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Oracle should cannibalize JavaFX Frankenstein


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Hi all,

I'm getting a LOT of work done in JavaFX. Much more quickly than in SWING.

Its like the press thinks the only thing I need JavaFX for is to add bling

to webpages.

As if.

I need a lot more than that.

The constant comparison of JavaFX to FLASH is all obsession

and little substance. It seems to be a rut that tech reporters

just fall into when talking about JavaFX. Flash does a very good

job at adding bling to webpages. It is quick and easy. But the

depth isn't there. Nor is it cheap.

I added up all the costs that Adobe charges if

you want to be a full fledged Flash developer. I was up

to $THOUSANDs OF US$ when I added up all the charges

for Adobe stuff.

Adobe Acrobat 9 PRO $ 699.00

Adobe Flex Builder $ 699.00

Adobe Flash Pro $ 699.00

Adobe Illustrator $ 599.00

Adobe AfterEffects $ 999.00

Adobe DreamWeaver $ 399.00

Adobe Audition $ 399.00

Adobe Cold Fusion $1,299.00 or $7,424.00 for the Enterprise

Adobe Captivate4 $ 799.00

Adobe Authorware 7 $2,969.00


and there is more $$$ for all sorts of extra specialized tools...

AIR and FLEX are new technologies trying to be a JVM. Adobe is adding

capabilities, then rethinking and starting over with new versions

I understand. They've got a ways to go with those.

If you look at the FLASH posts in that community you'll see that they

have a LOT of technical problems to overcome. Just as there are

with JavaFX. For example Flash 'tricks' need to be employed to do simple

things like play mp3 loops without gaps in the sound.

I really do think that you CANNOT develop an app that will run well on

a phone and on a device with a bigger screen. It just isn't possible

without completely rethinking the app. There is just too much of a

difference between a 3" screen and a 10+" screen. The best that can be

done is that you use the same language and tools to develop two differnet


The programs that I want to write cannot be done with Flash. I least I don't

know how to do them. And they are difficult to do with Swing. But are easy

and fun to do with JavaFX.

I do have high hopes that soon JavaFX will have a quick start up time from

browsers time and a solid and reliable web deployment using any browser.

I'm expecting this will be possible by the end of the year.

Kicking JavaFX is like kicking a really promising puppy.