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MacBook Pro petition begs Apple for total recall of krap keyboards


I would highly recommend the repair route: it is highly cost effective to keep something you originally spent a lot of money on, going and lets face it - even older tech is still powerful enough to web browse and do a lot of office and photoshop level stuff. One thing Apple is great for is the second hand parts market: the machine I have is really just a long list of separates: I could build a complete new Mac from old parts scavenged online, so if something breaks on your own machine - just swap it out. In addition - the satisfaction of maintaining your own gear is a really underestimated, and satisfying bonus : )


I'm typing this on a mid-2012 13" MBP, and really don't see myself upgrading this for a >really< long time. This machine I think is amongst the last of the properly upgradable and repairable Macs. In the 6 years I have had this, I replaced the HD with an Evo 840 1TB, upped the RAM to 16 Corsair Vengance DIMMS, and had recently replaced the trackpad - I dropped a front it : ( - and replaced the keyboard, backlight and clutch cover. The machine as as fast AF, and looks in great nick. Getting these parts was done on the cheap via Ebay (I'm Scottish), so I have really no reason to go for Apple's newer stuff. This disinterest is relatively new to me as I have been using and following Apples offerings since the mid 80's. I see Apple nowadays as more of a commodity shifter, rather than a computer company. One does not exclude the other, but the focus has changed from what I knew. I miss the new announcements: older tech was replaced with weird new cool stuff to everyones benefit (floppy disks out: USB in was a particular point for me). These days I think are gone as we don't have someone a bit mental at the helm (Jobs obviously), so I think Apple are chuntering on safely, but on the back of past achievements, and past philosophies to a lesser degree. I understand most folk don't take their computers apart to repair and upgrade, so I see why Apple chooses the route they are on to pay their rent, as it were - but I do miss Apple Computers, and have a bit less fondness for Apple Inc.

New XSS vuln hits eBay as rubbish passw0rds persist


20 char limit?

That's weird - when I changed my eBay password last week after the snafu, I used the password generator in 1Password to produce a 50 char alpha-numeric and non-pronouncable string that was accepted without fuss. I see from the articles screen grab that indeed 20 characters is a no-no.

Look, pal, it’s YOUR password so it’s YOUR fault that it's gone AWOL


Re: Password huh...

I found out about the eBay leak from the Beeb, and changed my password to something new and horrible when I got home. A week letter (yesterday), I get an email from eBay saying they'd been hacked and I should change my password. This wasn't another, newer hack, but the original one - the one the media had been having a field day over, with eBay keeping firmly schtum throughout. I'd like to say better late than never, but I think that would be a load of balls....

EE: Of course we're going to get 1m 4G users by the end of the year!


Let's not get carried away here...

"3 then promptly performed a reverse ferret, and changed its tariff structure to go after budget punters. It became a value brand, after it launched its pre-pay offerings in January 2004. A year after launch it claimed its 1m target had been reached.

Both 3G and 4G also had coverage problems - 3 still only had covered 70 per cent of the UK in 3G nine months on from launch."

Looking at Ofcom's coverage maps for last year, I am confused by this 70% 3G coverage in 2003/4. Up here in Scotland, the Central belt where I live has very patch 3G reception, here in 2013 - a decade after the period quoted. There are many, many places where GPRS is the only option, and now we are talking up 4G from EE. I'd much rather we got consistant 3G before getting all excited about 4. I'll not even start over the caps for the latter...

Lancashire man JAILED over April Jones Facebook posts


I'm going to sound like an old fart here, but with freedoms come responsibilities; he's got the first bit, but the second part died on its arse...

Apple sells world's most expensive flash drive


As a helpless Apple Fanboi.....

...you can bet your arse I'll not be shelling out for this rip off...

(Lion kinda sorta fell off the internet and landed on my hard drive while I was hoovering anyways..)

Alan Sugar's 'cockup braindead in call centre clueless' BT row


Check list

You can guarantee that expecting better service by 'explaining who i was' would land him being subjected to >every< point on my little BT problem checklist, right down to polishing the contacts on the microfilter.

Apple signals disk free notebooks way to go

Thumb Down

'Tactile Enjoyment.."

Sure you're not thinking of vinyl? I love my record collection - from the cover art, the slight crackle of the needle when you put one on - and the fact you had to hunt for the good ones. However, CD's and DVD are just an accident waiting to happen in terms of data security (CRC errors anyone..). I have no fondness for spinney media of any sort, including hard drives (and blue ray is a BIG accident waiting to happen..). I just can't afford SSDs at the mo, so it'll be hard drives for a wee bit yet. Chips for the win!


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