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iPhone 15 is too hot to handle – and not in any good way


This has been the case for every new iPhone as it is syncing all the stuff that was on your old phone from the cloud. Mine has already returned to normal temps, I'd be surprised if we're still hearing about this next week.

Swiss try to wind up Apple with $25k dumb-watch


Funny how a real watch face, with true depth (and 'always on') makes even the rather bland Apple Watch design that much better.

Phabba-dabba-do: Samsung hypes up Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


You worry too much, nobody's going to take your beloved S3, least of all Samsung.

In fact, Samsung has no interest whatsoever in your opinion, you are not the target audience.

Knock Knock tool makes a joke of Mac AV



Interesting stuff. Although if all true, you have to wonder why this isn't being abused more, given how prevalent Macs have become, and how many people love to be hating on them. Anyway, if he creates a slick gui for this he'll be able to sell it, I'm sure. Hype it up, say it elevates Macs to insane levels of security. Should work, though he might have trouble getting it approved at the app store...

Somebody does need to tell this guy the OS is actually called '10' though (you know, the roman number, not x)

Slightly embarrassing, to not get the name of your topic right ;-)

A Norsified Linux for Windows and OS X wobblers


Re: Bottom Dock/Panel

OS X's Dock can be put on either side of the screen instead of the bottom through a simple right click setting. Surely any Linux version has that option too.

Is it an iPad? Is it a MacBook Air? No, it's a Surface Pro 3


I get the idea, but MS just can't convince me with these machines.

If you really need a keyboard and desktop apps so much that you would consider this, I'd still get a MacBook Air or some other Ultrabook with a really good keyboard instead. And if touch is your main interest, iOS and Android are just too far ahead. Best of both worlds might be nice in theory, but in the practice, it's still too much 'also ran' in both worlds.

You like iPads, you like things called 'Air'. You will LOVE this puppy


So Apple ups the performance by 100%-800% while at the same time reducing the weight by almost 50%, making for much improved usability and people still complain about a lack of innovation?

Compare this to the new Surface 2 or lets say the Xperia Tablet Z and explain to me how those are more significant updates than what this iPad Air brings to the table.

Lumia 2520: Our Vulture gets his claws on Nokia's first Windows RT slab


Re: Windows RT

others would argue iOS (or Android) is optimised for touch, leaving features out that simply do not work well on a touch screen.

The best tablets for Christmas


Re: more than apps

typing mkv in the search box at the app store is a bit over your head, yeah?

It's the whole point of the iPad. The more 'advanced' stuff to set up Apple offers an automated solution (the syncing of tabs, notes ,email, photos etc) while for anything it doesn't do, you get an app.


Re: more than apps

no. Android doesn't do this for you, so you have to search out a solution for yourself, that's exactly my point.

I will not debate that this works for many semi savy users, but my point was that this requires no installation in iOS, and no setup. You buy an iOS device, and check the relevant box during setup and the photo syncing just happens.

YOU may not find that desirable, but people that have no interest in figuring that stuff out by themselves (the vast majority) love that kind of automatic setup.

And I like it too, I'm sure I could get it to work on Android, but I have better things to do with my time than fiddling with tablet settings, sorry.


more than apps

Depends on who you're buying for. A nexus 10 is going to be a disappointment to your parents.

Calling the Nexus 10 a great media device, when most of the media delivery is through scaled up phone apps is a biased opinion at best.

If you like to fiddle, sure go ahead. Android is good on phones, but nowhere near on the tablet yet.

It's not just the apps, it's the whole integration between devices, even within those apps, that sets the Apple eco system apart. I know Google claims much the same, but it isn't at the same level yet. And since they do not control as much of the eco system as Apple does (arguably a plus in some ways), they will probably never be able to do the same tight integration between all devices and OSs.

If I'm catching up on some news on my iPad in the dedicated news app, I can put it down and pick up my iPhone in the train and continue on with the article, including my reading history. All of that could be done on Android, but no dedicated tablet app even exists, and the Android phone app does't sync.

I come home and Safari shows the tabs I have open on my iPhone on my MacBook Air, and is uploading the pictures I took on the phone today to it over wifi without any user interaction. Getting Android to do such things requires a lot more work and knowledge.

