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Governator outs Dubya's global-warming 'time bomb'


Re: Gareth Irwin

Maybe you should insist your socialist government back off on the added taxes, Gareth.

Steve Fossett dead: Official


Not that big ???

Anybody who doubts this could happen (It's the USA ! It's only Nevada ! It's not that big) have obviously never been there (in Nevada).

There are thousands of square miles that are completely desolate and almost impossible to travel into. Many aircraft have crashed there - only to be found years later by accident. If he truly did go down in there, I'm not surprised one bit they never located him.

BTW, Fossett was very familiar with the Groom Lake area ("Area 51") as is everyone who flies in south Nevada and would never have gone anywhere near it (for a damn good reason <boom>)

Student suspended in gun rights email row


So, Ole...

..according to you, law abiding firearms owners, in an area with a very high percentage of the population as firearms owners, are to be considered "people in distress" ?

Have you, by chance, lived most of your life in a Socialist country ?

Boeing delays 787 Dreamliner



I'm going to guess you work for EADS or another Airbus company...

LAPD patrol cars to get sticky-GPS-tracker cannon?


Jammers ? hahaha

The vast, vast majority of police pursuits concern motorists who make a snap decision to flee when confronted - They don't plan on it when getting in their vehicle. Probably not too many of them will have a jammer in their possession and few are going to notice the impact of one of those devices as they bounce off curbs and other vehicles.

Don't they offer 'Cops' on the UK networks ???

Portable bots get cattleprod zapguns, hover capability


Nick P....

I agree with your comment but...

...the problem is getting the OTHER guy to fight with a sword and shield.

Adversaries have this annoying habit of escalation. Bringing a gun to a knife fight, using long-range rockets to counter your short range aircraft, nuking your conventional forces, ect.

RIAA tried to shake down 10-year-old daughter, suit claims


But, Mr. Treen...

...I seem to remember the RIAA was into dirty legal action well before Bush became President. Are you from the UK ? Maybe you can also blame the Bush administration for the Boston tea party (and the Falklands...).

FCC chairman says ‘broadband for all!’


Sure Disco-Legend-Zeke...

...who needs band plans and allocations ! Make 700 MHz a wild-west of might-makes-right, I was here first and I'm not moving, I'll just run more power and use more bandwidth no-man's land like 2.4 Ghz (and how 5.7 is becoming).

I *think* your complaint is against the "greedy carriers" and I agree ! But, making it available to the public on a no-license basis is asking for serious trouble. If anything, 700 should be put under tight license control, with public-safety given primary use of the majority of the band.

The incumbent carriers have plenty of bandwidth higher in frequency - they just covet 700 because their equipment costs are so much lower (less cells/access points per square mile).


Look at me - I'm a spectrum geek !

Apple's Jobs urges Gore to run for President



...the First Emperor of the Moon and the Inventor of the Environment, Al Gore !"