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Oh dear, AWS. Cloud growth slowing as customers get a dose of cost reality

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Quelle Surprise

Anyone with any sense could see this happening but the people with sense don't make the decisions. You just get senior muppets who have just come back from some seminar/conference jolly asking "why are we not in the cloud yet? All the other muppets I talked to said they have done it."

Of course future conversations of "how could we have been so wrong" won't happen at similar events as that admits failure.

The world was promised 'cloud magic'. So much for that fairy tale

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Re: been saying it for years

Same here. Was always going to be the case and we are paying eye watering monthly costs which make the old on-premise fixed budget cycle now seem tiny. Was sold the bollocks, the managers bought the bollocks "why aren't we in the cloud" now we have a monthly 80k bill running just a few applications poorly.

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Re: Are you saying ....

Quelle Surprise

Mobile ops and Wi-Fi set to scrap for spectrum in the glorious 5G future

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More BS

I was sold 3g and promised so much. It did not work. I was sold 4g as the solution it does not work.

Advertising over infrastructure and we all line up to be mugged off again.

NHS advertises for digital director at £131k

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More wasted money


No £160m for you: BT to receive termination notice from Cornwall before Christmas

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Re: I may be old fashioned but...

Well you have to admire their ambition in bring misery to more people rather than just those who have to suffer their abysmal telecom provision professionally and personally. Their customer service is totally inept and that's being polite.

I just don't understand how they get away with it.

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Re: Outsourcing

Well probably saves a bit of money in the short term and the person who pushed it through takes credit for savings get's a bonus then fecks off knowing in 3-4 years time it will be a mess.

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Outsource to BT! What could possibly go wrong?

Typical BT response to being pulled up about quality of service by going to court to block termination. Says all you need to know.

3l33t haxxors don't need no botnet, they just pinch passwords

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Recent pen test at our place and of 800 about 120 replied to phishing emails from a faked Help Desk email asking for their credentials as their had been a security breach.

Scary was most of these muppets were in sensitive high grade positions such as Legal/Finance/HR/IT.

They completely gave themselves up and even kept on replying to the sender asking what they should do next. One idiot thought the phishing email was the new Help Desk email and started CC emails about up and coming events in our conference centre which often have members of senior UK and foreign VIPS, Royals and such. Nothing was done about it.

2012: The year that netbooks DIED

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Still think Netbooks have a life and for me and I use a Lenovo Windows 7 ideapad 7 which is great. Got 2Gb of memory upgrade for little money and it runs swiftly

- Indeed not good for number crunching but when did I think it could do that!

- Ultra Books lovely but over priced

- Tablets do not replace the full QWERTY which I can use just as well as a full keyboard on my Netbook. Got full MS Office and Photoshop and run lovely

- I can watch films on it but I never expected full HD

- Is light and easy to carry around

- Got a better selection of PC games and apps that will run fine and far better quality than iOS/Android offerings

Netbook is not dead for now.

Rests case

Mars rover harangues empty landscape with loudhailer

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Yak yak yak

We come in Peace

McAfee splats bug that knocked punters offline

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Utter Muppets

McCrappy have a history of this clueless stuff. Had to use this terrible software for 7 years in an Enterprise Environment and all the problems we have had caused by McCrappy DAT updates not tested before they send them out. Beggars belief. When it actually works it fails to deal with infections.

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Re: More trouble than any virus

Spot on

Whiptail flashes new kit, launches 72TB storage monster

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7 year working life! The lot will be toast after 7 months

HP's ProLiant Gen8 control freakery

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Thumb Down


"So if a disk drive is getting wobbly, the system notifies HP, which ships a new drive."

Well we have Insight Remote running and HP will NEVER just ship a drive if a fault is detected which is what they claim.

All you may get is a phone call asking if the fault is real, if you have tried re-seating the drive, is the firmware up to date etc etc. Yawn.

Usual old lies spouted at launches with bloated Execs claiming rubbish which only exists in their heads. On the ground it's a different matter.

Hacker cuffed in job interview sting with hotel he blackmailed

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Self extradition fail

IPhone overtakes BlackBerry in the corporate world

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So you volunteer your own kit to be 'integrated' into the corporate mail system then also volunteer to have your life taken over checking endless amounts of pointless twaddle you have been CC'd on but feel you must respond to; thus continuing the endless cycle of BS.


BMW intros revamped Mini as sporty MG-alike

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BMW Plonkers

The once classic Mini turned into franchised production line of bland Euro cars. The name MINI is meaningless on these cars.

Another NHS hospital stricken with Conficker virus

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I have come across the muppet who runs the IT Department at this Hospital and some of the poor demotivated and depressed staff who have previously worked under him. Therefore this story is of no surprise as his managerial style was reported as of total control and humiliation to anyone who may question his word. Result; nothing gets done as everyone is too scared to act and show some initiative.

Let's face it, the NHS anyway has a history of ineptitude and getting nothing done. It really is the last stop for the truly useless.