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Google Bard can now tap into your Gmail, Docs, more


Call 911

Even though the bot – the web giant's answer to OpenAI's ChatGPT – can scan your personal information, Google said this info won't be used to train its models or to target advertisements.

lolololol of course Google .. pkease call 911 , i'm dying laughing.

Probe reveals previously secret Israeli spyware that infects targets via ads



It's becoming fast a fascist state. So for one , the USA,.

They have been supporting apartheid and the treatment of Palestinians under Israel's boots

Plus they send them money for weapons to use against the Palestinians.

Take both countries out when it comes to the " free world " and " democracies " lists.

Bombshell biography: Fearing nuclear war, Musk blocked Starlink to stymie Ukraine attack on Russia


Re: What this tells us about about Elon...

And not good news for any company.

Word got out of his actions in this situation and the company will probably at some point in the near future change owner or close.

Noone can trust Musk in any way now.

Certainly even less his internet access ..


No business

In this world interrupting a military operation like he did is a no no.

traitors like Musk should be shot at dawn and that's it.

Need a decent dining spot in Ottawa? Microsoft suggested a food bank


I hate to say this ..

But i been to ottawa a hell of a lot and i am yet to find a real good restaurant ..

Food bank at times seems a valid alternative.

Ottawa is no place to send / recommend to anyone unless you truly are out for revenge ..

Or a sadist .. whatever :)

Google 'wiretapped' tax websites with visitor traffic trackers, lawsuit claims

Black Helicopters

Hopefully you knew better ..

If Google has it so does the American government.

Google is a nice front gives it legitimacy.

Hold the Moon – NASA's buildings are crumbling amid 200-year upgrade cycles


What you expect ?

Republicons are in congress .. of course eerything that's food and usefull will suffer.

They wanty to defund the FBI the CIA , the Department of justice so on so forth.

As long as they're in the house the only way for America is down.

YouTube accused of aiming ads at kids after promising it wouldn't do that


Always the same

" without merit "

Of course ..

Fess up , admit to it and this will soon be over .. but that's asking you to be adults.


Internet Archive sued by record labels as battle with book publishers intensifies


Re: "artists such as Frank Sinatra .." etc

Won't get into politics i assure you but in the USA at the moment good common sense is out the door.

They do not want to build at the moment , they want to destroy and go back in time, even basic human rights are thrown under the bus.

What happens with 78's ( which are worthless ) is simply just one niore cheap way to destroy an important work and site.

Destroy , destroy .. that's all the goddamn record labels and lawyers are ever good for.

Find me something good they done in the last .. 50 years .. just one ..

I am waiting .. well ? .. i thought so ..

Oracle, SUSE and others caught up in RHEL drama hit back with OpenELA


Take down

The only explanation is Oracle and friends are going to take down and take out RHEE completely.

Redhat opened a door and these folks are simply going to clean and wipe them out.

Want to pwn a satellite? Turns out it's surprisingly easy


already done

Diamonds are forever. Also Golden Eye.


US Supreme Court allows 'ghost guns' to fall under federal purview


Re: "suspected ghost guns"

Can also be a piece of small dimension steel pipe available everywhere in hardware stores.

There's a common size that fits a 22 cal bullet perfectly.


US Problem .. for now.

the fascination for guns in America is an illness.

it's everywhere .. the more they remove from the streets the better off they are.

An untraceable weapon's only use is murder or crime. ban them and jail for life whoever uses one on that particular count.

Social media is too much for most of us to handle


Showstopper for me.

What made me pull the plug ages ago was going through the pile and oh surprise .. the video of the beheading of an american.

Was a long time ago if you remember the incident.

With such images stuck for weeks in my head i stopped to follow anything on the net.

I come here .. few other good adresses , but following " social media " ? got to be kidding me,

we're all better off without that garbage.

After Meta hands over DMs, mom pleads guilty to giving daughter abortion pills



We all got to admit that Meta / facebook and al are the poison of civil liberties.

Hopefully they will all go down in history as a major failed experiment and close down.

Oracle pours fuel all over Red Hat source code drama


takes one ..

Big Blue is just a gold digger

well .. takes one to know one hey Oracle ?

Google says public data is fair game for training its AIs


for free ?

Think it's time for a humongous lawsuit that will have them pay us for our data.

They make money out of it .. so should we.

Gentlemen get your checkbooks out.

