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Microsoft .NET Core update asks developers: How you doin'?

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Re: Cross platform

".NOT," really? I'm surprised you didn't use the "M$" moniker. 2002 called, they want their sick burns back. SCO rulez!

All kidding aside, I'd write C# for Linux. It's free, so the client doesn't have to pay the OS license. It's a pretty good language, I've made a ton of money off of it.

Microsoft drives an Edge between Adobe and the web: Flash ads blocked

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Re: Why change now?

Adobe moved all development offshore way back in 2005. Offshore resources were just maintenance developers. Flash comes from the desktop era where software inefficiencies didn't matter. We are now in the mobile era where software efficiencies do matter. Maintenance developers can't really rewrite a product from the ground up to make it as efficient as required in today's environment. HTML5 filled that niche after Adobe couldn't in 5+ years. You know you're bad when you get beat to the market by a consortium.

Microsoft is now in the mobile market with the Surface line. Flash is a slow, obsolete relic with little benefit. Microsoft, looking for everything to make their mobile products improve, cut the negative benefit Flash by blocking ads while keeping the little-benefit Flash by trying to predict where the desired content is located on the page.

Apple went this direction in 2010 with the iPad and the tech media threw a hissy fit.

Your kids' chances of becoming programmers? ZERO

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Limbaugh: If you hate Apple then you're a lefty blog-o-twat hipster

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Re: Disproportionate @ac 07:30

Does that mean North Korea (DPRK) is actually a democracy? Some people are so easily fooled.

US Republican enviro-vets: 'Climate change is real. Deal with it'

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Re: Whatever.

>is hubris at best.

Yes, but how silly we are to suggest that humans can do anything that nature can't recover from. You are correct, nature will recover, but we might not. See giant layer of dinosaur bones for evidence of this happening in the past.

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Re: Whatever.

Jumping out of a building is totally cool, because the fall isn't the major component of your death, the landing is.

Damn you, world! WHY can't I have an object store on my desktop?

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Re: What about Cache from Intersystems?

Ugh. MUMPS. No thanks, tried it, and it gave me heartburn.

'1337 hacker' scrawls all over careless coders' SourceForge sites

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Another issue with the cloud? Easy to find and exploit bugs for multiple sites without going outside an IP block. Check.

Survey: Bosses are DESPERATE and GAGGING for Linux skills

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Probably because they only surveyed companies that use Linux.

Microsoft Dell deal would restore PC makers' confidence

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Re: haha

>migration of americans to retards is complete

You mean like when computers went GUI?

Security audit finds dev outsourced his job to China to goof off at work

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Re: Applauded

This is probably a corporate PR plant article.

Anonymous wants DDoS attacks recognized as speech

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Re: One essential flaw with this reasoning...

Not only that, a DDoS attack is 1 person using thousands of other people's computers to talk for him. It's not 1000s of people protesting. It's not totally different from the 3/5th law we had in the US during our slavery period.

'Not even Santa could save Microsoft's Windows 8'

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Re: How things have changed....

That's a very insightful post. Microsoft has been throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks for a while now. A guy I work with spend several years mastering Silverlight, and now moving to HTML 5.

I think their throwing so much mud is making the mud less sticky. If I'm writing a management console for an engine, I prefer WinForms over WCF or web, simply because I'm fastest at it. WIth ClickOnce, that whole install at every workstation business is a thing of the past.

Al Jazeera buys Al Gore's Current TV news network

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Rushie and Hannity are gonna have a field day with this one. Oh the conspiracy!

Apple ships 'completely redesigned' iTunes 11

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Re: Best ever?

> iTunes for a while in windows and its a hateful piece of crap - buggy, inconsistent and continually freezing and crashing.

lol. Are you talking about Windows or iTunes?

Massive strike at Foxconn's iPhone 5 factory

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Re: USA?

>If I were an Apple customer I would be ashamed..

You can't be serious. You are using a computer. Where was that computer assembled/manufactured?

Democrat candidate attacked by GOP for being stabby assassin ORC

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Re: Best argument against democracy

>we're normally 5 to 10 years behind the US policitical gimick curve

If your politicians say anything about finding hidden WMD's, say you're not interested. Oh wait.

Has cash corrupted open source?

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Re: Open Code != Open APIs

>There's no service-provider-independent means of marking up my social network.

That's really the inherent problem with P2P, it requires some sort of centralized directory to locate everyone. You could do local discovery and caching, but IPs are dynamic and a good chunk of your local record cache would be out of date the same day they were created.

Bargain-hunting Chinese make life tough for iOS devs

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Rampant piracy in China. News at 11.

