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FYI: BMW puts heated seats, other features behind paywall


Re: Copyright law

Shooting lawyers as a service .. SLAS , kind of catchy ain't it ?

Oracle seeks $1b savings, staff prepare for layoffs


Hell with them

If they treated their customers right instead of suing them all the time , they'd be ok.

no pity

Canadian ISP Rogers falls over for hours, takes out broadband, cable, cellphones


Time of writing

It's still down.

must have been something big. will be interresting to follow.

im not with rogers thank goodness but i can say yes .. interac transactions are also affected.

will be quite a lot of people abandoning them.

the outage is WAY too long for WAY too many people.

BOFH: Tech helps HR investigate the Boss's devices


moles ? o.0 ? LOL

"Yeah sure, and they shouldn't be using the company photocopiers to check on the progress of suspicious moles on their arses either – but we all do it."


"Not our OWN photocopiers obviously. No, I use the one up in Human Resources."


this is pure gold. Thanks Simon for the laughs :D :D :D

Microsoft readies Windows Autopatch to free admins from dealing with its fixes


Scared chicken lil i am .

Somehow automated updates and Microsoft in the same sentence scares the lights out of me.

Call me chicken. I mean .. what could possibly go wrong eh ? .. Have a great weekend.

Dear Europe, here again are the reasons why scanning devices for unlawful files is not going to fly


And then there's the law enforcement side.

They got a surveillance centre here in Canada , Quebec in particular where they track the images , the material , they know how has it , they know what's being exchanged they know this for not only local material but who it's exchanged with worldwide.

The net is there.

Asked why so few were ever arrested the answer was simple : they do not have enough resources to act but on a fraction of a percentage point

of all the known cases.

You can have all the tools you want , if there's noone to use them , use them to enforce the laws they are utterly useless.

Political pressure and changing governments may help but for today thousands are exchanging the material and exploiting children.

This has got to change.

Drone ship carrying yet more drones launches in China

Big Brother


Robots fighting robots .. Skynet anyone ?

Intel plans immersion lab to chill its power-hungry chips


Re: Mineral oil?

Using mineral oil for cooling computers , simply taking the whole mobo and cards and drown it in oil with a circulating pump is decades old. What i saw was a simple fishtank filled with it and pumps. Worked perfectly. Intel is not inventing anything here.

AMD approaches '30%' x86 CPU market share, thanks to servers 'n' laptops



Never had an AMD cpu fail .. nor chipset. Got old , yes .. but failed .. havent had one yet. so here's to reliability.

IBM's autonomous Mayflower ship breaks down in second transatlantic attempt


Re: That's twice.

Gives me an idea ..

Vladimir .. do i have a project for you .. nice yatch , totally autonomous , dosen't need a crew .. i tell you .. you will be impressed ..

< whistles innocently waving Vladimir bye bye on the docks >


Re: IBM in this case...

With the costs associated with top of the line super extra super dooper quality parts and engineering.


Re: That's twice.

Navigation is the easy part really. To keep the boat afloat and running is the hard bit.

Generator , engines , pumps , hull .. there's a variety of problems and challenges every trip.

Good preparation and maintenance is one , but since anything that can go wrong will go wrong at sea it seems evident there's need to keep a crew on every ship. Well .. if you want the ship to reach destination that is. If you don't care .. that's another matter.

Judge agrees damages model in Oracle cloud class-action


Threats a business model ?

Seems everytime i read something about Oracle it's always about them threatening x , y or z with lawsuits ..

Why do people want to make business with them ?

They like lawsuits and audits ? ..


Switch off the mic if it makes you feel better – it'll make no difference


Re: men's room with no mute

Lavaliers with transmitter packs have caused more embarassment than you may think. Not to mention that if you simply mute at the board one can still listen in on the input monitoring .. so .. yeah .. any mics is to be considered an open mic. That's my rule number one.

Airbnb will let staff work from anywhere without a pay cut


Utterly stupid.

Someone that works from home dosen't cost office square footage for the employer.

With the price of real estate .. i'd have thought they'd be glad to offload rent agreements and sell buildings.

Asking som4eone to accept less when they cost less is utterly stupid.

Oh well


Re: Where's Lex Luthor when we need him?

Wasn't that Zorin in the " a view to a kill " James Bond movie ?

