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London's Oyster card website still down after 12-hour outage


Re: "now I have to walk an hour to work"

I use the DLR and you can top up oyster cards at the machine, did you not know that?

BT fibre-to-the-cabinet rollout penetrates 73 more exchanges


I was in poplar down the road by the blackwall tunnel entrance, I could see telehouse from my front door, could still only get 13Mb! (Did think about knocking at telehouse and asking if I could run a gig cable down the road gutter!).

All those investment banks in canary wharf and yet no fast connections for residental properties next door!


Re: Anyone actually have Infinity

Yes, have bought a house recently I have BOTH BT Inifinity AND Virgin 50MB Cable,

even have them coming up of opposite corners out my home office!

BT Infinity work fine for me:

BT Infinity 37/40MB down, 8 up

Virgin 49.9/50 down only 4.5 up.

Waiting for Virgin to double me and upgrade me to 120Mb as well for the same price,

Quoted April-July, can't wait!

Lost 1967 spacecraft found crashed on the Moon



must be you then!

When is a database not so relational?


Scaling - better

So does Informix with Object relational abilities built in (including in the optimizer) since 1994. With MACH11 as well as Enterprise Replication and multiple HDR Servers you can have multiple nodes either local or remote or just replicate partial copies. Since IBM bought Informix,tried to kill it (thanks a lot Janet Perna) and failed to market it in case it beats DB2 though no one thinks it will survive hence fewer people choose the better technology.

BT reveals fibre-to-the-cabinet plans for 156 exchanges


RE: 20Mb/s

Wrong, www.bethere.co.uk - Up to 24 meg download!

Microsoft roasted for Office 2010 standards FAIL


RE: Non-standard

Sigh...another file convertor to tack on to the front of Open Office.

UK net 'more resilient' than other EU states



Sorry to hear you cannot get connected to Poplar, I have two Be broadband lines from my house in Poplar and a business class router that pings out and fails over if one goes down

(and this has failed over several times now).

It is still not resilient as the two lines from my house were cut last year and the BT engineer showed me that both lines were through the same thin cable which is in the same big yellow bundle under the pavement.

All broadband is BT lines apart from cable and whilst Virgin Media do cover Poplar they do not cover my house (available in your postcode region but not in your house!).

I do have a laptop with Vodaphone mobile broadband and in Poplar you should get the full 7.2Mbs connection.

Virgin to offer 100Mb/s broadband by year's end


Virgin Media need to expend where they cover!

Well I live just out the north end of the blackwall tunnel, i can see telehouse and practically canary wharf from my place and yet virgin have only just changed from "not in my postcode area" to

"in my postcode area" but not at my place, how annoying.

I have dual Bethere into a business class router with dual WAN fail-over ability. A while back a workman with a digger cut through both connections and as the repairer showed me BOTH cables are in the same same pencil size bundle. I would love to change my second connection to 50MB Virgin,true redundancy as I cannot get satellite broadband and everything else is the same BT line!


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