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Brexit text-it wrecks it: Vote Leave fined £40k for spamming 200k msgs ahead of EU referendum

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Re: Dodgy behavior by Vote Leave?

Because being a Brit I always think of it as that, as much of an oxymoron as it is!

C’était un vote sur l’heure d’ete

Have a vote up on me for giving me a giggle

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Re: Dodgy behavior by Vote Leave?

Like a recent public vote in France a few weeks back on BST

A. Keep as is changing hour twice a year

B. Abolish changing the hour

If B is majority vote, which do you prefer

1. All time winter hour

2. All time summer hour

With examples given for what that implies in reality

I voted A then 2 because I don’t want B but if that’s the majority give me 2 because I want daylight in the evening not in the morning

Simple vote with no ambiguity

RIP 2019-2019: The first plant to grow on the Moon? Yeah, it's dead already, Chinese admit

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Highly unlikely

Noone on Earth can get Drosophila embros into storage like vertebrate embroys. Hence why the good guys at Bloomington stock center do a stirling job of turning live Drosophila stocks every month to provide the world with the mutants.

That said given that a Drosophila embryo hatches into a larva after 24h, I’m guessing they are in fact unfertilised eggs and not embroys given that the mission was unmanned...

Microsoft menaced with GDPR mega-fines in Europe for 'large scale and covert' gathering of people's info via Office

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Re: What about Windows 10 that Office is sitting on?

Depends- global annual turnover or Europe? Judging by how much tax these monoliths pay, their declared euro turnover is quite small irrespective of how big their actual euro turnover is

iFixit engineers have an L of a time pulling apart Apple's iPhone XS

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Wot no link to teardown?


the guts and glory: https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPhone+XS++and+XS+Max+Teardown/113021

British broadband is confusing and speeds are crap, says survey

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" they could buy FTTC ~50Mbps but think it's overpriced and don't/can't afford to."


FTTH may be overpriced, but here FTTC is 15€ a month and provides 350Mbs with TV and phone included. YMMV

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" they could buy FTTC ~50Mbps but think it's overpriced and don't/can't afford to."

FTTH may be overpriced, but here FTTC is 15€ a month and provides 350Mbs with TV and phone included (400Mbs advertised). YMMV

Ordinary punters will get squat from smart meters, reckons report

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Re: No, thank you.

"Just how much do you think can be saved by not having a man read the meter once a year?"

Probably quite a lot if you give that job to a woman… much more efficient

British unis mull offshore EU campuses in post-Brexit vote panic

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"Ironically for English speakers, one of the most prestigious forms of education in France is the 'école normale'..."

And then you have the ENS - the "Superior Normal School". There's always one that has to try outdo the other by coming up with a posher name ;)

BTW, the remark about it being a nightmare in France for offshoring unis would likely be due to the loi de Sauvadet which automatically converts a contracted position into a permanent position after 6 years. Not a bad system for private companies (prevents the eternal contract), but in higher education, it's a nightmare as your "employer" is the entire French higher education system. So impossible to go from from one uni to another as its the same "employer".

Furious English villagers force council climbdown over Satan's stone booty

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A rock in the road???

And nobody questions why the road was built around the rock in the first place?

That's what you get when you subcontract. Lazy shoddy arse work

Why should you care about Google's AI winning a board game?

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Re: Shall we play a game?

But it is learning in the way a human does since it is confined to the boundaries of the programme a human wrote. The real "I" comes from the realisation of its limits (in this case being it can only play Go) and doing something about it. But then that's why it will always be called artificial intelligence.

Apple fires legal salvo at FBI for using All Writs law in iPhone brouhaha

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Re: "the world will not end"

Changing the icloud password prevented remote deletion of the iphone's contents through logging into icloud.com->erase iphone content.

However, apple's response on that is interesting - if changing the icloud pass prevented auto-backup of information, then shirley the iphone already created a backup before the pass was changed. Ergo, apple has the required info in it's icloud storage servers.

It also begs the question, what exactly is backed up from an ios device apart from the small number of items checked/unchecked in settings->iCloud that can be useful for law enforcement

Apple backs down from barring widow her dead husband's passwords

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Acces to email?

I'm guessing the issue here is being unable to reinstall fresh OS as a new pad without removing "Find My iThing" for which you need your iCloud pass.

It would have been easier to have access to his email through his ISP and then go to https://iforgot.apple.com/ to reset the icloud pass.

Unless he used only his @icloud.com email as his one and only account.

'Get a VPN to defeat metadata retention' is good advice. Sometimes

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Blame the telcos

I put my distrust in the telcos for this - I get 4G+ on my phone with speedtest mobile app showing 80MB+ on download and 45MB on upload. Tether my laptop to the phone on classic or vpn and I can only get 10MB down and 1MB up.

They don't want data hungry computers sucking up all their bandwidth

iPhone 6 gives bloke 'painful, lumpy' skin condition in trouser storage

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Re: Pure gold is the least reactive metal...

