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Apple sues three more over power adapter 'knock-offs'

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Actually a good idea - get a patent now...

Make an iPhone 4 case that makes the antenna work when you hold it the PROPER way in your left hand i.e.; an extended antenna built into the case....

Gadget tax needed 'to save US newspapers'

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High Speed Internet Prices

The obvious problem is that people with high speed internet connection in the US are paying a lot for it. My connection is $50 per month. That's $1.64 per day on average. There's no value in that for me since I work long hours and use the Internet less than 2 hours on weekdays (and there's no one else in my household).

Paying anymore for media especially news per day seems ridiculous to the consumer as does the high cost of having a high speed internet connection. It's no wonder people download pirated movies and music to add value to their internet expenditure.

So the solution may be just charging people for what they use in bandwidth and not a set pricing fee. That way the newspapers could charge a nominal tax of some sort to my bill and I would care a lot less.

Fanboi's lament – falling out of love with the iPad

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SE w910i and a little off topic

Had a w910i and loved the damn thing. just a solid phone with some smartphone-like functions. Sadly its somewhere on the bottom of Lake Erie and my two attempt to get a replacement on eBay turned up some real asses trying to rip me off. So I never got a replacement unit.

It's Walkman is still far superior to the iPod on the iPhone in sound quality and was so much easier to use. The PC software was more file manager-style, would rip a High quality 256KB or VBR down to a smaller size on the fly and you didn't have to "SYNC" any of it. It was so user friendly and didn't require my time having to make play lists and syncing.

And it worked as a phone perfectly.

But this is off-topic since the whole on-topic idea is the usefulness of the iPad and his disenchantment of using it. To the author, Just keep it in the bathroom or kitchen or both and use it there. load it up with some music and get a wireless transmitter and use it casually while you eat you cereal or take a dump in the morning before you head off to work. I do this with my iPhone 3GS all the time.

The iPad is never going to be a netbook or notebook replacement and Apple probably knows that. But at the same time they figured out that the hype machine for an Apple tablet had been going on in the press for over a year now and said "what the hell, lets do something about this" and it worked. They now have the technology to design faster mobile chips that they can customize and use to their advantage. They use some of their billions to buy two ARM chip design companies and the iPad has an Apple ARM custom chip. Nothing off-the-shelf. Good for them.

But again the online press made this easy for Apple. The speculation and hype for this product, even when it didn't even exist was ridiculous.

The iPad will sell well through the year especially into the Xmas buying season but they are not a laptop replacement. I just hope the consumers know that.

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Oh and...

"think that Jobs has gone mad. Really, frothing, twitching, round-the-bend, mad..."

I think he's become a grumpy old man, that's all. And the people around him are letting him get away with it.

Hell, my dad sits on his back porch and shoots birds with his 22 that he doesn't like. Other than that he a really nice guy. ;)

Alt rock diva's nude snap 'leaked' to tweetosphere

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Fried Eggs...

...Sunny side up.

Beer, because I give her a toast for trying, but that won't get me listening to her band.

The internet, as imagined in 1965

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Guy hairdoo?

You might like women who look like guys...

Death row inmate claims allergy to lethal injection

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Oh and by the way...

Here in the Cleveland, Ohio area, we had some guy trying to park downtown last week for a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game who tried to park in a handicapped space, and when confronted by the lot attendant he pulled a gun out of his car trunk and murdered the attendant.

A friggin' parking space is worth someone's life?

So should this guy just do life in prison? If you murder someone so you don't miss the first quarter of a basketball game, is life in prison justice?

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What is more cruel?

I'm from Ohio and the death penalty is arguably the best deterrent for persons contemplating killing another. I personally don't understand how someone casually decides to take another person's life, especially someone they don't know or hardly know, but the threat of having your own life taken away if you kill someone should cause some hesitance, maybe.

Life in prison seems like a free ride; Maybe you have to do some laundry or cooking, you can't go anywhere you like and you have to hang around with other prisoners who could be rough or homosexual, but that doesn't seem enough of a deterrent to me. Some murderers might like that sort of thing.

Plus the state has to pay for housing, feeding and health care for this person doing life. I think the Ohio estimate was $35,000 per year or better. Plus the repeal of the death penalty in Ohio in the 70's sent the crime rate way up.

Ohio has a Democrat, moderate liberal, albeit, religious Governor who agrees with the death penalty.

Ohio also has a museum with "Old Sparky" in it. Decommissioned in 1963, Old Sparky was at one time considered to be humanitarian. And there are a few reproduction of Old Sparky in various places in Ohio. So if the convicted rapist murderer is allergic to his lethal injection which will take 30 second or so, there are other options. ;)

A beer to Old Sparky.

Adobe man to Apple: 'Go screw yourself'

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CS2 on Mac Intel Hardware

CS2 was written/coded for OS X 10.4 on the G5 platform. It will NOT work properly on the Intel Macs because by that time CS3 had been released for over 6 months.

What do you want? Should Adobe go back and re-write CS2 applications after they had a newer native release already shipping? That' insane.

Adobe Photoshop celebrates big 2-0

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Bloated, overpriced.... Seriously?

If you don't use Photoshop for over ten hours a week in a situation that is actually generating you or your business an actual income, you probably shouldn't be using Photoshop. Use The Gimp or PaintShop Pro or even PhotoShop ESSENTIALS.

First, let's start with the fact that Photoshop CS1-4 are Adobe's progress at integrating it with the rest of the Creative Suite. If you aren't doing print/design, web development or commercial photo retouching (or fantasy montages), well then, you probably really don't need Photoshop Professional CS4.

I put in15+ hours per week of billable work in Photoshop a week. A lot of it is outlining objects, but that's to achieve effects and results a PS wanabee never could achieve or even attempt.

I love that the early user & developers were into the "Calculations" ability of the software. That is one of the single most useful aspect of the software still. First you have to know what a color channel is, then yo have to figure out how those channel interact. I can fine-tune an images colors by selectively enhancing or eliminating a color range that way. Read up, I don't want to bore you.

Okay, did I just go too far for you "bloatware", "overpriced" commentators who think that just having the software loaded on you PC somehow makes you an expert or if you took a few classes, but were overwhelmed, you have a right to put PS down.

Let's see. I work with PS CS3 right now 15 hours per week and we bill $150/hr. for my services to clients. At 48 work weeks that's $108,000 per year. Not bad for a $600 investment, plus my personal annual income.

Plus I keep my home licenses up-to-date and can justify the cost by work done late at night and on weekends to KEEP my job (and to be at home), plus the occasional freelance projects.

The software INVESTMENT pays for itself if you ACTUALLY use it to make money.. But then again, I'm also quite good at Illustrator and InDesign as well and you can't just use one without the other two, can you?

Finally, I find it funny how Photoshop runs so much better in Windows than it does on the Mac OS X. The NT kernel gave Adobe a better (Multi-core, multi-threaded,etc.) platform. Then Apple introduced OSX before A obe was ready to release it's unifying Creative Suite 1. That meant Adobe would have had to develop 2 versions of the software. Adobe just held off for a year to release OSX applications, and that's where the Adobe vs. Apple fued began.

So after 20 years we have the collapse of early graphics applications and companies. Fortunately Adobe so far keeps acting like a company that still has some sort of competition and sticks to new innovative releases every 18 months.