US Air Force tests its first fully functional hypersonic missile


Yes, all nice but ..

can it rid us of all the shady characters in one single shot ? Putin , Musk and Twitter .. Trudeau .. Johnson :D

Willing to press the button if you need any assistance ..

So long suckers .. < KABOOM >


Creator of spec for melting RTX 4090 cables urges Nvidia, others to 'ensure user safety'


Sure blame users ..

instead of biaming users, saying something like " oh ain't foolproof eh ? let's redo this .. " is way more productive and confidence inspiring.

Musk: Twitter will have 1 billion monthly users inside 18 months


Some people ..

there's people i wouldn't do business with and he's one of them. twitter ? no thanks .. ill pass.. leaves a s***** aftertaste.

may they go down in flames.

Mars rover Curiosity reaches sulfate-rich Mount Sharp after 10-year journey

Thumb Up


The photo of the surroundings showing layer after layer .. what a find.

Would love to be there and take a closer look at it.

Beautifull science in action.

Red Hat says staff can stay away from the office forever


Keep it simple.

No office = no rent = more profit.

Simple ain't it ?

Got nothing to do with convenience to the employees.

Software fees to make up 10% of John Deere's revenues by 2030



Best way to go about them is to simply not buy their products.

End of life what you got and change supplier's the way to go.

Ad blockers struggle under Chrome's new rules


I have used FF for ... at least 10 years .. on linux. I do not see how it limits me as a user.

I do not see how this is less usable . Im on 104.0.2 latest on LinuxMint 21 Vanessa.

Please do tell .. i am really curious. Cheers :)

US warns cryptominers must cut power use to avoid busting US carbon goals


Yeah right ..

Like they give a flying monkey's behind. They're making money and don't give a hoot.

The only thing on their minds is making cash.

Google CEO Pichai: We need to up productivity by a fifth


Pointless exec press conferences.

Add to the list executives and top brass who take time off work to hold speeches and press conferences ..

Get back to your office Pichai , shut up and work >.<

Underwater datacenter will open for business this year



heat is heat , the planet's a closed system. heating the oceans is no better and perhaps nastier than heating the air. remember that the sea harbors all kinds of life , mammals , fish etc and they're relying on normal water temperatures ( regional ) to survive. Heating it is not a good idea.


Re: How do you keep the looters away?

looters ? how about a guy with a good old drill ?

The CHIPS Act won't end US reliance on foreign foundries


Re: not going to help the automakers

take it one step further .. why do we need those old tech parts ?

because the auto mfg's want to keep an old design and not go through the process of redesigning their products. this is a self inflicted wound. they CAN do it but won't . That is what you get when decisions are made behind an accountant's desk and not an engineer's desk.

I have 0 pity for the car mfg's at all. Adapt and evolve or die. Their choice.

FYI: BMW puts heated seats, other features behind paywall


Re: Copyright law

Shooting lawyers as a service .. SLAS , kind of catchy ain't it ?

Oracle seeks $1b savings, staff prepare for layoffs


Hell with them

If they treated their customers right instead of suing them all the time , they'd be ok.

no pity

Canadian ISP Rogers falls over for hours, takes out broadband, cable, cellphones


Time of writing

It's still down.

must have been something big. will be interresting to follow.

im not with rogers thank goodness but i can say yes .. interac transactions are also affected.

will be quite a lot of people abandoning them.

the outage is WAY too long for WAY too many people.

BOFH: Tech helps HR investigate the Boss's devices


moles ? o.0 ? LOL

"Yeah sure, and they shouldn't be using the company photocopiers to check on the progress of suspicious moles on their arses either – but we all do it."


"Not our OWN photocopiers obviously. No, I use the one up in Human Resources."


this is pure gold. Thanks Simon for the laughs :D :D :D

Microsoft readies Windows Autopatch to free admins from dealing with its fixes


Scared chicken lil i am .

Somehow automated updates and Microsoft in the same sentence scares the lights out of me.

Call me chicken. I mean .. what could possibly go wrong eh ? .. Have a great weekend.

Dear Europe, here again are the reasons why scanning devices for unlawful files is not going to fly


And then there's the law enforcement side.

They got a surveillance centre here in Canada , Quebec in particular where they track the images , the material , they know how has it , they know what's being exchanged they know this for not only local material but who it's exchanged with worldwide.

