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TikTok faces $29m fine for 'failing to protect UK kids' privacy'


Seriously ?

This information includes ethnic and racial origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, genetic and biometric data or health data.

Ask a random person in the street for all this information and I honestly think the best you can hope for is the polite response of "Fuck Off!"

But millions of people are handing this information over willingly simply so they can mindlessly access an online cesspit of brain farts

Thanks, but no thanks

Oracle pays $23 million to SEC to settle bribery charges



I love the thin veneer of "Justice Done" here. Charges of bribing officials & Corruption in countries, if we are to be honest is the way business is done in those countries, Are the exec's brought before the courts to answer these charges. Of course not. A nominal fine is paid by Oracle that legally absolves them of any further investigation and the exec's get their bonuses, business continues and sec moves.

I have to wonder if the sec investigators were invited by oracle executives on an all expenses paid trip to the nominated countries, or country of their choice to continue their investigation

Dinobabies latest: IBM settles with widow of exec who killed himself after layoff


Re: Funnily enough...

where extensive experience is considered a plus.

The only extensive experience these so called executives have is ensuring a multi-million dollar contract and enough loopholes that they cannot be held responsible for punching more holes in an already sinking ship.

Extensive experience in taking the reigns and leading a company to real growth and profits, rather than share price manipulation, yeah, not so much

Amazon buys US healthcare chain One Medical for $3.9bn


I can just see it now

An employee of Amazon walks into the Clinic attach to an Amazon store.

The Doc: Only need your employee Id and ALL your history is made available. So what seems to be the problem. Oh quite a bit from the looks of your employee history and spending habits here at the store. And looking at your medical history no surprises there either. I think a regime of pills is just the ticket. Make sure you purchase them from the Amazon owned pharmacy located next Menswear. The pills are made in a country with questionable Quality Control but they are dirt cheap and considering your an employee of Amazon just within your price range.

Patient: Anne, What are you doing here, weren't you supposed to be stacking shelves in fruit & veg

Anne/Doc: Yeah, But the doc is off sick today and they wanted me cover.

British boffins make touchless computing tech on the cheap


Re: Where's the God in this?

Was going to make similar comment. Although it does take the Pron industry to truly realise the full value of new tech

IBM talks up AI and hybrid cloud on back of 'solid' Q2


IBM is now a different company from what it once was, Kavanaugh claimed –

A couple of decades ago IBM was a leading brand, with an unofficial slogan of " no one was ever fired for buying IBM". A strong R&D that led the way in many Computer Science disciplines, Solid Product and tech solution base always backed by it's big iron that powered almost every bank, insurance and government agency around the world.

Nowadays, I don't know a company that isn't divesting themselves of anything IBM related. Now days IBM receives more headlines with its' court room dramas than its' product line and tech solutions which are years behind everyone else, R&D that's been stripped to bare bones and a work force that's been treated the same.

Kavanaugh is right IBM is a very different company from what it once was...

Google to pay $90m to settle lawsuit over anti-competitive behavior on the Play Store


You have to admit Google have come a long way from their early "Do no evil" days

Salesforce staff back an end to its relationship with NRA


Re: How do we protect our 2nd amendment & our kids at the same time?

The 2nd amendment is poorly worded, otherwise there would not be so different interpretations.

Yep that's the english language for you. I've Seen whole sections, lines even a single words' meaning/intent in a statute being argued in court.

Keeping your head as an entire database goes pear-shaped


"Why do we pay your Salary?"

Been there done that. My standard reply nowadays is

The fact that you need to ask that question means I'm doing a bloody good job here.

Banks talk big cloud game but few have migrated over 30% of apps


Or just maybe you have to ask

you look at the legacy insurance, superannuation and banking product applications that have been happily whirling away for years/decades running on old iron without an issue. You then look at the cost of porting/hosting it as a cloud service and a very reasonable question arises.

What's the benefit again?

Meta materials: Facebook using AI to design green concrete



I read the story in the hopes that Zuckface was found entombed in concrete.

Accenture announces 'Accenture Song' – not a tune, but a rebrand


Accenture Swan Song

They missed a word !

California suggests taking aim at AI-powered hiring software


So HR staff have been replaced with cold uncaring, faceless, soulless machines with a narrow band of "intelligence"

Yeah, to be honest a distinction without a difference

Happy birthday Windows 3.1, aka 'the one that Visual Basic kept crashing on'


They're the project managers I currently have to deal with, add Captain NoClue and that's the whole senior project team

IBM deliberately misclassified mainframe sales to enrich execs, lawsuit claims


sad really

that the financial ingenuity from the C-suite is the only innovative product I've seen from IBM in the past decade

Chinese drone-maker DJI denies aiding Russia's Ukraine invasion


Re: Not surprising

Depending on how high the drone is, a shotgun will fix the broadcasting/secuirty issue

Working overtime? Those extra hours might not be hurting your wellbeing after all – just don't tell Jeff Bezos or Jack Ma


Re: Sometimes it's just a job requirement

I do mind being pinned down by problem management, 'cause you can't fix that.