Insteon's vanishing act explained: Smart home biz insolvent, sells off assets


Established brands.

If you absolutely want home automation and cams and controlling the home from the phone , lights , shades , whatever .. you can always go to the well established vendors like Crestron and AMX which have been in business for decades. I don't know how many systems i installed / programmed and the companies are reliable . You can do anything you want , go cheap if you want , but in the long run it pays to get good grade material from well established vendors. Gadgets will remain gadgets .. but real control systems are established technology and will give you decades of service. Buy a good one so you don't have to buy over and over again. I'm no longer in the business , im retired , so i got nothing to sell .. just good advice from an experienced man :)

Enemybot botnet uses Gafgyt source code with a sprinkling of Mirai


Trashing mining

They can trash the whole cryptomining kitten and kaboodle and i won't shed a single tear .. au contraire .. i see this as something to look forward to.

Buying a USB adapter: Pennies. Knowing where to stick it: Priceless


Re: Seems ok

Enters the real world. Time to go there , tools , equipment , transport to and back .. i mean those things ain't free. The guy had a good deal and he should never have even remotely criticised the agreed price.

Russia (still) trying to weaponize Facebook for spying, Ukraine-war disinfo


Pull the plug , Scotty.

Why the heck does Russia and Belarus still have a connection to the internet ? Is there a shortage of firemen axes to chop cables and c-4 to blow their installations up ? The more isolated they are and off the grid the better it is. Just pull the plug , Scotty.

Microsoft accused of spending millions on bribes to seal business deals


Re: Illegal Bribes?

Of course .. That's how Republicans get their campaigns financed in the USA


Re: If I'm Not Mistaken

Microsoft will simply hand a large brown envelope to that person and settle the matter efficiently with said plaintiff. Squeaky wheel gets the grease and everyone moves on happy.

Russia's Mir space station returned to Earth 21 years ago

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How experimental was Microsoft's 'experimental banner' in File Explorer?


Re: Usual answer

Linux mint ( mate edition ) on a usb key installed everywhere i tried.

Driver in Uber's self-driving car death goes on trial, says she feels 'betrayed'


Self driving ?

Any vehicle manufacturer that claims self / autonomous driving abilities is clearly defrauding.

None of them can be trusted. All require a pilot. So what good are they ? Ill take the wheel..

China: Attacks from US IP addresses hit us, moved on to Russia and Ukraine

Paris Hilton

Tiny whiney ..

36G/s is ridiculously small. I don't know why they even would talk about it. Just whining i guess.

AMD confirms Ryzen chips' stuttering performance on Windows 10, 11


Re: Yuck. : a real paper

to those who'd like to understand :

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/216505807_Low-Latency_Audio_on_Linux_by_Means_of_Real-Time_Scheduling I use this in my studio setup. It makes all the difference on the planet. Main computer audio workstation is a Ryzen .

Russia mulls making software piracy legal and patent licensing compulsory


Time to cut off all access

Like Kirk said one day to Scotty " Pull the plug , Scotty "

They want to mess with the internet ? ok .. let's cut off all their accesses to the net and telephone cables.

All that is one inch outside their territory gets cut with chainsaws. No more MrNiceGuy ( TM ) , time to take the gloves off.

Hit the cables , destroy satellites , turn the keys , whatever it takes. And i don't mean wait and see and wait a bit more , hesitate , reconsider then wait .. i mean they should be cut-off now. Every minute we play nice to them , they stab us in the back. They do not deserve to be anywhere near the internet.

Cut the snake's head.

Amazon Alexa can be hijacked via commands from own speaker


Re: Only one valid command

A handy hammer could accelerate the process considerably ..

Ukraine asks ICANN to delete all Russian domains


Totally for it.

Whatever helps to wipe Russia as a whole off the map im ok with. If that makes it tougher on them , for any reason , go ahead and don't spare any of them. If the people of Russia suffer , let them take this to their government. As far as i'm concerned Russia can disappear and im fine with it.


Misinformed delusion

You are completely off the mark you buffoon. The USA ( check the Washington Post .. ( FOX not being a news outlet that has shown ANY credibility but a relay for Russian propaganda and right wing extremism )) is behind Biden and the world condemning and acting to make Russia pay for their agression. Trump is considered a traitor and a tool of the soviets.

