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Sony poo-poos £299 PS3 claims


@Andy Bright

"it has real PS2 compatibility"

Not really if you're using a US PS3 outside of the US. Although PS3 games are not region locked, PS1 & PS2 games are region locked when using them on the PS3.

I have an Asia PS3 and it won't play EU PS2 games.

And the winner is...the laptop!


I like to keep work in it's place..

I refused to take a blackberry; if I did take one, I'd be expected to be at work's beck and call 24x7 for every trivial little issue.

I like to be able to turn work off, so my company laptop is fine for me. If for some reason I really am needed outside of my usual hours, they can call me on my mobile and I'll fire up the laptop if it's important enough.

I know that others I work with have also turned down the offer of a blackberry for similar reasons and so this may be the case in other organisations. Perhaps this is another part of the reason why notebooks were found to be twice as popular as mobile devices for remote email, etc access.

Fossil, Sony restyle Bluetooth watch line for the mainstream


re: Cellular wristwatch

re: "When are we going to see a wristwatch containing a cellular phone? Which pieces are still missing in order to build such a thing?"


PlusNet shuts down webmail indefinitely


plusnet/force9 accounts still not accessable from outside the UK

The Plusnet and Force9 portals are *still* not accessable to users accessing from non-UK IP addresses. This is a pain in the a*se for people (like me) who live abroad. Spoke to Plusnet support - apparently non-UK IP addresses will be blocked indefinitely. They didn't acknowledge that it is possible to have a secure website that is accessable from outside the UK.

Their latest incident report is at the below URL by the way:



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