You can. It just requires a white van, a roll of carpet, a shovel and a bag of lime

Microsoft wants you to know it hasn't forgotten about Surface


Microsoft wants you to know it hasn't forgotten about Surface

They should, we sure have!

Senior IBMer hit with £290k demand from Big Blue in separate case as unfair dismissal claim rolls on


I think we can exclude IBM as an IT related company now. Honestly, they are comparable to legal houses that are IP or patent holding companies. Suing everyone that crosses their path

Infosys admits it still hasn't fully fixed Indian tax portal

IT Angle

At the time of writing, the politicians who lined up to give Infosys a kicking over the affair remain silent on social media. But individual taxpayers continue to complain.

Ah so....

Politicians have been sufficiently paid off to be quiet. Any fines, legal action or political fall out has been smothered.

Efficient use of "resources" indeed

Stressed-out IT workers, software devs – we're not being funny but have you tried rebooting your breathing?


Re: My work e-mail inbox looks like this

Oh, So you're the new IT starter I haven't been able to say G'day to yet due to the workload. Don't worry I think we will be working together on project #4, It was due last month

IBM's first 7nm Power10 chip arrives in E1080 server system with a wealth of shiny features



The first article about IBM in a long time that is not related to falling profits, being sued by employees for not paying wages/commissions, mass culling of it's workforce or responsible for the major failure of a high profile project.

Chinese prosecutors end investigation into rape claim against Alibaba manager


What a charming little insight into the "justice" system of china

Volkswagen to stop making its best-selling product for Wolfsburg workers: VW-branded sausages


Re: “good food is important"

Of course it's not going to down well. You forgot the ice cold beer

Fired credit union employee admits: I wiped 21GB of files from company's shared drive in retaliation


Court documents indicate that the credit union had "some" of the data backed up

Some, SOME. !

Geez, Understand losing the deltas for that business day. But come on.

I'm not condoning what she did . But two failures on part of the company,

Firstly, disable access when you fire someone.

Secondly, pay for a proper backup / DR strategy

Trial of Theranos boss Elizabeth Holmes begins: She plans to say her boyfriend and COO Balwani abused her


We'll see if the old court saying holds true

When the evidence is on your side, argue the facts.

When the evidence is against you, argue the points of law

When you have no evidence make a speech

I foresee a lot of grand standing by the defence

IBM sued again by its own sales staff: IT giant accused of going back on commission payments promise


Re: I never get tired of saying it

I never get tried of hearing it


Re: Malicious compliance

was going to say the same thing. Nothing says "Pay me my commissions" like no sales for Q2,3 & 4

China welcomed its billionth netizen in the first half of 2021


Any other country not having stats on porn usage I would call bollocks, or is that dressed up as the "short video" numbers

IBM tossed £20m to keep the Trace side of NHS Test and Trace services running

Black Helicopters

Re: Delta?

Live in Sydney Australia. Well "live" is a rather loose term right now. The ever increasing restrictions means the cabin fever has reached a new level.

At this point we are looking around Christmas when our prison sentence will finally end and we can enjoy the new restricted freedoms our gracious government will provide

Infosys CEO hauled in to tell minister why India's tax portal is still a glitchy mess


What's the bet the top management from Infosys now have a notation against their name, that indicates their tax returns get such an invasive audit it would make a colonoscopy look tame.

And to be honest Infosys have screwed plenty of customers and projects in the past, seems only right they get the same treatment

Facebook sat on report that reveals most-shared post for months was questionable COVID story


Well Colour me fuckin' surprised. FaecesBook at it again. This time prettying up a quarterly report to appear what...more socially responsible/acceptable. Hate to break it to you Zuckface. Well technically I'm happy to tell you, any social credits you had were lost long, long ago. Anyone with two neurons realise that delving into your platform is akin to diving head first into the bio bin from the VD Clinic.

Publish the first or second, makes little difference you morally defective idiot.

Trust Facebook to find a way to make video conferencing more miserable and tedious


I'm fine with the cartoonish quality

To be honest most meetings I have to attend are a mix of looney tunes and WWE. As long as I can be represented by Yosemite Sam in the meeting I'm good

Blue Origin sues NASA for awarding SpaceX $3bn contract to land next American boots on the Moon


"outcomes must be addressed to restore fairness, create competition"

Restore fairness : Well in fairness Jeff baby, your solution hasn't even made it to the ISS. Is everyone suppose to wait while you try to catch up?

