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LIGO cranks up the sensitivity to sniff out gravitational waves

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Well my dear...

We really had to reverse the polarity

Datacenter fire suppression system wasn't tested for years, then BOOM

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Re: Tempt fate

Basil Fawlty old chap. Derek and Clive would be slightly more rude.

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Re: Tempt fate

Do you know what that fire extinguisher did? It exploded in my face. I mean, what is the point of a fire extinguisher? It sits there for months, and when you actually have a fire - when you actually need the bloody thing - it blows your head off! I mean, what is happening to this country? It's bloody Wilson!

Pixies keep switching off my morning alarm, says Google Pixel owner

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Re: .. Boots ..

I gotta believe ya

Universe-mapping Euclid satellite arrives in US ahead of July launch

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"Euclid's 1.5 million kilometer trip would have begun in Russia and not necessitated an additional leg of 5,170 nautical miles"

Oh dear, mixing measurement standards again? I think we all know what happened previously.

Major decision on GDPR compensation rights expected soon

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Re: The easy way to avoid being sued for data breaches

What was probably meant is that only the lawyers will get a decent income from this, the clients may get a quid or two each; that is the value of our privacy.

Microsoft nopes out after Twitter starts charging $$$ for API access

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Re: act like his parent???

Sorry, replying to my own post;

It probably wasn't a test tube, just one of those teeny-weeny things one sees on csi or some similar Yankee crap tv shows where everything works so quickly and easily.

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act like his parent???

I am not even sure this moron ever had parents, probably came from a test tube implanted in a pig brain.

SpaceX's second attempt at orbital Starship launch ends in fireball

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Re: Complexity ≠ Reliability

Gordon, the resonance cascade...

Sandia opens up ultra-fast X-ray cameras to speedy shutterbugs

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That wouldn't be Black by any chance would it?

Wannabe space 'superpower' UK tosses £1.6M at eight research projects

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what does a kwarteng-truss hold up?

Oh yeah, economic and social improvements/growth.

'Brittle' Twitter suffers bad case of the Mondays: Links, pics, vids fail

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I can only upvote once, thanks for the reminder of this great, prescient story.

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This pasty-faced idiot makes even Ballmer and Ellison seem normal and that is saying something.

I wonder if hs murkiness/muskiness has some get out clause in the loans he used to buy shitter that he gets all his money back if he kills the "service."

What a pedo-guy.

50 lines of Bash to bring a Wordle fan out of their shell

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Prior art?

Is this just not a "modern" version of the old Mastermind coloured peg game from the 70's? I seem to remember having an electronic calculator-shaped variant as well many, many, many years back.

Lack shame? Fancy some festive Windows knitwear? We've got your back

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it can only be 1 thing

Lots and lots of pretty (horrible) shiney ribbons

NASA mulls restoring Saturn V to service as SLS delays and costs mount

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Re: Sensible idea


A great episode.

Is that a typo? Oh, it's not a typo. Ampere really is touting an 80-core 64-bit 7nm Arm server processor dubbed Altra

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Damn you...

that's not fair, that's my line.

Would-be .org gobbler Ethos Capital promises to keep prices down in last-ditch effort to keep $1.1bn deal alive

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Oh wow, 10million for community projects! What does that buy these days, 50 yards of hs2? Or am I being optimistic?

Social media notifications of the future: Ranger tagged you in a photo with Tessadora, Wrenlow, Faelina and Graylen

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I was going to name my son amanfrommarsv2 but then realised I could grep our illustrious commentard and would not understand my son for several years. He's now known as "Lucky."

There's something fishy going down in the computer lab

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Tuna great comment. You should all be pun-fished with tuna awful word-plays. Tuna net must be creaking. If you ever do that again tuna powers that be will be bloody swimming mad.

NAS advice needed

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NAS advice needed

Hi commentards,

In the next couple of weeks or so I would like to get a NAS box for my home network. It will serve just the two of us (yes, a woman is my partner!!!)

I would like a partition for the two of us to use and also a private partition each for work-related storage.

Over the years I have heard some horror stories about bugs and ease of access from stupid kiddies trying to find - well, whatever they get their kicks from.

Could any of you amazing people recommend a reasonably priced NAS box that fits my use reuirement?

Many thanks


Mission Extension Vehicle-1 launches to save space from zombie satellites

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Re: "a rescue makes more economic sense"

You forgot to add telephone sanitizers and hairdressers.

That time Windows got blindsided by a ball of plasma, 150 million kilometres away

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Watch who you call...

a grey crusty you insensitive clod.

When it comes to DNS over HTTPS, it's privacy in excess, frets UK child exploitation watchdog

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Re: The ol' Dual-Use Problem

As many of you said, anarchy is an ideal situation but sadly a pipe dream. Human nature will always cause it to fail.

