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Dallas man accidentally shoots self in head

Tom Wilkinson


Perhaps wisdom isn't something that comes with age, it's just that if you don't have some you don't get to be aged - because you do something stupid like play with guns when you're less than sober.

Great War diary reveals original Captain Blackadder

Tom Wilkinson

An earlier Blackadder

There is mention of a Blackadder during the English Civil War who might be closer to the original Rowan Atkinson Blackadder. The Marquis of Montrose led the Royalist forces in Scotland during the English Civil War. Always outnumbered, his generalship won several battles despite this. He was finally defeated at the Battle of Philiphaugh only when his army was surprised in camp. Responsible for scouting for the army? Yes, a Captain Blackadder...

Tories aim to ditch data protection laws

Tom Wilkinson

Hot buttons

It's so obvious that diminishing personal privacy and letting people ('volunteer to') work for more than 48 hours a week is a certain vote-catcher.

Antigua calls for pirates to return to Caribbean

Tom Wilkinson

Cuban medicenes anyone?

It took about 20 seconds to find a letter from a Congressman McGovern (MA) about Cuban medical research:

"As you know, drugs and medical devices developed by Cuba are not available to Americans. This includes vaccines for heart disease, cancer, hepatitis-B and meningitis-B, although for the latter a special protocol is being negotiated because the drug is so needed and desired by the U.S. medical and pharmaceutical community. Common areas of research requiring clinical trials, such as sickle cell disease, are also denied from engaging in joint clinical trials. Cuba has also developed fetal monitoring equipment that is being used in Canada, the United Kingdom and twenty other countries, but not the United States."


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