Woz: Cloud computing trend is 'horrendous'

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The biggest issue for me is the circumvention of government search. Since the cloud provider technically owns the data, it's up to them, not me, to whether they want to comply to a search request. With the bendy ethics of today's execs, I'm surprised they are so willing to jump on that bandwagon.

Apple MacBook Air 11in 2012

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Re: No Ethernet

>Renaming it to "Overpriced metal sheened wireless deelie for mugs" would be better, and far more accurate without calling iTards what they actually are.

Does posting dumb shit like that make you feel better about your miserable self?

Retina Display detachment

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Careful not to turn too many people off Apple, you'll kill the golden goose revenue-generating-click-through-rate-bitch-a-thon.

Apple silences mute kids' speech app in patent blowup

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Why all the hate on Apple and not the plaintiffs? Holy misdirected angler. Not only computers can get programmed.

Apple introduces 'next generation' MacBook Pro with retina display

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Re: Let's have screen resolution become a talking point, please

> ThinkPad T60 (2048x1536@15")

That's resolution to external display, not internal, or were you trolling?

Steve Jobs' death clears way for vibrating Apple tool

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The point is

Taking notes with your finger is hard to read later.

MySQL's growing NoSQL problem

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I'm a traditionalist in the fact that I've been using RDBMS (Oracle and recently MSSQL) for years now. Would someone explain why NoSql is better than a simple key/value table with an index on the key in a traditional RDBMS from a purely technical perspective?

'Apple will coast, and then decelerate' says Forrester CEO

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>Slower to boot than windows, slower to wake from sleep than windows, more updates!!! (WTF - I was not expecting that!) and more system crashes.

Ya, you don't own a mac, or you don't own one built in this century.

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Re: Not just hipsters...

>But baby-boomers too. They have money. There are lots of them. They have less patience for things that don't work, and no inclination to roll up their sleeves and learn about what is under the bonnet.

I'm a gen-Xer. I used to always build all my computers from parts. I'd (re)install Windows x every few months to make sure it was perfectly clean. I'm a coder professionally. I've been into computers since the Vic-20.

Now, after I've built at least 50 computers and (re)installed Windows countless times? Piss on that, I have better things to do. How many computers do you have to build and reinstall before you realize it's just the same old shit.

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>‘Appleites’ love to bang on about how sad Apple haters are (toady), but the reality is, I don’t hate Apple, I hate sheep. The mindless who grab onto a buzz and bang on and on about it virtues. THAT is sad!

You mean like you just did with WP7?

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Re: Might be right

The thing about predicting death, is eventually, you'll be right.

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Re: I'll miss it

>Err, the people complaining _are_ the ones who have got their stereo compiling c++! Same people that have installed Linux on their toaster.

I'm more apt to believe they're just noobs who invested their time learning some web language like PHP and are afraid it will become less relevant as more people are using mobile apps rather than web sites. Because learning something new is hard.

Or they hate apple because the TechJournos told them to and they're lemmings with no sense of wind direction.

ProTip: Tech Journos usually can't predict shit, that's why they're tech journos.

Crowdsource yourself a new job

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Re: DesignCrowd

The site needs more cheap product. We're the product. No thanks.

Ten... top iOS games

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Match Up

I like Match Up.

Enterprise IT's power shift threatens server-huggers

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Eggs and baskets

Putting the Western world's eggs in one basket is a dream for hackers. Instead of DDoS one site at a time, they can take out thousands! Oops, PHB didn't think of that.

OWC 6G Mercury Aura Pro Express SSD

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Yes, my 13" Air compiles faster than my 2009 17" MacBook pro. Besides, the HD IO is the biggest bottleneck by far for most operations.

Apple: Siri isn't anti-abortion

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Distraction from Carrier IQ

I wonder if this is a plant by one of Apple's competitors to distract the news (us) from the Carrier IQ fiasco. It's pretty damning.

Acer Aspire S3 Core i7 Ultrabook

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Working it out myself

"So the fact that the S3 is several hundred pounds cheaper than a MacBook Air while offering double the storage is something you’ll have to work out for yourself."

Because a 5400rpm mechanical is just as fast as a SSD.

1-in-3,200 chance* that a fiery satellite chunk will hit someone on Friday

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>1-in-3,200 chance you'll be hit by fiery satellite chunks on Friday

>has a 1-in-3,200 chance of hitting *a* person

So it's really a world population * 3200 chance, roughly speaking.

Visual Studio infected with HTML5 by 'rogue faction'

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.NET isn't going anywhere, we're talking about a sliver of application development: "rich" web experience inside a browser. Win32 will be around forever because frankly, HTML+Backend apps suck to do anything other than buy and browse on.

