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Facebook updates iOS app, still poking around for mobile dollars

Peter Holroyd

Make the app before you make money

It sounds like Facebook are 12 months away from a useable app, at which point they can monetise the dam things. Which means shareholder confidence and consumer satisfaction will both be on the floor along with their share price by then.

Are Zuckerberg and co making it up as they go along or is there actually a plan?

Do you work in IT at RBS? Or at the next place to get hit ...?

Peter Holroyd
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Fantastic article

I've 33 years IT experience and this article is spot on.

I just need to find a suitable place to store the bookmark

Enterprise IT's power shift threatens server-huggers

Peter Holroyd

Cloud - Use on demand utility

The adoption of the cloud will take a rocky road but it will eventually win the day.

Many will claim it will be the economies of scale, highly specialised staff catering for all aspects of application support, deployment and security but I believe the major reason why it will win the day is the large cloud providers are publicly accountable. Amazon went down for 3 days a few months ago and as a result it will learn, recover and you can bet Jeff Bezos retirement fund that the lessons learnt have been absorbed quickly.

Why Android houses should give Google the 'fork you'

Peter Holroyd
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Good article

The question of will the handset manufacturers put the effort in to deliver a handset/software/cloud experience then I think we know the answer will be no they won't!

The Cloud is the extra element here that takes the smartphone and turns it into a really useful service and can help people stand out from the Android crowd. My guess is that other people will deliver joined up solutions by leveraging the cloud to their advantage.

HP plucks webOS team out of departing PC division

Peter Holroyd

Who's in charge

The good engineers will leave but those in charge who delivered a pile of junk will remain to build another pile of junk.

Microsoft plans to open 75 retail stores in US

Peter Holroyd

Win/Office - Wince for short

Have Microsoft got a strategy to replace Win/Office. If they have then perhaps they have named it the Wince strategy. Anyone else got an apt name for Microsoft's strategy going forwards?

Peter Holroyd

Addressing the consumerisation!!!

Turner said Redmond's 11 outlets in the US were giving it a better handle on "addressing the consumerisation of IT"

How can even Microsoft have missed the consumerisation that has been happening over the past few years. They still want 3 years to catch on to what is happening. Well Mr Ballmer and Mr Turner, here's letting you into a secret - you never will catch on will you.

I completely agree with Peter 39's comments - words out of my mouth

ICO concerned over interception modernisation programme

Peter Holroyd

Does monitoring our snail mail come next?

If the government suggested intercepting everybody's snail mail in this country there would be marches to Downing Street. Fortunately for our Government most people in this country are technically niaive so they have a chance of getting this passed.

Agreeing with comments already made above, why on earth would a terrorist use a method of communication our Governement can intercept? Our Government's claims that they are protecting us actually makes matters worse because the terrorists bypass all security and everyone takes their eye off the ball because the Government are reportedly doing such a fantastic job!

Microsoft plays favorites in Windows Phone 7 cloud picks

Peter Holroyd
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The desktop still features!

Microsft states there will be three screens and a cloud and one of those screens it the desktop!

I find this an astonishing statement from Microsoft. My contention is that the desktop is Microsoft's achillies heel. This outdated concept offers less and less to modern users and at some stage someone like Google will displace the desktop entirely with what is essentially a portal to the Internet. This new configurable internet dashboard would have dynamic connections to the internet reporting back from social media sites and from internal systems and bring the desktop alive and making it useful

If the desktop is stolen away from under Microsoft's nose then their stranglehold on our industry will be broken. Their annual profits depend so much upon shipping Windows and Office so Microsoft ought to sort out the desktop themselves before someone else does it for them. But then again innovation is not the name of the game at Microsoft is it so I'm not waiting with baited breath

How not to screw up an ERP implementation

Peter Holroyd

Germany ? - banging heads together

I've been working with and installing ERP systems for 31 years now and have worked out that by the time you have to bang heads together it is all a bit too late in the day and as you rightly pointed out there is around a 50% chance that it is your own head that will get banged

Without a fundamental buy in by the owner/ceo/equivalent then the managers down the tree will start to make their own decisions and possibly 'walk away' from the project when the going gets tough.

The first conversation to be had with the owner/ceo is that if they are not prepared to give their commitment to the project and support this through doing the appropriate head banging then the project should never start.

Anyone on the supply chain will NEVER have this conversation with the owner/ceo because they fear they will lose the sale. They spot this lack of buy in as a money making opportunity and are very much aware that confusion will occur down the line and will protect themselves at all costs. Many Consultancies have made a lot of money over the years by being past masters at fleecing the Customer. They have had years of experience in doing it whilst the Customer is still relatively inexerienced.

ERP sans frontières

Peter Holroyd
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Negative comment

How can someone fire off a negative vote for a very sensible article?

Having read some of the previous articles I see that some people are struggling with the term ERP and other such basics. That being the case then I can understand how someone as clueless as this can completely miss the point of the article and put in a random vote

I have been working with Internet based ERP/Manufacturing systems for 13 years and have watched the rise in confidence of Internet based systems during this time and it seems clear to me that the time is right for ERP's to come out of the back office and start to integrate better with the rest of the world. I think this article raises an interesting debate that if people engage with in the right manner then will be useful in helping people better understand the potential future of ERP systems

As a side poit I think the £140M sounds like a vast underestimate to the cost of businesses for their poor data quality.

MPs, Lords ask if Mandybill is human rights friendly

Peter Holroyd
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Will people like Google be cut for copyright breaches

Google are continually under attack for copyright breaches. Will the government really give them the count of three and then out? I don't think most people will see that happening

It will be one rule for big business. and one rule for the small guy who has little recourse to challenge the government.

It won't be long before the Internet suspension is replaced by another on the spot fine for reconnection. In other words the government have another fund raising arm whilst at the same time justify having access to all those juicy ISP log files they so cherish


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