The net is there.

Asked why so few were ever arrested the answer was simple : they do not have enough resources to act but on a fraction of a percentage point

of all the known cases.

You can have all the tools you want , if there's noone to use them , use them to enforce the laws they are utterly useless.

Political pressure and changing governments may help but for today thousands are exchanging the material and exploiting children.

This has got to change.

Drone ship carrying yet more drones launches in China

Big Brother


Robots fighting robots .. Skynet anyone ?

Intel plans immersion lab to chill its power-hungry chips


Re: Mineral oil?

Using mineral oil for cooling computers , simply taking the whole mobo and cards and drown it in oil with a circulating pump is decades old. What i saw was a simple fishtank filled with it and pumps. Worked perfectly. Intel is not inventing anything here.

AMD approaches '30%' x86 CPU market share, thanks to servers 'n' laptops



Never had an AMD cpu fail .. nor chipset. Got old , yes .. but failed .. havent had one yet. so here's to reliability.

IBM's autonomous Mayflower ship breaks down in second transatlantic attempt


Re: That's twice.

Gives me an idea ..

Vladimir .. do i have a project for you .. nice yatch , totally autonomous , dosen't need a crew .. i tell you .. you will be impressed ..

< whistles innocently waving Vladimir bye bye on the docks >


Re: IBM in this case...

With the costs associated with top of the line super extra super dooper quality parts and engineering.


Re: That's twice.

Navigation is the easy part really. To keep the boat afloat and running is the hard bit.

Generator , engines , pumps , hull .. there's a variety of problems and challenges every trip.

Good preparation and maintenance is one , but since anything that can go wrong will go wrong at sea it seems evident there's need to keep a crew on every ship. Well .. if you want the ship to reach destination that is. If you don't care .. that's another matter.

Judge agrees damages model in Oracle cloud class-action


Threats a business model ?

Seems everytime i read something about Oracle it's always about them threatening x , y or z with lawsuits ..

Why do people want to make business with them ?

They like lawsuits and audits ? ..


Switch off the mic if it makes you feel better – it'll make no difference


Re: men's room with no mute

Lavaliers with transmitter packs have caused more embarassment than you may think. Not to mention that if you simply mute at the board one can still listen in on the input monitoring .. so .. yeah .. any mics is to be considered an open mic. That's my rule number one.

Airbnb will let staff work from anywhere without a pay cut


Utterly stupid.

Someone that works from home dosen't cost office square footage for the employer.

With the price of real estate .. i'd have thought they'd be glad to offload rent agreements and sell buildings.

Asking som4eone to accept less when they cost less is utterly stupid.

Oh well


Re: Where's Lex Luthor when we need him?

Wasn't that Zorin in the " a view to a kill " James Bond movie ?

Insteon's vanishing act explained: Smart home biz insolvent, sells off assets


Established brands.

If you absolutely want home automation and cams and controlling the home from the phone , lights , shades , whatever .. you can always go to the well established vendors like Crestron and AMX which have been in business for decades. I don't know how many systems i installed / programmed and the companies are reliable . You can do anything you want , go cheap if you want , but in the long run it pays to get good grade material from well established vendors. Gadgets will remain gadgets .. but real control systems are established technology and will give you decades of service. Buy a good one so you don't have to buy over and over again. I'm no longer in the business , im retired , so i got nothing to sell .. just good advice from an experienced man :)

Enemybot botnet uses Gafgyt source code with a sprinkling of Mirai


Trashing mining

They can trash the whole cryptomining kitten and kaboodle and i won't shed a single tear .. au contraire .. i see this as something to look forward to.

Buying a USB adapter: Pennies. Knowing where to stick it: Priceless


Re: Seems ok

Enters the real world. Time to go there , tools , equipment , transport to and back .. i mean those things ain't free. The guy had a good deal and he should never have even remotely criticised the agreed price.

Russia (still) trying to weaponize Facebook for spying, Ukraine-war disinfo


Pull the plug , Scotty.

Why the heck does Russia and Belarus still have a connection to the internet ? Is there a shortage of firemen axes to chop cables and c-4 to blow their installations up ? The more isolated they are and off the grid the better it is. Just pull the plug , Scotty.

Microsoft accused of spending millions on bribes to seal business deals


Re: Illegal Bribes?

Of course .. That's how Republicans get their campaigns financed in the USA