.NET will be used for Win32

.NET will be used for backend (windows services)

.NET will be used for web back end (web services)

.NET will be used for web glue (ASP.NET, MVCx, etc)

HTML5+CSS3 will be used for what SL is used for. To create (or attempt) a rich in-browser experience.

The "make everything web" was a hasty move hoisted onto CIOs by marketing people. Some stuff is good for web, many things aren't. HTML5+CSS3 might level the playing field with the usability of Win32 vs browser, but probably not.

Airport security boss calls time on tech

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"But she also criticised the European move to lift restrictions on liquids. She said legislators did not understand the operational implications and that the change would confuse passengers."

"Confuse passengers," really? I mean, REALLY?

iPhone glitch gets US fanbois up on wrong side of bed

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How many

How many articles can be posted about the same bug. Fishin for clicks. Got one.

App Store II: Steve Jobs sucks Mac's soul

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I think some of you should be less willing to be spoon fed your opinions. You're tech people, you're supposed to be analytical.

One-third of iPad fanbois don't download apps

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>Could someone explain why this is cool, when whilst other companies face anti-trust cases for including things like a browser or media player?

Sure. First it's other company (singular) not companies. That other company was Microsoft. In the 2000s they were deemed a monopoly and judged as leveraging their monopoly power to stifle competition (Netscape) by packaging a browser in their OS for free thus effectively cutting off Netscape's income (who charged for their browser).

Apple is not a monopoly. Not even close. They are vertically integrated, meaning they make many of the parts from hardware to software, to chips themselves. Other companies outsource to other companies, they are horizontally integrated. They make and specialize in mostly 1 layer (OS or hardware, or parts, etc).

Back in the day, all personal computer manufacturers (Commodore, Atari, Coleco, Apple, etc) were vertically integrated until IBM was caught with their pants down, and threw together what we now know as a PC using parts from other vendors. IBM just made the BIOS and bought the rest of the parts from other companies. During the dawn of the computer revolution, it worked well, but in my opinion it stifled innovation at least at the software level. Once Microsoft knocked off Novell (it's last OS victim) it really had no motivation to be creative (or no one to steal from). Thus, Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista. (Yes XP was great but no great leap from 2K).

The point of all that is that Apple is finally returning innovation to the personal computer realm, and I whole heartedly welcome it. They are able to do things most horizontal companies can't (even if they wanted to which they didn't until Apple) because they are more vertical. The PC industry has been stagnant for the past decade due to the big fish raking in the cash simply because they dominated the market, mainly by having the most installs. If Apple takes the market, they may do the same, but it will be a long time until they do.

Foxconn warns phones prices will rise

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Salaried employees are typically excluded from labor rights (that's why they are called exempt heh). It's the hourly folks that get most of them. Salaried employees do get benefits. Both my parents were teachers and yes, it's a tough career that I almost went into (thank God I didn't). Many states do have great retirement benefits for teachers though. I'm not saying that makes up for everything else, but it's something hourly factory folks usually don't get.

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If a price of a T-Shirt costs $0.99 to make and the company charges $19.99, it's tough to put the blame on the consumer. I'd bet that if the cost went up to $1.50, the retail price would be $21.49 (or probably $21.99.) Besides, there aren't many American non-slave labor textiles available these days to choose from. But yea, it's sad.

iPad spends 20% of time in bed

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I put on netflix or sleep sounds when I hit the hay. It beats leaving the tv on and dreaming about infomercials.

Apple in 873-page legal claim to word 'Pod'

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Legal Documents

They should limit legal documents to 1000 words or less. If you can't state your case in 1000 words or less, you're making shit up.

Steve Jobs lectures devs, dodges antitrust action

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Thank You

"In Apple's paternalistic world, you're an unsophisticated child, unable to make your own decisions. It's not up to you to decide what you want. Apple will take care of that for you."

Thank you, Reg, for telling me what to think, because, you know, I wouldn't be able to decide without your help. I'm happy to join the rest of your sheeple readers.

Having said that, I'm a little concerned, as a developer, that there are restrictions. The restrictions, as they stand now, are outside the applications I am developing and have developed, but on the same token, I think it stifles creativity. I'd hate to be the guy who comes up with a great innovative idea, spends a year developing it after his work day, just to be denied.

Unfortunately, it's still the best thing going right now for freelance developers.

Ellison blasts HP 'idiots' for Hurd's exit

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It has to be a smokescreen - you don't fire a guy you pay $15m / year for less than $1000 a month in dubious expenses. Not to mention the stock tanking. If I were a shareholder, I'd say it's time for a new board.

Im sure Larry expenses whatever the hell he wants.

Ballmer's 'lost generation' note finds resonance

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Dude, I love the term Micros~1. That's hysterical. Gogo long file names!