Tonga's submarine cable reconnects to the world


The Future events ?

We certainly don't hoipe more volcanoes in the area will explode in such a fashion. That was a catastrophe that's once in a millenia.

Intel reveals GPU roadmap with hybrid integrated discrete graphics


Hands ?

With his hands like that and his look .. he looks like Mr Burns :D

Facebook is one bad Chrome extension away from another Cambridge Analytica scandal


Chrome .. need we say more ?

Chrome is ground up to violate ones privacy and rape as much data as it can for the benefit of Google. Is it any surprise that all of a sudden the whole swiss cheese leaks all over the place ? Think about it. Chrome is engineered ground up not to respect privacy but rake data to it's servers. So using chrome is kind of silly if you want your privacy. In fact , i don't trust a single browser to respect my data and my privacy on the internet. Everything downwind is to be expected and if it blows up in the user's faces and in the company's servers , put the finger where it hurts : Google. If anyone's responsible for the mess it's them. They allow by design the rape of as much data as can be done. Damn the users.

Expect sales reps' calls if IT wants to ditch Oracle


More dirty tricks ..

Watch it .. if you suggest dropping us we're going to call your boss .. We're going to call the big wigs .. threats that will certainly work for some .. but the more it's known tactics the less effective they will become. Oracle is a bad company to do business with period. How low. I hope noone falls for it.

Polly wants a snapper? Parrot swipes GoPro for sweet views of New Zealand's Fiordland


Never forget Sciroco ..

The birds in NZ are extraordinary.

Amongst them Sciroco the Kakapo .. almost national bird .. again a ground parrot.

NZ has treasures for which there is no equal on earth.

The preservation of those bird species Kea, Kakapo and all others are an endeavor that NZ's can be proud of.

Bravo to the bird .. what a clown :D

Grab some tissues: Meta's share price tanks after Facebook emits latest figures


Nice, but that now ?

As long as there's no competing service there's a hole. What replaces FB , even a pay for site , that allows the flexibility without the spying ?

I'm ready to go.. but what then ? .. Got tons of people i know in the area and i use that to communicate with ( messenger ) them. ICQ is out the door a long time ago .. IRC ? well that flew out the window except for tech support. I don't know .. give me an alternative and ill gladly jump ship.

European watchdog: All data collected about users via ad-consent popup system must be deleted


Re: Just a thought...

In the words of Fila Brazillia during an old show .. " if you're in advertisingt or marketing .. kill yourself " you are the runier of all things good ,kill yourself .. you are fu**** and you're fu***** us , kill yourself , it's the only way to save your fu***** soul " One of their early albums over 20 years ago. Still sounds right today. lol

Chromebook sales in recession: Market saturation blamed as shipments collapse more than 63% in Q4


Doing it reverse ?

Dunno about you guys but instead of looking at a model / price im looking at specs. Make up a list of needs , and tasks , then check components that allow those tasks be done and make it happen. Price is not the driver. Real need/job is first.

Buying a machine because of cost is out the door for a long time. Never failed to do it's job. I get what i need and not a price point.

Second .. whenever something says Google on it , i see a data gathering device for Google. The computer and what it actually does is totally obscured by the fact that everything that will be done will be recorded / analysed / chopped and diced by Google.

Third is confidence in the manufacturers. When Google is concerned/involved my first thought is not if the machine is spiked full of backdoors , but how many of them have been planted there for the convenience of authorities and their convenience.

Chromebooks have always smelled bad in many regards. To me , i don't think i could have ANY confidence in them.

I look the other way , they simply do not exist.

In the end it's not simply a matter of trust , or money.. it's also a matter of gear that does the job well.

Linux distros haunted by Polkit-geist for 12+ years: Bug grants root access to any user


Oook :)

Before i read about it here i already had a libpolkit update applied. didnt know why it was there .. just glad to see the patch was already done before i read about it. :D As far as fixing problems is .. that's one for the team cheers

Linux Mint 20.3 appears – now with more Mozilla flavor: Why this distro switched Firefox defaults back to Google

Thumb Up

Mint ? it's ok d00d :)

Been on mint and recently the upgrade to the latest version is smooth as slik .

I got nothing to complain about , i got 3 recent machines with AMD processors , various GPU's and all works fine.

