re: A source for cheap renewable power...

I wouldn't call it "clean energy". Seen the crap politicians put out?

Big Tech has a big problem with Florida passing a law that protects politicians from web moderation

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Not quite.

These sites make their money from advertising. The cost of that advertising is included in the price you pay for the goods or services you use. You might not use Google or Facebook etc. but each time you buy (for instance) a pack of soap powder 10c of your money goes to them.

When you see "Internet Company XYZ earned $60B" that 60 billion came from the consumers buying the advertised goods or services, whether they saw the adverts or not.

Ganja believe it? Police make hash of suspected weed farm raid, pot Bitcoin mine instead

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Re: Seized based on what?

No. Which is why they called in the local DSO.

Who gave dusty Soviet-era spacecraft that unwanted lick of paint? It was an idiot, with a spraycan, in Baikonur

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Re: Soviet tech..

One of my biggest regrets is not flying on Concorde when it was still flying and I had the chance. Had the money, had the opportunity, never did it Grrrrrr.

A story I heard was the Very Clever engine air intakes plans were "obtained" by the Soviets, but the plans they obtained had been altered to be useless.

Facial recog firm Clearview hit with complaints in France, Austria, Italy, Greece and the UK

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Re: Only one bad actor?

"has never had any contracts with any EU customer and is not currently available to EU customers."

i.e. Hasn't actually SOLD their crap to a European agency yet, but has given them a free trial, which they hope will lead to sales.

Apple's expert witness grilled by Epic over 'frictionless' spending outside the app

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Re: Is it bad…

The whole thing reminds me of Oscar Wildes comment about fox hunting

"The unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible"

App Tracking: Apps plead for users to press allow, but 85% of Apple iOS consumers are not opting in

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Re: May not be directly related...

Any suggestions how to be ad free with YouTube on an Amazon Firestick? Using Firefox on the firestick used to stop some of the ads, but Google/YouTube seem to have got round that somehow, and Firefox for Amazon Firestick/Fire TV is no longer supported since April 30th.

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Some of the sponsorship deals are hilarious. Makes you wonder if they even bothered to watch any of the content of the person they are sponsoring, instead of just looking at how many followers they have.

Lindybeige (a man that looks like he doesn't even own a comb) being sponsored by a male grooming company springs to mind.

Preliminary report on Texas Tesla crash finds Autosteer was 'not available' along road where both passengers died

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Re: Funny thing

On self-driving horses -

In a previous life I got chatting - in a Pub of course - to a retired London drayman. I can't remember if he worked at the Whitbread Brewery in Chiswell Street (Old Joke Alert - "Give me a pint of beer", "Whitbread?", "Yeah, 2 slices") or if it was the Youngs Brewery in Wandsworth, I'd done jobs at both places.

He told me that at each pub he delivered to he'd be given a pint of beer. By the time of his last delivery he'd be 9 sheets to the wind, but could rely on his horses to get him back to the brewery safely.

The past truely is a foreign country.

Bill to protect UK against harmful foreign investment becomes law

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Re: Rover?

Yeah, when The Home Of British Car Making was finally being demolished, they found a secret area where the "workers" could have a nice kip. Watching an interview with a union rep I noticed he was Quite Well Off (personaly) while all his "mates" were now out of work, and their kids had no jobs to look forward to

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Re: Russian Oligarchs

Ex Putin "friends" quite often end up dead.

We need to talk about criminal adversaries who want you to eat undercooked onion rings

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Re: Connected Crap

I dunno. My car is the only connected device I have (apart from phone/computer/TV), and it's quite useful to be able to start it 15 minutes or so before you intend to leave home on a freezing cold day to de-ice. Or if left in the sun during summer to cool the cabin down.

Quality control, Soviet style: Here's another fine message you've gotten me into

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Re: Russians, alcohol, making toasts

Three litres of wine? Huh.. lightweights..

Think tank report names and shames 'stakeholder capitalist' Salesforce for paying no corporate income tax in the US

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Re: Politicians, catapults, & the sun.

A catapult to put things into orbit is easy.

1. Make catapult

2. Aim at ground

3. Miss



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