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Off somewhere nice on holibobs? Not if you're flying British Airways: IT 'systems issue' smacks UK airports once again

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BPO - Managed Service Outsourcing....

Seriously why would you do (risk) it!

Surely the repeated outages and the massive customer inconvience likely due to the quality or lack of it of your BPO IT partner negates the initial so called savings...... Makes you wonder what goes through Willie Walsh's brain putting Alex Cruz in charge!

Microsoft to spooks: WannaCrypt was inevitable, quit hoarding

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Re: @AlbertH: XP

London Congestion Charging Scheme, wasn't that Richard Granger's project?

Ask the majority of the NHS's IT people what they think of him????

I have spent most of my working life in and around the NHS IT Acute for various Tier 1 tin makers.

Most of the issues I suspect are vendor lock-in issues. Most of the core apps only work with specific versions of certain libraries and service packs. The medical kit vendors (PAS,PACS, RIS and et al) do bear some responsibility for not keeping their products updated more regularly.

Hopefully this will kick many Acute Trusts to dump Windows at the front end completely. There are a number of enterprise versions of Linux that are secure and can run Windows apps in a wrapper securely and safely.

Just wish which ever thoughtless muppet that wrote this doesn't require rapid treatment in any of the UK's hospitals - any time soon....

OK, so we paid a bill late, but did BT have to do this?

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BT C**p customer service

Edited to pass the reg censors!

I had the misfortune to have to ring BT over the weekend for an potential line fault after ZEN alerted me to a high SNR.

Contacted Customer Support online, onhold for 45 mins. I explained the situation then was transfered from a "person not indigious or based in the UK" to another "person not indigious or based in the UK". Then to be told I must watch a video on common faults and cut me off.

Emailed CEO of BT Retail to alert him of really poor service (This bounced which just about sums up how cr*p BT are). On the plus side contacted Zen Internet who looks after my broadband a UK guy helped me over a web session, explained everything. he checked the line remotely. Changed a couple of Secondary boxes at home myself instead of trying to get BT to do anything. Problem I hope is solved.

How any company who outsources support to lower cost/quality locations, can expect to hang on to their customers is beyond me.

I'm voting with my feet and extending my voice over to Zen (UK based!)as well. I strongly advise anyone with BT to dump them forthwith and choose a UK operation.

If I wanted a deal with people based outside the UK for support I'd get a contract from a company based

else where/overseas and expect the price point to match the cr*p service.

HP at storage crossroads

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EVA Family

I have to reply to Sam Paton post........

As far as I can see the EVA is a pretty solid piece of kit.

Most of the PAS systems in the NHS run on it, without fault or failure!

I know I've put them in!

In Fiber land (which we all know is quicker than iSCSI)

The EVA is much better (stabler) than anything else from anyone else. I've seen (14 years exp)

Lets remember

EMC hods of downtime for firmware upgrades! Iffy code as well!

IBM is rebadged LSI crap!.

HDS is way too expensive...

DELL is too awful to contemplate

If HP want the SWD division to be profitable, it's quite simple really,

either get real when pricing up the kit and /or add extra features and make people want to carry on buying it.

Why not port SANi/Q to the EVA? Just a thought!

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Follow on to M Bryant post

Dont know if your based in the US or UK?

I have to agree EVA4400 customer installable is a big mistake....

It's quite easy to drive the EVA now compared to the HSG/HSJ days gone by.

Customers who buy their storage normally need the value add of understanding where the unit will fit in (in the scheme of things)

This consultancy they dont get buying off the shelf....Go to your local HP Storageworks partner!

Hand grenade......

Badly deployed storage can be a real nightmare