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Watchdog casts an eye over ‘throttling’


Re: Nothing to do with pirates

Uh, huh.

Because everybody knows that bandwidth is unlimited, just like money, and not a contested resource.

Wind now cheaper than coal in Oz: Bloomberg


"The consumer is then given a choice of which grid to use. No subsidies, no cross connection."

A good idea.

Currently 18 Reg readers have downvoted your post and think giving consumers a choice that reflects true cost and reliability is a BAD THING.

I wonder why?

Amazon patents digital resale market


Re: Not a problem ...

So you're an anti-social parasite ripping off artists.

We get it. We really do.

CO2 warms Earth FASTER than previously thought


Re: Relax...

BigYin: "I'm an AGW agnostic"

But as the rest of your comment makes clear, you think humans are evil and we mess up the one thing that matters, Mother Nature. This worries you more than infant mortality rates or poverty - things that make human life crappy.

BigYin: "live with natural rhythms more"

Mate: I've got some crystals to sell you.



It's only a computer model.

And the sound of drunken Aussies plugging their dying Global Warming meme again.

Ocean-seeding experiment re-ignites geo-engineering debate


"Destroying the planet to save it"

Sounds like a good idea - accelerating what nature does anyway.

So scaremongering, bedwetting Greenies like Richard Chirgwin must STOP IT AT ALL COSTS.

Doomsday Clock ticks one minute closer to annihilation


Fill this [ news space ]

Fukishima had a catastrophic meltdown that didn't kill anyone, and the climate shows no significant warming since 1998.

But of course they have to put out their annual scaremongering press release.

Thankyou, The Bulletin of Attention-seeking Bedwetters.

Astronomers map largest ever zone of dark matter


Science in reverse is not science

"The map shows largely what you’d expect, given the current state of theoretical thinking about dark matter"

Which says it all, unfortunately.

Higgs boson hunters have god particle in their sights


Metaphorical science

They have it in their metaphorical sights - if they close their eyes and start dreaming, the particle appears, as bold as brass.

You seem to be clinging to some outdated concept of science in which a test requires observational evidence.

Well, get with the program, old man! It's post-modern science now.

Jimbo Wales ponders Wikipedia blackout


Obviously! in! trouble!

Has someone hidden your Ritalin today, and told you to smack the punctuation keys instead?

Or are you trying to be most knee-jerk, inarticulate poster on El Reg today?


What a performance.

Headmaster freezes schoolkids for Gaia


No, it's babies and children

Virgins in skimpy (or scampy - down boy) bimbo outfits just look better in films.

Which is where you get your history from.

Just who are you and why does it matter?


Multiple personas

>> Perhaps the inhabitants of the Googleplex don't have private lives worth separating, but the researchers compiling Identity Shift don't bring up the issue of how users could present multiple personas online, perhaps because users aren't really doing that yet.<<

Users of bulletin boards, forums (and Wikipedia) have been presenting multiple identities since the days of acoustic couplers. Multiple identities do indeed completely bugger up the best-laid plans to harvest our data.

This is such a serious omission I fail to see how their 'research' is worth reading. Maybe they had decided their conclusions in advance? Which researchers never, ever, do.

Not so fast: Italian boffins say neutrinos not faster than light


Richard Chergwin

Richard wants the Faster Than Light story not to be true, so badly it hurts.

First he said it can't be true.

Then he said it musn't be true.

Can we get back to proper science reporting please?

Give Osborne a shovel: UK economy stuck in deep hole


A £7m Data Strategy Board?

Did I dream there was election and Gordon Brown is still the Prime Mentalist?

Meet the new boss - same as the old boss

World population's appetite TO DOUBLE by 2050, boffin warns


Another science-hating doom monger

Malthus has been refuted by science and technology - you would not be here if Malthus was correct. We learned how to do things better.

Some people don't like progress, and they're usually guilt-ridden middle class idiots.

Punters hate copyright, says Steelie Neelie


Elected bureaucrats?


Kroes is not elected to her post. The OP is correct and you're trying to change the subject.

Get your facts straight mate.