My missus is allergic to it though. She breaks out in a rash to 9 or 18 ct gold jewelry (probably the impurities), but silver has no effect.

I certainly aint complaining!

Feeling sweary? Don't tell Google Docs

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Re: "or the Austrian village "Fuck"."

That's a long way from Pussy in the French Alpes


I see it at least twice a year and it's always cold there. Even the Torrent of Pussy that passes through it is always frozen.

French hacker besmuts road sign right under Les Plods' noses

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Re: "the Francophone hacker"

Beaucoup me demande

Beaucoup de personnes me demandent

Donc il a raison Mr grammar police

Perhaps middle-aged blokes SHOULDN'T try 34-hour-long road trips

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Re: Lane merging

The other thing common on continental motorways which I really miss in the UK is the restriction of trucks (7.5t and up) to lane 1 at peak periods and at all times on many two lane sections.

How about at major holiday weekends, banning trucks altogether from motorways, like in France?

Andy 66

badge is free

You pay for the badge, but not in the way you presented it - the badge is free and if you don't use it, you pay nothing. The month you use it, you are charged €2 for that month (plus the toll fees you pass through of course).

If you've ever travelled les autoroutes on a black weekend (major holiday times), you'd be like me and happily pay the €2 for that month - cuts at least 15 minutes off your waiting time at each major toll - just sail through the toll at 30km/h while the others join the 1-2km queues.

20 years on: The satirist's satirist Peter Cook remembered

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And The W*nker's coming with a late run!

...and now it's back to topless darts at Roehampton.

CEO Tim Cook sweeps Apple's inconvenient truths under a solar panel

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Re: "...concrete used has finished outgassing..."

except in the source of the energy required to make the cement, which accounts for 40% of the CO2 released. Not sure ingassing from cured concrete will absorb that much...

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Re: Replaceable battery

I've had to change the original batteries in an iphone 3G (after 4 yrs work and a nightmare to change), iphone 4 (after 2.5yrs work and relatively easy to change) and an iphone5 after 14 months of work (and a frikken nightmare to change resulting in cutting the volume connector cable trying to pry the battery up from the glue, resulting in an even harder volume connector cable swap).

I don't live anywhere near an Apple store (nearest is 680km away) and the costs in a local store (€100) are too expensive for a good quality battery that costs around €25

So yeah, easy replaceable batteries wouldn't be too hard an issue, especially since all 3 models above have their battery located in a dedicated place.

Anatomy of OpenSSL's Heartbleed: Just four bytes trigger horror bug

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Does the leak cross services?

given a situation of a server running openssl for email authentication and openssl for apache, can apache be exploited to reveal email passwords or is the information stored in memory restricted to that service (apache)?

What's up with that WhatsApp $19bn price tag? Answer: Voice calls

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Personal SIP line + iSIP == Ideal

For quite a while now, I've had a SIP line at €1/mo that allows unlimited international calls (upto 1hr) that I use with the rather excellent iSIP app.

Not free, but at €1/mo for two concurrent calls is good enough for me and my family.

AWS imposes national borders on Cloudland

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We all know IP geolaction is bullet proof

A couple of years ago I moved ISP to OVH and was given an IP that geolocated on all databases to Russia. OVH replied the block was formerly Russian and they'd work to resolve the problem, but it still took 18 months to remove...

A good example of geofencing fail.

Murdoch calls for world+dog to 'expose' Google

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Re: Your description fits Microsoft more than Google.

"Google doesn't have anything in France, so how Google can violate French laws is a bit confusing."

So why did I see a white citroen blazened with 'Google for pros' on it in the G colours whith a rather attractive woman driving while coming home tonight?

Google are very much present in France pushing their ad revenue stream...

Adobe hit by 'sophisticated' mega hack ransack

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Re: At first

I recently purchased an iphone for the first time in an Apple Store (regent st - first time in apple store, not iphone purchase). The only ever other time I've purchased an Apple product with my existing card is on the Apple.fr website last year for my wife's iphone.

Fanboi jokes aside, I was shocked that the salesfloor dear, after she swiped my card she asked if I'd like my receipt to my email (she had the correct email) and made a remark about the fact I had purchased 2 iphones in 1 yr that showed she had my purchase history on that shitty handheld terminal, after only a swipe of my cc.

Does make one wonder how they are hashing stored ccards to be able to easily index it to an account and it's purchases, as well as how that damn terminal can wirelessly take my swiped cc and access all that info in a secure manner.

All rivers flow into the sea: Apple holds TEN PER CENT of corporate America's dosh

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Re: Half Time Oranges

It's mathS fer chrissakes.... Maths in the singular sense does not exist since to solve a problem requires >1 input

French data cops to Google: RIGHT, you had your chance. PUNISHMENT time

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Re: Fines are fine

Given how French bureaucracy works, there'll be 6 months in writing the writ, 12 months getting it to be heard at the "cour de cessation", another 24 months of deliberation after both sides have made their stance until a decision can be reached, by which time, 2-3yrs have passed by which time Googles terms have changed so any decision is null and void.

