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Sky punts 'truly unlimited' 20Mb/s broadband

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the catch is.

with the DEB bill in action there's nothing you can use it on legally.

Last.fm now offers Less.fm

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thank you very fu***** much! USA only as per fu**ing usual


We're sorry but due to licensing restrictions, MOG All Access is not yet available in United Kingdom

Very good brilliant and here we go again another god damn service which is not available in the uk like everything else

Last.FM was the only place on the net which was not restricted from people in england and now you've took all this away from us....

Try spotify yea its invite only so thank you very much too since i dont have an invite brilliant just brilliant

oh well screw it back to torrents and p2p this is total crap talk about reason for piracy this is it!!!! why is it everyone else around the world gets to listen to entertainment and watch it for free but not in the uk

screw it

A user's timetable to the Digital Economy Act

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OMG shut up about Spotify

Jesus!! all these MP's and the industry never shut up about "Spotify" being a legal free alternative

now people here are saying Spotify a legal free alternative please just shut up about it!

1. IT IS NOT FREE it is Invite ONLY this means you have to already have a friend on the inside who's bought or paid a subscription to the service can only invite you since they get 1 or 2 free invites per term they re-new the subscription.

This service is completely useless to me and millions of others who do not all ready have a friend on the inside to invite you.

but MP's and all the legal idiots keep going on about well there should be no need for illigal music sharing we have a great free service available spotify..

they know as much about digital media as they know about IP and not Interlectual Property addresses which made me laugh so hard and cry so much knowing these guys are the ones trying to put down laws on things they don't even have the first clue about.

Sky blames network problems for site blocking

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might of been a mistake now but not when this DEB bill passes.

Might be a real mistake now but when this bill passes in the uk rapidshare and all sites @ 1201am will be blocked by the isp and any other site that helps facilitate sharing of copyrights.

its full of crap but your going to find all access to these sites restricted and when you fly at the isp

waiting for the issue to be resolved they will tell you sorry the law now requires us to block access on our network and thats that done.

Want to know more then google about the Digital Economy bill ready to be rushed though Parliament

MS botches Office 2010 prices, hikes Professional by £30

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lol 400 pounds haha

i've seen it all now ... 400 + pounds for an office suite???

lets see 400 + pounds or open office which does everything 2010 does but for free?

real tough choice....