Billions on mobe broadband in Ericsson's dystopian future


Something to celebrate

Cities are great. Life is much less fun in the countryside in a Third World nation -- where you have to marry your cousin.

Only affluent Westerners seem to think the rest of the world should be stuck in the mud forever, and be happy there.

Peat bogs will not cause runaway global warming


Far too sensible

We should go back to using medieval energy sources and pray to Gaia, just like the hippies suggest, in the hope she will Forgive Us For Our Sins.

Cyberspace conference: All talk and no action


PennyRed in disguise?

"And good old liberal capitalism, is that working out the way we all planned?"

The point of "liberal capitalism" is that it isn't planned, markets allocate resources rather than bureaucrats, rather than a command economy. Markets can fail, as we know.

So could the author please learn the basics, or better still, go back to school?

British Library defends flogging of orphaned artwork


Good point

Why should someone ruin their work with a ruddy great big watermark?

It means we can't enjoy the picture. It's like leaving a poo in your car overnight, in the hope it deters car thieves.

How Jobs bent reality with LSD, Apple hype


Diet cures cancer. WTF?

The most interesting thing I've learned is that for a year Steve Jobs tried to treat his pancreatic cancer with diets, fruit juice and acupuncture, and refused surgery.

This is much more revealing than the fact he didn't wash when he was an 18 year old? Very few do. But I suppose we can't have people thinking The Deity was a bit of a dingbat Jehovah's Witness.

Can the iPad save newspapers?


Quick! Give the man some Kleenex

It's very insensitive of Andrew to upset people like this.


OPERA review serves up a feast for physics geeks


Just one thing, Cardinal...

The journalists and their editors worldwide may be clueless idiots - they usually are - but by interpreting the findings of OPERA (if true) as requiring a major paradigm shift in physics, they were simply doing their job.

Shouldn't a real "science journalist" be examining the orthodoxy with the same scrutiny and vigour when the observational evidence undermines the dominant hypothesis? Richard, since this paper has been published you have been beside yourself with alarm and distress that relativity is being questioned, or not as useful as we thought:

>> El Reg: As you might expect, the story has been greeted by “break the laws of physics” and “Einstein wrong!” headlines all over the world. This is both bad science and bad for science, and needs to be dealt with.<<


Relativity didn't "disprove" Newton, while quantum theory has co-existed with relativity. We are always coming up with new and better hypothesis based on observational evidence.

A hypothesis that discards observational evidence is a dogma. You're at risk of sound religiously dogmatic.

Busting net neutrality may amount to spying, says EU

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Spot on

It's a bunch of ignorant idiots trying to decide what to ban next. New Labour never died.


So Eurocrats want new powers!

Can we just torch the place?

Net Neutrality started out as an attempt to control Big Media and Big Telco - now any bureaucrat uses it to justify any power grab of their own. They just make it up as they go along.

Can general relativity explain the OPERA neutrino result?


Scientists ARE the new religious ideologues

If you disagree with their unsupportable hypothesis, you are a heretic and must be cast out of the temple.

Wales says no to outing Wikipedia users on Facebook

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Probably the best description of Wikipedia I've read here

The VTW is spot-on.

Of course the self-important little trolls want POWER but not ACCOUNTABILITY.

Yes, there's a Tech Bubble. But that's OK


Questions we can answer

"Tech windbag glosses over risks associated with tech bubble. Predictable? Credible?"

It's Matt Asay: Predictable YES, Evidence ABSENT, Credibilty ZERO.

Twitter is not a "successful" revenue generating business. Anyone can give away dollar bills for 50 cents.

Al Gore wants to borrow your Facebook and Twitter accounts


Social media is all about faking it


Baidu produces cloned Android, web apps etc


So will Oracle now sue Baidu for patent and copyright infringement?

It has to, really.

Will the looters 'loose' their benefits?


@Cameron Colley

Could you try and post that again in English?



"now obviously i'm a lefty, hippy treehugger, so my point of view is slightly biased."

now obviously I'm a lefty, hippy treehugger, so my point of view can be discounted as sloppy, irrational, and morally bankrupt.

There, Danny. I fixed it for you.

