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Kinda goes without saying, but shore up your admin passwords or be borged by this brute-forcing botnet

Ian 55

It is appalling

.. that WordPress will still, in 2020, allow attackers as many attempts to bruteforce your login details as they like, as fast as they like and do absolutely nothing to detect or stop this unless you install a plugin or similar. Which they KNOW that most users don't.

They also make it easier for attackers to do this by providing an interface that can be - and they KNOW is - abused to try a 100+ username / password combos at once. Again, attackers can do this as fast as they like and for as long as they like.

Instead, Automattic are far more concerned with forcing the pile of steaming bloatware that is Gutenberg on its users, complete with its own set of security holes.

Microsoft drops a little surprise thank-you gift for sitting through Build: The source for GW-BASIC

Ian 55

If you're looking for the Z-80 version

Including, the small bits that Bill apparently actually wrote, someone did a disassembly of the ROM for the TRS-80 about 35 years ago.

I suspect the 8088 version is based on it.

Ian 55

Re: The worst Basic ever

You never had a ZX80 or ZX81 then?

Cloudflare family-friendly DNS service flubs first filtering foray: Vital LGBTQ, sex-ed sites blocked 'by mistake'

Ian 55

Re: So?

If anyone thinks that's too rude, have a look at the suicide rate for young trans people.

Clue: it's not because there are people telling them that life could be different.

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After 20-year battle, Channel island Sark finally earns the right to exist on the internet with its own top-level domain

Ian 55


Things were much easier when you could say 'Hey Jon, can I have this country code' or 'Hey, can I have this .uk domain, forever' without involving Nominet.

Forget toilet roll, bandwidth is the new ration: Amazon, YouTube also degrade video in Europe to keep 'net running amid coronavirus crunch

Ian 55

Re: Uptick on torrenting then?

You can pay Netflix less to use it on fewer devices simultaneously: one device in SD is 7.99 (pounds or Euros - fortunately, I activated my free trial in France...) and two devices in 1080p HD is 11.99, four in up to 2000 HD is 15.99.

As I can't tell the difference most of the time, and if someone else want to watch something while I'm watching, tough for them, I've got the cheaper plan.

Broadcom sues Netflix for its success: You’re stopping us making a fortune from set-top boxes, moans chip designer

Ian 55

Re: Using this logic.

See how successful they were when, over a century later, you still have to pay a royalty to the publisher of said sheet music when you play recorded music in public.

Google: You know we said that Chrome tracker contained no personally identifiable info? Yeah, about that...

Ian 55

Re: Am I a deviant

I would be tempted to start your own 'social media' site and have a few accounts on it.

"Social media accounts? Why yes, I'm FuckYouDWP@anoncowards, FuckYou2DWP@anoncowards, FuckYou3DWP@anoncowards, Fuck.."

See also: 'we'd like all your email addresses'.

Post Office burned £100m in UK taxpayer cash on Horizon IT scandal legal fees, MPs told

Ian 55

PPE? Look at the level of political competence shown by one D Cameron (1st PPE Oxon) and tell me that it wasn't an arts degree.

Clearview said to be chasing every mugshot taken in the US over the last 15 years to paste into its facial-recog system

Ian 55

Re: Down at heel

Given that Uber indemnified him against such suits, I'd add a zero or two to the end of the number - they clearly knew it was dodgy.

Grab a towel and pour yourself a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster because The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is 42

Ian 55

Is there a recording of the first broadcasts somewhere?

I heard it, and in every broadcast since the mice have sounded 'wrong', but there's been no way to prove it.

Apparently they hadn't done all of the sound work before the first broadcast - thanks in part to Adams' attitude to deadlines - and the mice were reworked for the second broadcast.

Ian 55

Re: Post-DNA radio versions

A 'bit' flat? They're embarrassingly awful.

Hey, Brits. Your Google data is leaving the EU before you are: Hoard to be shipped from Ireland to US next month

Ian 55

Re: What's the problem?

Ha ha ha. You seen who we've got?

Fuck business, fuck privacy.

Fujitsu warns HMRC Projects team that 30% of them could be out of a job come April

Ian 55

Still waiting for HMRC to get to the 21st Century

And to have online versions of all their forms, so you can do online self-assessment with, say, income from a trust without paying some third party thirty quid to submit the form for you. The HMRC site will do plenty of forms online, but not this one or several others.

If it were millions of quid involved, that would be one thing, but when the income is not much above the cost of doing it this way, it rankles.

(Yes, I know I could do it on paper by October, but honestly who does that? Not least as the online versions of the other forms will do some basic error-checking for you, saving both sides some time in correcting the inevitable errors.)

Xiaomi what's inside: Wow, teardown nerds find debut smartwatch isn't actually a solder-and-resin nightmare

Ian 55

Re: The price is wrong

The Chinese ('only') versions of the Mi Band 4 can easily be made to work perfectly well in English. I wouldn't be amazed if the same applies here.

LCD pwn System: How to modulate screen brightness to covertly transmit data from an air-gapped computer... slowly

Ian 55

Re: speed issues

Because of the sensitivity of (non-colour blind) human eyes to green, that risks being more noticeable. It also makes picking it up off the wall harder.

Latest battery bruiser Android from budget Moto G range appears ahead of MWC after an Amazon whoopsie

Ian 55

G2, G4, G6 here, so it would be the logical thing to get..

.. except that a 21% discount on the Pixel 3a last autumn seduced me to get one and I'm happy for the next couple of years.

Need 32-bit Linux to run past 2038? When version 5.6 of the kernel pops, you're in for a treat

Ian 55

xfs uses signed 32 bit seconds??

The file system from Sun, who went 64-bit long before most other people??

A Notepad nightmare leaves sysadmin with something totally unprintable

Ian 55

Re: Octal? You lucky bastard!