I’m reading Pyotr Kropotkin at the moment, he laid the foundations of anarcho-communism.

After I left the RAF and discovered acid, I formulated my own, personal political code. I realised that there is little the individual can do to change the political system but the only person over whom I had or wanted any control was myself.

My code is simple.

1 - Imposing your will upon others and allowing them to impose their will on you is fascism.

2- Refusing to impose your will on others and allowing others to impose their will on you is anarchism.

To be an anarchist, one should also be a pacifist, be willing to work cooperatively for the common good and have a strong sense of social responsibility.

I am happy to obey the laws made for the good of society.

I am equally entitled to ignore the laws made that are only there for the state to control the individual’s freedom of thought or action.

My favourite definition of an anarchist is anyone who opposes the suppression of any person or group of people by any other person or group of people.

Take care

Fixes for Windows 10 arrive (for Insiders, soz) and covers are pulled from Edge for macOS

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Duckduckgo on Firefox 67

Has anyone else had problems getting search results displayed (brief flash of results page then blank browser window) since the 67.0 firefox update? All my extensions are working again but ddg search screwup is damn annoying.

Comcast – the cable giant America loves and trusts – confirms in-home health device to keep tabs on subscribers

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Re: The basic idea may be sound

Whenever I see or hear that name the great Frank Zappa pops into my head:

Is Doctor Koop a man to trust?

It seems at least that Reagan must

(And Ron’s a trusting sort of guy –

He trusts Ed Meese

I wonder why?)

The harbingers of Doomwatch: Quist is quite the quasi-Quatermass

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Re: God!!!!

Same here old chap, have a double diamond on me! (At least the beers are better now)

Larry's steely grip on Oracle led to 'conflicts of interest' in NetSuite buy-out, court told

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Re: Shock and horror!

With the Bristol Slapstick Festival on I wouldn't mind watching Larry "Larry" Ellison, Steve "Curly" Ballmer and John "Moe" McAffee bash the hell out of each other on stage.

Devs see red after not seeing Big Red on Stack Overflow database poll

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This will go off-topic, sorry...

I am getting so fed up with many sections of the populace that complain about non-inclusivity; this does not apply to access for the disabled or anything similar, it is about those complaining or wishing to force things being included in surveys or the "fact" that some companies are shoved into positions where they have to do/say/acknowledge* all.

I, myself, am disabled yet I don't worry about access issues or, being a vegetarian (that is not my disablilty) nothing of interest on menus et.c. What really annoys me and grinds my gears (thanks Homer) is being told to do something which is completely contrary to logic - why should I have to have a certain number of females on my board, why should I need to employ BAME?

I want to employ people based on merit and their skillsets, if that means all my staff are black single-mothers in wheelchairs then that is fine by me - I will NEVER accept being forced to employ anyone by the gubbermint just so they can hit their own targets.

The above all boils down to - if Oracle is missed off the survey who gives a flying? It is an SO survey and they can do whatever the hell they want.

End of rant and I am prepared for the flack.


Uber is a taxi company, not internet, European Court of Justice advised

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I am really...

going to miss the common sense rulings the EU have provided in many areas of life and business; I hate to think what protections we are going to lose in human rights, consumer rights and environmental issues in a couple of years - I don't trust any of our politicians to give a damn about non-law makers.

BDSM sex rocks Drupal world: Top dev banished for sci-fi hanky-panky

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I am surprised...

that no-one has mentioned the irony of him being investigated and outed by someone called Purer.

Ad men hope blocking has stalled as sites guilt users into switching off

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personal system

I am running a pi array of 6 boxes between my vm tivo box and the telly training it to recognise ad breaks on a single itv channel atm. The sw I have written warns me when it thinks a commercial break is starting so I can either switch to a news channel or mute the sound on my telly.

I am ages away from even posting the neural or claiming any success, but my ultimate aim is to create something that will switch to a second channel or mute ads once the ad break is recognised. At present , given the various volume changes, on-screen notifiers and other indicators we are succesful around 1.3 to 1.5 percent of ad breaks.

I am hopeful of major identification improvements and, with the right hw engineers, of developing a system that will mute the tv automatically.

Yes, probably vapourware, but it is a project I am conducting at home, in my own time with my own needs and agenda and with no plan to release unless I can get that recognition way higher.

Free smart fridges! App stores in fountains! Plus more from Canonical man

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Re: What use is a smart fridge?

Which malt did you use Tom?

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Re: What use is a smart fridge?

My local tesco keeps bottled ales (hobgoblin, doom bar, old pec etc) in a fridge at the same temperature as lager and cider - bloody sacrilege.

I asked them why and said head office told them, only following orders mein herr.


