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Sony hack reveals password security is even worse than feared


yup thats expected

I once worked in a IT repair shop, a woman came in saying she had forgoten her password and could i reset it, while reaching for my copy of ERD i noticed a post-it sticking out from under the battery, on there was every password she used with usernames and descriptions!

I have 4 passwords ranging from dont give a monkeys (no offence but el'reg is in that cat :p) up to a 28 charcater alphanumericsymbolic password which i honestly have to sit and think about before typing in this is used exclusivly for anything to do with money.

Its common practice to use a short simple password for most things my PSN password required me to press right and up that was it because using a controller is a pain in the arse :p

but it was only used for PSN and my credit card details were not logged so there we go.

Live IT or die by IT never has it beared more truth.

Fujitsu embiggens Eternus

IT Angle

He is correct!

Eternus is Fujitsus own technology the SX range where DotHill systems with some additional fujitsu toys thrown in.

In terms of raw performance theres not alot out there that competes with fujitsu theres a brilliant datasheet somewhere on the net done by synecon which compares the DX80 with Dell HP and IBM storage systems.


Ofcom awards fastest 3G mobe-data crown to O2


are you sure?

i was on o2 for 4 years in 3 different CITIES in the UK and never once did i get decent speeds! i moved to Vodafone and now live in the sticks and i get decent 5/6Mbs every day! (according to the speed test app on the iphone)

so i disagree with ofcom, anyone surprised by that?

Vodafone's network knackered by thieves


Back up in basingstoke

Came back about 20 mins ago no data though just voice sms is working but is being very slow.

Top Ten Retro PC Games



quite frankly if you dont have have day of the tentacle in there somthings is wrong.

if you want to move into the later days counterstrike 1.6? long ago in my past this was the most played game of any LAN and still today has a bigger following than CSSource

HP buffs up its new big iron


But it will still be rubbish

HP have tried this countless times playing catch up behind the rest of the world 64 core is a zone few people bother to play in as you can achieve better results for your buck in the 32 core sector, think about it HPs last attempt to be the biggests was the DL785 G6 which fell onto its face 15 days later when Dell sent the R815 to be benchmarked and both of these systems score a moderate result.

But then the next generation of processors roll out and they are both sat in a corner smelling slightly of wee and wearing a silly hat, in rolls the Westmere generation form Intel (Xeon 56xx)

and now the 32 core area of the market is king, and who sits on top of that mountain?

None other than the sausage munchy rather effiencent german based Fujitsu Technology with the RX600S5, why not have a look at this el'reg? rather than checking out the mediocure end of the market?

dont believe me? Have a look yourself


its a good read.

I disregard the Cisco as its more expensive than the sun and isnt mass produced.

Northamber musters 'cautious optimism'


Isnt this the same company...

That said the industry was ruined and we were in for a long recovery?

Why do el'reg insist on interviewing this "vetren" disti and ignore the ones that have shown growth during the recession?

Apple kills browse-and-get-hacked bugs in iOS


He has a point

No really he does you people are insane, you dont download the patch to your phone you download it to your MAC / PC and install it via that nice white cable.

But untill apple fix the proximity sensor im sticking with my jailbroken phone ta ;)

Oracle and HP make a deal for Solaris on ProLiants


can i just say

That made me chuckle so thanks :)

He has a point though!

Ofcom smites silent callers


number bashing

I read somewhere that if you receive these calls do hash astrix over and over ie *#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*# etc and the dialer thinks its hit a fax number and you are removed from the data base.

I havnt tested this as of yet but i have a old mobile thats still alive i did a quote on money supermarket, elephant etc and i was litterly receiving 20 calls aday upto 10:30PM (cut of should be 9:30 i think) but i would advise using bogus numbers when using these services.

Its a shame that they are allowed to sell your details so freely dispite assuring you they wont its a tad suspicious that you enter a number into these websites and 5 days later your being spammed senseless.



Note to Captain Kirk: Warp speed will kill you



Ok so hydrogen kills, give him a nobel prize

the theory of warp speed is that space is compressed to allow the ship to move.

hence why in voyager when tom paris breaks the warp 10 barrier he ends up being in all places at one time, because he has colapssed space into his warp field.

the deflector moves things out the way, there bassard (SP) collectors collect up things that they want to reuse, the necelles generate the field hence them being symetricle allowing for a equal two bubbles to merge into one big field of protection.

Star treks theory was all based on possible achiements.

if you own the star trek (2009) on bluray go watch the extras disk it covers alot of the theory behind space travel.