Apple iOS 7 makes some users literally SICK. As in puking, not upset

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Re: A split personality release

Since the inception of OS X 10.0 I followed with amusement yet seriousness about the eye candy and mixed metaphors that the OS introduced, which detracted from the original coveted Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Over time, those problems were erased to an OS that pretty much adhered to those original Jobs-written AHIGs.

Yes I updated to ios7, and boy was I wrong. I am like the others - unlock screen and sudden flash of nausia as everything whooshes into place. I've eliminated all the background effects I can but still this nauseating animation happens. It's a big step back in user interface imo.

Plus why oh why.... On the lock screen, there's an option for emergency calls... Why oh why am I presented with a frikken keypad to amke the call? Who in reality can remember the emgency call number based on where you are in the world? 112 for europe (had to wiki it), 911 in US... Asia? Australasia? The frikken phone knows where I am in the workd, so why not predial it for me?.... If I needed to make an emergency call after an accident in the mountains of Bora Bora and couldn't unlock my phone, am I supposed to know what number to call?

Hardbitten NYC cops: Sir, I'm gonna need you to, er, upgrade to iOS 7

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Re: Absolutely Ridiculous

About 3 yrs ago, my wife had her handbag snatched, iphone and all. After filling out a police report (req'd for insurance re-imbursement) she also gave them the IMEI number as she still had the original box. The plod had no idea what to do with this even though she said they could render the phone banned with it. Nothing was done, and calling Orange was useless as they said it's only the police that can issue the ban.

No idea who's right or wrong, but needless to say some scum made a few bucks from it.

New iPhones: C certainly DOESN'T stand for 'Cheap'

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Re: Affordability my arse

So, in the US the 16GB 5S model is $649, which is ~€500 (to be on the high side), then add 20% VAT (rough european VAT average) == €600.

So why is the 5S 16GB model being offered up for €699???

I ain't bending over Apple - go shaft someone else.

Apple dangles Spangles while Dabbsy's cables rankle

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Never used Windows in my 40 years of existence but my recent iMac purchase left me cmpletely baffled when I wanted to connect an external monitor to it.... The ports at the back were USB and thunderbolt and like the author I'm sick of Apple's attempts at enforcing "standards" through their proprietary means a firewire 400, 800 and whatevever the hell that thing is that charges the new iphonesand. costs a fortune....

Anyway, I searched everwhere to find a thunderbolt to DVI connector (yes the external monitor is an Apple display) and I even went a RTFM.... In the end, two days later after giving up too easily, I heard that the thunderbold connection is the same as the mini-DVI socket on previous macs. I honestly said WTF because not only has the name changed but the symbol has as well, while all the time the actual port is the same!

A quick borrow of a mates miniDVI to DVI adaptor and it was confirmed. I parted with another €40. Yup, fool me once...

I rate this story very highly because of this pure corporate bullshit. It honestly is damned annoying.

Hard luck lads, todger size DOES matter: Official

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Good use of public money

How is this research, funded by public money, in the public's interest? Why was this even funded in the first place?

This is EvoDevo research at its most useless


This project was funded by the Australian Research Council; ethics approval was granted through Monash University (MUHREC Approval CF11/1378 2011000764).


Just grumpy cos my last grant on a cancer project was refused.

And cos I have small hands.

Oh, those crazy Frenchies: Facebook faces family photo tax in France

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they're just pissed...

because the world ignored Minitel.

Wellcome Trust backs boffins in open publishing row

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Why the high costs for Open Access journals?

The costs of publishing in not-for-profit Open Access journals like PLoS are also exorbitant, and inline with the costs of making your Elsevier manuscript OA....


How is that place non-profit? Shirley all there are are admin and hosting costs? for eg, PLoS Biology published 260 papers in the last 12 months, and @$2900/paper == $750k. 6 other journals in the plos range publishing similar numbers of manuscripts and similar(ish) costs, so rough estimate of 4-5 million in revenue per year. They don't pay their reviewers and their editors get peanuts, so how is all this non-profit?

Wikileaks' DNS pulls plug, citing collateral DDoS damage

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They've moved to Switzerland


"AFP - 03/12/2010 à 10:43

WikiLeaks en ligne à une nouvelle adresse après 6 heures d'interruption

e site WikiLeaks, qui publie depuis dimanche des télégrammes diplomatiques américains, était à nouveau en ligne vendredi avec une nouvelle adresse suisse (wikileaks.ch) après six heures d'interruption, a constaté l'AFP à la suite d'une annonce du site sur Twitter.


Sorry, but got that from the French, basically they upped their servers hosting the .org domain that were hosted in Paris and Sweden and moved to wikileaks.ch

Presumably the .org will follow eventually

Chip and PIN security busted

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@Trevor Pott o_O

Don't know what the process is over there, but over the channel you have to activate your card by withdrawing cash at a bank machine. So if you receive your card and never activate it, yet receive charges against that card, you have grounds to oppose them