I know the hobgoblin is only £1.39 a bottle, but having to wait for the mrs to sit on a couple of bottles to warm them is a waste of valuable quaffing time.

CHEERS! Office 2013 now on Wine 2.0

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I wonder if my massive collection of old games, useless in my new win10 box, can now run under linux with wine2?

All the games ran either in xp or (for the older ones) they booted directly from their own cd based os's.

I just wish I could sue m$ for the money I spent on games that still mean something to me, without having to buy them again on dl sources like gog; every game is still pristine, but used, and fully boxed.


Make America, wait, what again? US Army may need foreign weapons to keep up

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I have some...

old bows, sights and arrows if they want, I'll charge the same per item as a "special" spanner

Valley techies to protest outside Palantir – Trump adviser's creepy citizen database biz

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Re: But Trump said...

I wish I could do something to help that poor woman in Scotland that has stood up to "my little trump" for the last 7 years or so. According to online sources she has been denigrated by one of his businesses and had her water supply cut off by them be ause it crosses their land.

The bloke is an odious, evil and disgusting slob; he deserves no respect.

Mr Angry pays taxman with five wheelbarrows worth of loose change

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Death by wheelbarrow


or did you mean DEATH standing in the wheelbarrow aisle at B&Q?

EU wants power to fine behavioural data bad boys and the ad men aren't happy

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When I first went online...

there was no advertising, no porn and no fake news. I had access to information I needed and connected with people that really did share good ideas and saw what a boon the connected world could be. Now I hardly spend any time online, visit only a few sites and fear for the future of what was an amazing idea.

The whole connected world has taken a fearful turn for the worse (iot, so much malware and crime, bullshit from politicians, twitterers that seem to think the world revolves around them et.c et.c)

Perhaps the net has dumbed us so much that as a species we are already accelerating down the path to extinction.

Could YOU survive a zombie apocalypse? Uni eggheads say you'd last just 100 days

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only after an ignoble.

Amazon files patent for 'Death Star' flying warehouse

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if one of these...

bastards got in my way at the rugby while delivering to some lazy wanker or sliced someones head off in front of me I would be slightly miffed and demand a full ticket refund.

WTF is happening to the people on this planet, have we suddenly all become stupid overnight?

Groupon frauds blamed on third-party password breaches

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This reminds me...

of all those american cases where massive sums are paid out, but there is no admission of guilt; so bloody annoying that others are blamed, damn pr shitheads.

When I was younger and got fucked I'd brag about it (most times anyway, I made some dreadful mistakes.)

Ham-fisted: Chap's radio app killed remotely after posting bad review

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"At that point, the customer is free to use another product."

Am I the only one to find that statement odd and arrogant?

UK cops spot webcam 'sextortion' plots: How vics can hit stop

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I have no social media accounts, use disposable email for competitions and shopping, specific mail addys for fora and any email in my non-ISP based account is either from friends and family or ignored and promptly deleted without opening.

That may be OTT or a long-winded way of doing things but my kit has remained free of nasties for a decade and a half.

Vegans furious as Bank of England admits ‘trace’ of animal fat in £5 notes

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Re: Tell you what then,

You're allergic to peanuts? Don't worry there's only a trace amount...oh shit, call the coroner

User needed 40-minute lesson in turning it off and turning it on again

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Re: Can you hold down the power button

I once worked in the actuarial support dept. of a pensions/investment company in Bristol. Employed to provide detailed resonses to clients about their investments and to code stand-alone fortran progs to model new products I eventually became the departments own IT support - first line support, netware server management, daily DAT back-ups etc (the company had a major IT dept. using a mix of Burroughs, Sperry and Unisys mainframes with pc's on user desks)

The incompetence of degree and doctorate actuaries and accountants when it came to IT was incredible; I had to demonstrate how to use a mouse to one guy and finally moved into full-time support functionality when I spent 90% of my time helping my poor dumb colleagues and 10% trying to show clients why their investments were/were not performing as sold.

US citizens crash Canadian immigration site after Trump victory

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Re: How can any decent voter

Well said, sir.

Computer forensics defuses FBI's Clinton email 'bombshell'

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Re: Governmental emails had already been provided

No offence intended to any people of faith; great offence intended to those who claim to be Christian with no idea of what it should mean (footballers crossing themselves and pointing skywards, politicians trying to get votes from the religious, americans that seem to think Christianity is based in old testament revenge teaching rather than, hmmm, what Christ said...)

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Re: Governmental emails had already been provided

Bob, you just lost all credibility citing hannity as a source of anything truthful, he makes the bible look believable.

'Hacker' accused of idiotic plan to defraud bank out of $1.5 million

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+1 for the Jean-Paul Belmondo reference (i still love watching the french language version of "That Man From Rio", great spoof spy/thriller.)