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Apple's 11.6in MacBook Air release imminent?



Sounds like a worthy successor to my black 13" Macbook. I want an ipad too though.

Getting more and more comfortable with SAAS in the cloud so grunt not such a biggie any more: form factor, battery life, and ease-of-use much more important.

Nokia’s new CEO needs to change the message


How's this for a message

Bring back the 6310i!

Apple iPod Nano 6G



That was a rhetorical question, which is a kind of statement. Gosh we're a snippy bunch round here.

Diesels greener than electric cars, says Swiss gov report

Thumb Up


So you've got a Saab 9-5 Aero as well then. 25 mpg, rubbish cornering but 0-60 in 6 secs. Beat that lawnmower man.

PS According to my chemistry instructor in Houston Tx in 1975, the correct general purpose unit of velocity is Furlongs per Fortnight.

Scareware solicitors sent to regulator


Mr Crossley's brave new world

According to Mr Crossley’s website: "I am accused of demanding payment in my initial letters of claim. This is not true. The recipient of the letter of claim is afforded the opportunity if they wish to close the matter off and avoid the issue continuing by entering into a compromise agreement to bring the matter to an end. They are under no compulsion or obligation to do this and the compromise agreement is an entirely voluntary process".

Hmmm.... A subtle distinction - to subtle for me but then I ain’t a lawyer. It is obviously a successful ploy though (ie scaring the be***** out of OAPS etc): "We are pleased with the results on the initial batches of issued claims, as we have found that 80% of all defendants opt for settlements outside of court, for amounts more than originally claimed."

He admits he can't wait for someone to fight back: "It is disappointing that these settlements mean that a fully contested case has yet to reached the courts..... Exciting times ahead!"

Crossley subscribes to the ridiculous theory that an average file share-ee would have paid for a legit copy if he hadn’t been able to download one (“our client's have been successful in recovering monies lost to piracy”).

He’s delighted that some poor innocent pub owner has taken the rap for downloading by a customer: “Reports have surfaced this week that a pub owner in the UK has been ordered to pay £8,000 to a copyright owner as a customer used the pub’s Wi-fi connection to illegally download a copyrighted work.... This is in direct line with the five point plan from ACS Law*, who have called on the government to go further to protect the rights of copyright holders, who are finding their industries ebbing away from their control. ACS Law called for strict liability to be enforced against internet account holders....”

Maybe he should extend the concept to the coin op photocopier in your local Post Office?

Welcome to Mr Crossley’s brave new world - I wonder whether public access internet could survive it at all....

*The big plan

Introduce fixed fines of £750.00 minimum

Introduce statutory damages of £750.00 as a minimum for each act of copyright infringement (such provision exists presently in the United States);

ISPs to provide names of internet account holders

Make all Internet Service Providers produce, on request of a copyright owner or licensee, the identities of the account holders of the internet connection used for illegal file sharing of their copyrighted material. The cost of producing such information would be met by the copyright owner requesting it;

Strict liability for internet account holders

Make the account holder of the internet connection strictly liable for infringements where their connection was used for illegal file sharing

Simplify the court process

Streamline, simplify and speed up the court process of a copyright owner applying for the identities of the account holders from ISPs (this is presently a complex and time-consuming procedure); and

Standardise letters of claim and court documents

Secure approval and consensus for standard-form letters, documents and claims making the process of notification and prosecution of an identified infringement clear and easy to understand, with the presumption of innocence until guilt is proven.

Man sentenced for DIY gift-card cloning




Microsoft digs Macs in back-to-school ads


well it pretty much is right ....

in my experience



Drinking coffee offers no real benefit, say eggheads



"Coffee is good for relieving coffee withdrawal symptoms." ... ??? ... Get out of town!

Thank you for exposing these mad scientists.

Coffee lowers your risk of diabetes, Parkinson's disease, cavities and colon cancer. Facts.

The best coffee on the high street is a Costa double espresso with hot milk on the side. Fact.

Action day targets callous conmen


They deserve all they get

Frauds like the Nigerian 419 scam are invitations to wittingly commit crime.

Boilerhouse share touts prey on gullibility and greed.

The victims in most cases deserve no sympathy.

Time to kill the zombie health records


by the way

Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Spotify, Facebook etc all have robust online systems which give secure access to patient, sorry, customer records.

Why does the gov keep wasting squillions on trying to develop health records systems from scratch when they could buy in proven cloud based technology and modify it?

Approaching space object 'artificial, not asteroid' says NASA


Nothing sadly about it.

"sadly not an alien visitor"

The remote peoples we Europeans visited over the centuries - the native Americans, the Africans, the Malays, all the aborigines of the world.... not to mention all the other native species on the other four continents... would really have preferred we hadn't bothered.

Be careful what you wish for, dudes.

Regent Street blocked by iPad fanboi swarm


Speaking as a fanboi

Well maybe not a fanboi. A fanman. (Aged 59, 1st Mac an SE/30)

A daze of fanbois

A bemusement

A desparation

A clutch

A gollum

A beta

A test

Anyway: I'm going to wait for the next model, like I'm so very glad my wife waited for the revised Mini last year.

Vodafone shocks data users with roaming price rise


Getting hammered

I travel quite a lot and am always getting hammered by data charges, especially when I get forgetful with my beloved iPhone. I'm experimenting with using wifi-only when abroad, and calling via CallGlobal. It's not ideal.

The different kinds of sim cards available are baffling; is there a site around that makes sense of it all?



Granny friendly phones


Nokia 6310

You needs a Nokia 6310 then, send a note to Nokia and get them to start churnin' them out again.


Mac fanbois finally get Carakan of love with Opera 10.52

Jobs Halo

bois 2 men

Speaking as a 60 yr old fan man, I don't mind keeping the fanboi tag for people who defend apple mindlessly or sleep in the cold outside apple centres to be first with the latest toy.

But applied to mac users at large - i e the elect - it is getting old indeed



Still not fast enough...

.... to suck Letterman through AnchorFree though! .... oh well, I can dream..

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban

Jobs Halo

Fan boy getting the creeps

I've been a self confessed Mac fanboy since I proudly lugged home my brand new SE/30 over 20 years ago.

They're starting to creep me out now though, especially the smarmy robotic droids in the Apple Stores.

It's high time they had some competition .... somebody? ... Anybody? (Not you tho Gates, we are talking realistic here!)

Scots unleash world's strongest beer


Bier, mein Arsch

Yeast can't survive in 40% alcohol. So it's not beer. So they shouldn't call it beer (or ale, or IPA) and neither should you.

Aberdonians are a highly confused and primitive bunch anyway. When they mention "ale" they are talking about soda-pop, not anything alcoholic. I suppose they could use this revolting-sounding concoction to wash down the deep-fried batter-coated mealie puddings which they huddle and gnaw to keep body and soul together through the harsh winters in their litter-strewn, municipally vandalised wreck of a formerly proud and beautiful city.