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Voyager goes off a (helio) cliff

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Voyager has been out there screwing around for 35 years and hasn't found one alien civilization. What a joke. I want the nearly $1000 the project cost us plus the $75 they spent on that stupid gold record. What were they thinking sending a record into space? It makes us look like a bunch of waiting-to-be enslaved, pre-iPod cavemen. As soon as that lazy little probe gets it act together, aliens will be headed our way to rape our animals and eat our women- using that gold record like a freaking menu. Probably wearing Sony Walkmen listening to 80s music. Great. Thanks, NASA. Oh yeah, and unlike the drones we send into hostile environments on Earth, Voyager is UNARMED. We are doomed. Unless these aliens underestimate our capabilities based upon that record. Then we will enslave THEM with HD TV and hybrid cars. Maybe the NASA boys (and that one girl is name Dale who looks like a dude) are actually brilliant.

Private billion buck HPC player? You're going to have to go public - and SOON

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Re: No need

...and about the only thing that could make a ball roll down a hill is gravity.

DDN will go public, or they will go out of business/get acquired.

DDN will not become the next In-n-Out.

Dell's having a fiddle with Violin Memory - but will it flash the cash?

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Dell needs Nimble, not Violin. Who in their right mind believes that Dell will be successful selling a product targeted at the high end of the market? Dell has a dismal record when it comes to storage acquisitions. Look up ConvergeNet. $340 million in 1999 for NOTHING.

This is should be encouraging to the two principals at Violin. For them, this would be a big win. For everyone else, not so much.

Virident gives server flash vendors the fear with 'sharing tool'

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Write mirroring smoke and mirrors?

Mirror writes how? Over Ethernet? What is the high speed interconnect that allows for writes to be mirrored BEFORE they are acknowledged to the host- which is the only way to maintain consistency?

And to want end? HA is fine, but show me Oracle RAC running on nodes chock full of PCIe Flash.

Dell and pals pop $51m into all-flash array upstart's wallet

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Only $51 million?

"Fluid Data Storage Fund" sounds "leaky". Do venture guys get bonuses for spending money?

EMC flash man: PCM will save us from the Incredible Shrinking NAND

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Huh, Chris?

"EMC's flash exec expects Phase Change Memory - one of the possible non-volatile successors to flash - to appear in storage architectures from next year."

This seems to imply that he is hinting at an EMC product roadmap.

He says he expects investment in PCM technology next year.


PCM in EMC storage arrays in 2013? He didn't say that.

Pure pushes flash stash, mocks spinning disk with YouTube gag

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Too bad EMC wasn't looking for the *funniest* deduping flash array

Apparently XtremIO was picked up for some other reason. Oh yeah... because of Netapp.


Did EMC buy Xtremio to fend off NetApp

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This ain't about Netapp

The real story here is that the best educated, most well heeled potential buyer of flash start-ups just picked it's date to the prom. How that affects the rest of this cast of characters remains to be seen. Apparently the experts evaluating these companies didn't give a lot of weight to how bright your sign might be, or how close to the 101 freeway you put your HQ. Lot's of private investors seem to think that those are important factors to consider.

So, will private equity and VC dollars keep showering down upon anyone with a box of flash? Does this make the leftovers more valuable? Like the last drunk girl leaning against the bar at 2:01 AM?

All we need now is a billion dollars in "green subsidies" for a couple of these companies. Then we have a good movie script.

This is going to be interesting.

Google's self-driving car snags first-ever license in Nevada

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I'll wait for Apple to invent it

Then I will get one of these iCars.

We were right: EMC's VSPEX will take on FlexPods

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Re: IBM's PureSystems propose more flexibility and openes

VSPEX is not the same as VBlock.

Unlike the FlexPod or a VBlock, there is not a requirement that Cisco be part of a VSPEX solution. If Brocade is your strategic partner, then use them for the networking. Pick your server vendor.

VSPEX is not the same as VBlock.

It is designed to strike a balance between the flexibility associated with cobbling together your own best of breed based stack, and the "ease of use" that you get with a pre-configured stack like a FlexPod or a VBlock.

NetApp slaps down Lightning with multi-card flash flush

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So much for taking the rest of the year off

(sarcasm alert)

Note to EMC's 50,000 employees worldwide:

Cancel plans for taking the rest of 2012 off. We miscalculated. Apparently we will have to continue developing new products and enhancing existing ones to keep pace with Network Appliance's "vision".

Sorry for the bad news. At least wait until Monday, though.

EMC exec flames El Reg

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IT Angle

Shockingly profane and offensive

Knowing the author, I was shocked and dismayed by the relative level of profanity and malevolence displayed in his note. But seriously, world, this is the real face of the Evil Machine Company. Thoughtful, respectful, and restrained. As long as you are not a member of the Tea Party, apparently.

Is a Fusion-io bubble building up?

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Perfectly timed IPO. Bravo.

The Apple WWDC...talk about Facebook and Apple as clients...IPO madness. Better than a rattlesnake in a stockyard.

PERFECT timing. I'd say Fusion IO just made it through the door in time. Congrats to those who got rich, my condolences to those caught holding a bag full of parts that are being commoditized (in the form of a share of this stock) as I write this sentence...

I think Fusion will muddle along well enough to draw in quite a few people blinded by the shine of gold they assume is associated with anything associated with Facebook.

In the end, the music will stop and small investors will be left wondering what happened. "I thought they were redefining IT infrastructure and driving everyone else out of business."

Billionaire Zuckerberg kills to eat

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I will only use software that I wrote from now on

No more Facebook, I guess.

Personal growth goal.

RSA breach leaks data for hacking SecurID tokens

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Seeds for China

Generate seeds on the device! Then watch as seeds become as uncommon as fake Rolex watches and pirated DVDs.