Plugged a USB wifi key .. it just worked. I mean .. there's nothing that i can say goes wrong and i do all the work i need those machines to do.

There's not much use case for me for windows. All i need is a solid distro and Mint is it for me.

Good day.


Re: Mint for me

Zorin is evil .. upon activation Silicon valley and everything west of the San Andreas fault will slip in the ocean ! .. DON"T PRESS THAT " OK " BUTTON :D .. or press it .. depends on your mood towards Silicon Valley :D

US Senator Marco Rubio calls Intel cowards for scrubbing remarks about Xinjiang and apologizing to China


A rare occasion

where i totally back a republican's words or declarations. This is a true issue with China. Reeducation camps , internment , slave labor is all in the mix for those people. The only way we have to protest is pull out business and pull out IP from over there. With Hong Kong and Taiwan in the mix , we got a boiling kettle and we got to do something. Stopping to buy goods from China and sending them the production we got to face a hard decision : let's bring back jobs and plants here even if we do have to pay a bit more for our goods. In other words , stopping money going to China and voicing concerns openly and criticising the regime is the way to go. The more they provoke , the harsher the response. China is not our ally .. it is the enemy and pariah of the world. Time the governments anc companies face up to this fact and start acting accordingly. Bit of a backbone helps us .. not them ..

BOFH: The vengeance bus is coming, and everybody's jumping. An Xmas bonus hits me…


Less popular than yoko ?

Err dunno about you .. but for me that's bottom scrapes of the barrel .. should listen to her rendition of 21th century schizoid man that's .. horrible .. :D

If your less popular than that .. consider euthanasia :D

Thanks for the laughs .. Merry Christmas everyone.

Intel ‘regrets’ offending China with letter telling suppliers to avoid Xinjiang


The only alternative atm.

Only alternative is an all out confrontation with China. That means military machines and millions of lives lost .. not to mention the fact that the outcome is far from certain for either side. Diplomacy done nothing and will keep doing nothing. The only possible way to fight them is cutting them off from all supplies , monies and total embargo on their products. Isolating tyhem completely is the only way to go. So .. War or embargo ? Cause we know diplomatic solutions do not exist. They can pretend but in the end it's their way or the highway , perhaps it's time to take the highway and leave china behind.

Belgian defence ministry admits attackers accessed its computer network by exploiting Log4j vulnerability

Big Brother

Old school.

That " do one thing , do it well " is a long forgotten base of how we done things in the past. Every piece of software now wants to take over the universe , and the universe + cat takes over said software. Sad but everyday people are not computer litterate. they can use but do not understand what goes on under the hood. If they really knew , or cared , they wouldn't be using Microsoft .. or Google Chrome , or Apple .. in fact they would be scared sh**less of computers.

Intel's mystery Linux muckabout is a dangerous ploy at a dangerous time


Re: For when reinventing the wheel is neither necessary nor possible

You should have been a lawyer or a politician .. upvoted because i didn't understand pants about what you meant .. Vote a manfromMars 1 for president :D

Aircraft can't land safely due to interference with upcoming 5G C-band broadband service


Re: WTAF? Turn the tables.

I see that allowing 5g to come to existence when the airplanes been using the band for a long time is simply irresponsible. Another example of profit over safety. Shut the 5g and the problem goes away. It's just freaking phones and gadgets , not human lives.

NixOS and the changing face of Linux operating systems



Reinstalling bit is total utter garbage nonsense and idiotic. Please don't comment further , you're only humiliating yourself and showing your ignorance.

Government-favoured child safety app warned it could violate the UK's Investigatory Powers Act with message-scanning tech


not what it seems

The real problem is not what it seems. it's about education. it's about being responsible adults that educate the kids. Surprised ?

If you snoop .. you snoop .. email or listening on the telephone or anything else , snooping is snooping. stop it.

If you educate your kids , teach them how to say " hey .. dad .. something's not right .. " hey mom .. i got an invite , can you check it for me ?

and teach him to rely on your judgment when something is odd to them well you done your job.

You got to build trust between you and your kid.

Snooping just shows you don't trust the kid.

Teach , be a parent and all this is useless and you will have given the kids the tools they need to get by in life.

Really .. snooping in " parental controls " is just for parents who don't do their jobs of educating their kids.

Period. Discussion closed.



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