Sky wins TV riot battle


I saw that...

And thought, the BBC employs 2,000 reporters and has to ring up somebody else's to get the news?


HCL discloses 'email deletion' requests from News International


Insert MS Exchange joke here...

"HCL points to thousands of emails being deleted during that period, including the removal of more than 200,000 "delivery failure messages" that the company said were trashed before it could "initiate any action"."

Standard operating procedure for Exchange users.

So basically, there's no story here, but the Grauniad and the BBC are desperate to keep it alive.

Schmaltz-powered Chrome overtakes morally superior Firefox


Android running Chrome??

Don't think so. Hardly any browsing is done on mobile compared to desktop in any case.

Murdoch muscles BBC out of Formula One driving seat



It's all Pay TV now, only with some Pay TV, we have to still pay but there's nothing we want to watch.

There's no point in a compulsory TV tax that doesn't even get us the basics.

Four illegal ways to sort out the Euro finance crisis


Devaluation for one

Fair point, but once countries are in the Eurozone they can't do alot of things normal countries can. They can't devalue to boost their exports, and they can't inflate their way out of debt. Tim mentioned a few more, but they are the main ones.

It was a great idea for only 5-6 countries, but once the Euro-fanatics decided on "enlargement at any cost", and bent their own rules to get Greece in (its application had already been rejected once) it was bound to fail.

EFF backs away from Bitcoin


It's obviously a conspiracy...

... by the fractional reserve banking system

... and probably the Bilderberg group, which met at the weekend...

... and probably lizards, too.

In fact, definitely lizards. Their scaly claw prints are all over this.

Man says he lost $500,000 in virtual currency heist



"I'm proud to pay tax because I realise that tax isn't me giving my money away, but everyone pooling our money to spend on things we all need."

We need more useful idio^H^H^H^H taxpayers like you.


+1 Mr Pountain

Bitcoin will be a pseudocurrency (like Air Miles, Tesco Clubcard Points and Green Shield Stamps) when it's redeemable against something useful, and people who use it have a reasonable guarantee against devaluation and theft.

You don't need the state to do that. Unfortunately, the numpties who think Bitcoin can bring down the fractional reserve banking system (cont'd p94) can't see how to get from Here to There.

Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade


"Well, it does give us 70 years to work out what the Physics of greenhouse gases actually are."

Yep. Panic over.

Time for some real science rather than press releases from people with degrees in Sustainability from the Polytechnic of Lunn.

US state bans Netflix, Napster password sharing


@Number 6

"So you share an email account with your friend "

That's a pretty dumb thing to do.

Darwin at work: the dumbest perish.

Google Go boldly goes where no code has gone before

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Fascinating article

Nicely done.

Ofcom refuses to interfere on powerline networking interference


20 years old?

"Being useless for over 20 years. And we're still going strong."

Useless, yes. But since OFCOM was created on December 29, 2003, your maths needs remedial help.

Apple Mac OS X: A decade of Ten



iPhoto library:

Right click, select "Show Package Contents" - and you're looking at them.

EU copyright database could help reform the laws on orphan works



"Any work incorporating an orphan instantly enters the public domain, except for that part of it which is the orphaned work..."

I like that idea. It could be extended.

I could leave a packet of crisps in your car then claim your car as my property. Vrrrrrrrrroooooom!!

Republicans believe in 'climate change' but not 'global warming'


A left-wing creationist?

But plenty on the Left believe in the End Times, for which sinful mankind is responsible. They believe this on various unproved hypotheses, with faith filling in the gaps where evidence, logic and reason should be.

This differs from the Evanglical God-botherer, how?

Google insists it couldn't have been British. Excuse me?


I see what you're doing there...

It's very clever!

Microsoft, Nokia, and MeeGo: Are they all doomed?

Dead Vulture

Goalposts six inches to the left, kthx

I do not disagree, but you are talking about something else, called risk. Nokia's prospects of success in the market.

The author of the piece wrote (or miswrote) that the smartphone market is growing. This is false.

Sex offenders will get a review – after 15 years

Dead Vulture

Will The Register now change it's name to ...

The SexOffenders Reg?