Read the Cyber War book by Richard Clark and you will get a better feel for what is going on here, folks. The petty mudslinging by competitors is drowned out by the sounds of factories cranking out fake Cisco routers with back doors built in...

VMware lets Apple fondleslabs tickle Windows VDI

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Wyse PocketCloud

I have been accessing my Windows virtual machine via my iPad for a year. From 3000 miles away running VPN on iPad. That's how we roll at my company.

Wyse PocketCloud is the app I have been running.

It is the greatest answer to the question, "What are you going to do with that thing?"

You show them a Windows desktop. LOL.

It is great for light use and situations where you need server class horsepower. I don't use my VDI (virtual desktop image) to do email. The standard iOS client is much better for day to day use...but if you need the "real thing" it is great to have access to full blown Windows.

Thunderbolt: A new way to hack Macs

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Yes...and squirrels riding deer on the street is a danger

I, for one, am going to stop driving.

And no more Macs for me. It just isn't worth the risk of having pictures of my kids captured by a projector modified by Chinese spies.

Brocade: Vertically integrated IT stacks are dying

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Integration is in the eye of the beholder

Integration will win because it drives out cost in most businesses.

Unless you are at a scale where only "rolling your own" makes sense, you will simply choose how much "integration" you want to buy, and how much choice you are willing to give up in exchange for simplicity. Oracle contends that "the flower grown in the walled garden will always be more beautiful than the flowers in the meadow". As long as it is an Oracle Rose.

EMC, NetApp, Cisco, Brocade and others want you to be able to pick the flowers you want to grow in their gardens.

Let the games begin.

The terabyte iPad is coming

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You don't need to back up anything you don't care about

The author is correct.

There is no need to back up data that is on flash. As long as the loss of that data is no big deal.

Parents who don't really care about the pictures they take of their children are prime candidates. For them, flash is plenty secure.

Maybe the fact that I am in the storage business keeps me from joining the "no need for back up" revolution. I run against RAID 5, then back that up locally. Then remotely. I nearly lost the video of one of my kid's birth to age 6 months when I left our video camera on top of the family car...and drove away. Recovered it, but I never want to see that look on my wife's face again. LOL.

Plane crash kills 'series of tubes' Senator Ted Stevens

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Series of tubes

The internet is, in fact, a series of tubes.

Bandwidth is finite. That bandwidth exists on interconnected paths. That was his point.

Wrap that fundamental truth in layers of complexity until you achieve nerdgasm if you like, but at the end of the day it was a perfectly reasonable way for an 86 year old man to describe the internet.

Specific technical knowledge is often wielded as a shield or sword against common sense. It always loses.

FWIW, Al Gore mispronounced "router" in front of an industry group. Does it really matter?

Are you planning to hire either one of these guys to write code? No.

Give the guy a break. He's dead.

Teradata records historic second quarter

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Not a mention of Exadata II in the article

I guess that means that Oracle's near elimination of the reason for Teradata's existence does not represent a meaningful impact on revenue moving forward?

Brace yourself for 4TB drives next year

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Hilarious pandering to an advertiser?

A guy from Netapp says that TV's are getting bigger and thinner next year, and HDS claims that Intel will be rolling out faster CPUs "in the future.

Is this really news?

Fanboi's lament – falling out of love with the iPad

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I am waiting for v2 while using v1

Because I stopped being immortal quite a few years ago.

The iPad is like a heat seeking market missile. The people who don't see the point are simply not the target market. It is a bit like a bunch of men puzzled over feminine protection adverts. Your opinion is truly irrelevant.

The iPad is fun. I have found it perfectly suited for 70 percent of my daily tasks while out and about. I have had a dozen colleagues say, "Done. I am getting one." when they learned of some function or another that pushed them off the "What-am-I-gonna-do-with-it?" fence.

One watched me present a ppt with it and fell out of his chair when the "laser pointer" showed up on the screen. Another saw my Windows Virtual desktop via Wyse and his jaw dropped. Still another flipped over a nav program. I get a question a day from people asking, "Can you <blank> on your iPad?"

The momentum is far from waning. I say it is just beginning.

Nice article. But I see my relationship with my iPad as being in the "great marriage" phase.

Violin punts flash-mem array with '10X performance advantage'

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"Punts" confuses us Anglophilic Techno-Yanks every time

For just a second.

Why would they abandon this? Huh? What? They are punting?

"Punting" in American football means you are kicking the ball away...giving it to the opposition as they have thwarted your efforts at forward progress.

Having spent time in the U.K., I understand that Chris means that Violin is not giving up, but is instead going for a ride in a little flat bottom boat propelled by a long stick.

Top Gear and The Reg satisfy my thirst for Brit-isms. Keep up the good work. Don't punt.

IDC convinced data will crush universe

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Thank God

I was just about to seek therapy.

Night after night I wake up in a pool of sweat. The nightmare is always the same.

I am standing at a kiosk in a shopping mall.

Asking every passing shopper the same question.

"Are you 18? How would you like a free petabyte of storage?"

Maybe the future of this knuckle-dragging storage guy ain't so bleak after all.

dave nicholson


EMC shows storage recession is over

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Concept management, Chris?

That would be content management. But that's OK, because no one cares about it. LOL.


NetApp says tiering is dying

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Now I am really confused

I watched the Rap, and then this informative video...


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Tiering, caching, HSM, etc.

It is all in how you draw it on the whiteboard. This is a silly argument.

Integrating the most efficient bits into the right place in "the stack" will always be a good idea. Everyone will try to do it, or make the case that a single "uber-easy to manage", one way fits all approach is best.

I am not aware of anyone who does not agree that SSD and SATA will squeeze out FC spinning disk. But that will happen over time.