A lot less smelly than soldering too.

After five losses, Apple finally wins a round in $600m VirnetX FaceTime patent mega-battle

Ian 55

Telling whether a website is secure

Does this mean that someone got a patent on seeing if the URL started with http:// or https:// ?

Chancers keep buying up dot-UK company name domains: Got a problem? That'll be £750 for Nominet to rule on it

Ian 55

As many as that?!

Second time lucky: Sweden drops Julian Assange rape investigation

Ian 55

Re: re: Weakening evidence?

That's not what the complainants were accusing him of doing.

Canada's OpenText buys SMB backerupper Carbonite for $1.42bn

Ian 55

If Carbonite is worth that..

.. this bridge I have for sale is a bargain at half the price!

FYI, we're now in the timeline where Facebook decides who is and isn't a politician on its 2bn-plus-person network

Ian 55

Well now we know

The answer to the question "just how crap do you have to be to have Twitter look good in comparison?"

Japanese hotel chain sorry that hackers may have watched guests through bedside robots

Ian 55

Re: Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams

The first one being 'which hotel?'

Don't fall for the hype around OpenAI's Rubik's Cube playing robot, Berkeley bans facial recognition, and more

Ian 55

"An amount that obviously surpasses many human lifetimes"..

.. but not all human lifetimes?

Yahoo! Groups' closure and a tale of Oftel: Die-hard users 'informally' included telcos

Ian 55

Wasn't Yahoo! Groups! the result of buying egroups or similarly named dot com?

I can't remember Yahoo! adding anything to it, beyond the pain of their mail policies.

Ian 55

Re: Don't Panic!

groups.io looks like the best option.

Hundreds charged in internet's biggest child-abuse swap-shop site bust: IP addy leak led cops to sys-op's home

Ian 55

Re: Operators of anonymization services like Tor must ask themselves..

You do realise that the UK government has just admitted it approved illegal arms sales at least three separate times - stuff to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen - and expects more examples to turned up?

There are rules for the arms trade, but they are treated more as guidelines and very flexible ones too.

This fall, Ubuntu 19.10 stars as Eoan Ermine in... Dawn of the Stoats

Ian 55

Re: Stupid Scapegoat

I still miss the nudes from Warty Warthog.

Ian 55

Re: USB drives ? Seriously ?

What could possibly go wrong with allowing people to plug in a USB drive and have something on it autorun?

Ian 55

Re: 32bit

You seen the attitude of 95% of game developers to old, not generating big profits, games?

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Ramblin' Man or Woman? Maybe brush up on your cartography

Ian 55

Re: Updates

And ended up somewhere in the west.

In solidarity with its broken email hosting, 123-Reg's '24/7' support lines also fall over

Ian 55

Only domains I have left with them..

.. are the unwanted and unordered .uk ones.

And they're not long for this world, unless they renew them themselves.

Blood money is fine with us, says GitLab: Vetting non-evil customers is 'time consuming, potentially distracting'

Ian 55

A handful of grammatical mistakes..

.. one huge moral one.

WeWork's Meetup slaps RSVP fees on events ‒ then tells everyone not to panic amid backlash

Ian 55

Self-hosting would work for my community.?

Commercially, sell ads? Being able to advertise to people singed up to go to a meeting on any given topic is worth something.

The model works for Automattic.

Ian 55

Re: I was going to complain about being nickeled and dimed

They don't do much for the organiser's fees either.

Sudo? More like Su-doh: There's a fun bug that gives restricted sudoers root access (if your config is non-standard)

Ian 55

I suspect that most didn't even know it was an option

Be interesting to know how many people did have sudo set up like that.

Tearoff of Nottingham: University to lose chunk of IT dept to outsourcing

Ian 55

Re: RE: And this means

I am sure that the quality of the work in that year will not be affected, just as I am sure that the Dolphins will win this year's Superbowl.

How bad is Catalina? It's almost Apple Maps bad: MacOS 10.15 pushes Cupertino's low bar for code quality lower still

Ian 55

Re: Catalina Beta....

If Apple think you don't deserve to have a MacBook "Pro" if you don't interact with it constantly while plugged in, who are you to disagree?

See you in Hull: First UK city to be hooked up to full-fibre broadband

Ian 55

That's paying £4.5k per customer

How many years do they expect to get that back via overcharging them?

Some fokken arse has bared the privates of 250,000 users' from Dutch brothel forum

Ian 55

I would love to know

How many hack attempts are made on adultwork.com, the main sex work directory for the UK every day.

Ian 55

Re: hmmm....

Prostitution is also legal in the UK...

Creators Update meets its maker: It's 1903 or bust for those clinging to Windows 10 1703

Ian 55

Re: The spport cycle

Ha, my very good Turtle Beach sound card never got Win 7 drivers, never mind Win 10 ones.

In a touching show of solidarity with the NBA and Blizzard, Apple completely caves to China on HK protest app

Ian 55

Apple, Google, NBA, Blizzard

Shame, shame, shame, shame.

Father of Unix Ken Thompson checkmated: Old eight-char password is finally cracked

Ian 55

Re: I have to thank ken for my passwords

sudorm (etc) would indeed be safe if you accidentally typed it as a command...

MacOS wakes to a bright Catalina sunrise – and broken Adobe apps

Ian 55

Re: To be fair...

They'll discover one is much cheaper than the other, especially when Serif have a sale.

HP to hike upfront price of printer hardware as ink biz growth runs dry

Ian 55

Yellow dots

Do they still print yellow dots on the page to identify what printer did any particular page?

Ian 55

Re: Deskjet - sold for $1,000, and not subsidised.

Get lost - the registration errors on the DJ500 were a minimum of 5mn each time.



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