Create competition: Jeff, do you need a dictionary? Look it up, you were "Competing" against Space X and lost. Your solution was in all aspects inferior. You were delivering less and charging more. In essence you are not "value for money".

Good news: There's a slightly increased chance of asteroid Bennu hitting Earth. Bad news: It's still really slight


No need. The combination and quantity of drugs he has taken has made him immortal

$600m in cryptocurrencies swiped from Poly Network

Black Helicopters

Re: Blew my mask off my face

You hear it all the time on the nightly news. Police urge the offender(s) to turn themselves in. It is only a matter of time before we catch up with you.

It rarely works.

In this instance the better threat would be.

"Whilst we present a legitimate business, in reality a majority of our clients are criminal enterprises. You have stolen the ill gotten gains from dozens of drugs cartels and criminal syndicates. Would you prefer the tender mercies of the Chinese government or hunted down by our customers?"


“Law enforcement in any country will regard this as a major economic crime and you will be pursued. It is very unwise for you to do any further transactions"

Interesting question: I'm not aware of any country that recognises digital currencies as legitimate currency, So is this a financial crime? You don't get government backed guarantees as you do with that country's issued "dollar". Computer intrusion crime definitely. Theft, maybe, financial crime, debatable. If they do ever catch the guy/girl it would be an interesting test case in court. Well for those countries that have a semblance of innocent until proven guilty.

Apple is about to start scanning iPhone users' devices for banned content, professor warns


Re: Semantics

Don't you dare belittle an Australian kids icon Mr Squiggle

Paperless office? 2.8 trillion pages printed in 2020, down by 14% or 450 billion sheets


Re: "Paper per se isn't so much of a problem(...)"

Watch out for those Drop Bears!!!

Customers warn Gartner of AWS's high-pressure sales tactics in latest verdict on public cloud providers

IT Angle

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Ironically, if I was to plot the relevance of a Gartner quad report in any IT professionals decision making process it would have to be in the bottom far left of the box.

Ecuador shreds Julian Assange's citizenship


Re: I apologise unreservedly …

Julian Assange is just like Fosters beer & ford vehicles.

We export the crap we don't want to the rest of the world. We certainly don't want him dumped back on our front step

Anyone fancy a Snowmobile full of Bags O'Crap? It'll be on the list somewhere


Re: Bottle o' Pee

Just lay the ground work and say you identify as a pregnant woman.

Spanish cops cuff Brit bloke accused of playing role in 2020 celeb Twitter hijacking


Re: Why not ask UK?

Whilst the UK does bend over the barrel , just like Australia , for the U.S. It does tend to adhere to certain rules of law. This tends to annoy the U.S as they need to answer some very prickly questions. Like what evidence do you have? Can you prove chain of custody? You know rules of law that "innocents until proven guilty" enjoy in the civilised world.

So they prefer countries where they just throw the victim, oops sorry - criminal over the fence in the hopes the U.S. will leave them alone, or give them stuff.

Troll jailed for 5 years after swatting of Twitter handle owner ends in death


If the screws could lose the key to this human stains cell that'll be great

India IT minister denies illegal use of NSO Pegasus spyware

Black Helicopters

but the email address provided for media inquiries – for a staffer at "high stakes public strategy firm" Mercury – returned a "User address unknown" error.

But they know you , now. Grab your tin foil hats boys and girls !

Gung-ho tank gamer spills classified docs in effort to win online argument


Re: Achievement Unlocked!

Some people will do anything to platinum a game

Facebook pulls plug on mind-reading neural interface that restored a user's speech


Thanks Zuck - you low life

Rarely have I thought of causing serious injury to a person. Definitely not a fan of Zuck or faecesbook before the story, after reading it, I would have no problem punching the guy in the face repeatedly. Literally pulling the plug because they wouldn't make money quick enough, what a fucking lowlife

Microsoft solicits Clippy comeback – later reveals it had already decided to bring back the peppy paperclip


The wisdom of Instgram, Clippy, Office 365

I took me a moment to realise something was different. Yep it was that last tiny spark of hope i had left, just went out.

Imagine a world where Apple shacked up with Xerox in the '80s: How might it look today?


Re: Alternate, alternate history

And Macfee the stone cold sober vegan eating Anti virus mogul enters politics and becomes president

What is GitOps? This is the technical introduction you've been looking for


Re: But wasn't the cloud supposed to simplify things?

Well, of course it does. Just not for you. it simplifies the red tape the supplier needs to cut through to screw you over. It certainly simplifies the negotiation process when you have terabytes of data on "their" cloud solution and they decide to up the price. Particularly when you start to add up the exit fees.

All in all the suppliers find things much simpler when you're in the cloud