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Review: Western Digital Sentinel DX4000

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Re: £1580 ?!?!

I just popped for the MicroServer myself and while I was happy tinkering about with FreeNAS, Open Media Vault and Ubuntu server looking to choose the best option I can totally see why my father-in-law opted for a pre-configured system where somebody else has done most of the hard work. The skills that we IT experts have are valuable ones and it seems only fair that the non-techies have to pay to get something easy to use.

Darksiders II

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I hate to be the one who jumps in just to moan about the lack of proof-reading but the sheer number of mistakes in this article have forced my hand. Love the review, great pictures and opinions but sometimes the prose was almost unreadable due to the repeated words and other basic grammatical errors.

A pint a day keeps the doctor away - scientific FACT

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Guinness is good for you!

Time to re-instate the classic advertising slogan?

Ofcom to finally yank sat broadband biz off the air

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Or people who live in remote areas where getting copper cables to them would be either prohibitively expensive or impossible.

Facebook accused of violating US wiretap law

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She has sued.

That was the entire point of the article.

Google mystery server rooted in Apache

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Open Source

But if they built it on top of Apache then don't they have to release their modified source code?

iPhone upgrades - a one-way control-freak street

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AnPhone or iDroid?

I was just this morning grapling with the tricky question of whether to move into iPhone or Android territory for my first purchase of a smartphone. My current contract is about to expire and I'm looking forward to making the leap to the next generation however which way to jump has been a difficult decision.

I love my iMac at home and really enjoy the way "things just work" compared to my experiences of trying to get Ubuntu installed on a second partition on my hard drive. But Apple's draconian and autocratic attitude really offends me and I'm now proud to say that I'm looking forward to a shiny new Andoid OS when I make the jump.

Yank objects to Reg cherry-popping headline

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Kelly worked at Hooters?

Kinda obvious, but someone has to say it:

Pics or it didn't happen.

Large Hadron Collider scuttled by birdy baguette-bomber

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Gordon Freeman at the LHC


Actually Gordon Freeman does work at the LHC as previously noted on El Reg comments:


Brooke Shields pic exposes real/online rift

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Double Standards

So if the law states that mere possession of the electronic version of the picture is an offence then how can possession of a physical representation not carry the same weight of the law? The police visited the Tate and advised them not to display the picture. They did not, apparently, advice them to destroy the image or confiscate it.

Fancy a nuclear power station in your backyard?

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Why we have cooling towers

You can read thia article on Wikipedia to learn why we need cooling towers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_engine

Basically you can only get electricity out of a pwoer station by having two different temperatures and the greater the difference the more efficient your power generation will be. You have some sort of heat source, be it coal, gas or nuclear and you need a "cool source" as well which is provided by water circulated through the cooling towers.