I have enough to deal with during the day, I don't usually feel a sudden urge to make the interface's text purple, I just want to pick up where I left off, regardless of the device I pick up. Apple is still way ahead here, and frankly, Google might not have the same possibilities Apple does.

This is why it is so interesting to see where Microsoft is headed with Windows 8. W8 should have been better, frankly, but there is a lot of potential there.

Apple iPhone 5 hands-on review


Re: Obviously

yup, better get an Android phone then, no one has one of those.


Re: Erm isn't the Droid Razr

the droid is thinner for the most part, but has a much fatter piece at the top because the designers failed to solve the camera problem. Apple does have a point here.

Apple's iPhone 5 connector said to be a control freak


Re: Still don't see the point of MicroUSB...

Apple's connector has been around for a lot longer than 2 years.

And I completely fail to see what exactly, according to you, is the big advantage of having to switch between regular microusb-usb cable, microusb-hdmi cable and bluetooth connectivity, instead of the one cable fits all approach of current devices.

Apple doing one of their trade mark reality distortion field demos showing of a bunch of different adapters for different uses sounds a lot less likely than them introducing a new one cable fits all, and look, it's magnetic too, scenario.

Maybe that's just me.


Re: People use connectors?

My dad has bluetooth and IOS dock connectivity in his car.

For music and voice, one is plug and go while also charging his phone, the other means going through some (admitedly, ill designed) setup menu, and the phone still needs to be plugged into something to charge.

Which do you think he uses?


Re: Simple

Well, I could see that, if Apple wants to change their connector to save space in their future devices, than they would want a more substantial gain than what micro-usb offers. The last connector lasted them 10+ years and this predictability has served them well. However you look at it, from a technical standpoint, going with micro usb is a step backward in flexibility. If they want the new one to last as long as the current connector, I can see why they would be reluctant to use micro-usb. Especially since not all iOS devices have bluetooth.

Good Tech: Apple dominates mobile enterprise


Re: Elephant in the room?

Still, with RIM's slow but steady slide into insignificance, it says something about iOS vs Android in business, which is what it is coming down to anyway.

And since apparently the original is on top so far, we can now look forward to Android fans calling an entire other category of people sheep.

Enormous Apple market cap swells and swells ... like a bubble


Q4 2011: 17 million iPhones, 11 million iPads, 6.6 million iPods, 4.9 million Macs and a boatload of music and revenue from apps.

Think of them what you will, but that doesn't quite sound like they're standing on their last legs leaning on just one or two products any time soon.

Hands on with the Apple iPad 3


Re: non standard Apple 2048 x 1536 V a real Samsung WQXGA panel at 2560 x 1600, no contest

"and more to the point why would you want a lesser apple PowerVR SGX543 and old dual A9 when you can have the newer TI OMAP5 ARM Cortex-A15x2 and pair of M4 companion core CPU's and the PowerVR SGX 544 and the bigger standard 2560 x 1600 panel to boot in 2012 for the same or perhaps even lower price."

I guess it helps you'll be able to buy one next week.

But mostly, because non of that interest 95% of the iPad crowd. It's like Rolls Royce, when asked about how much horsepower the Phantom has, answering "adequate".

These new iPad specs guarantee the same smooth performance of the iPad 2 at the increased resolution. This is true for every new iPad you get.

With Android, you have to get into all these uninteresting (to non-reg readers) details about cpu and gpu and what not because if it's too low, Android will run like a dog (not to mention, Android itself maybe hopelessly outdated)

Buy a new iPad, and the performance is smooth. Get a Tabloid, and it's hit and miss, unless you actually want to care about specs on a device like this. (Trust me, most people do not)

Windows 8 fondleslabs rock up on eBay


and to keep it all running, you get a nice noisy fan...

Come next year, W8 obviously cannot afford to require a Ferrari anymore. (and it won't)

But the problem for the iPad's competition so far has been that Apple has build a Porsche at the price point of a Toyota. It's hard to tell what MS's OS can do to break this, other than sponsoring the hardware. With Apple having more cash at hand than MS now, it's a steep road up.

How Apple's Lion won't let you trash documents

Thumb Down

well, maybe you are perfect and never make mistakes. Having to dig through versions in the silly starry version thing to retrieve something that would've required a simple "Revert to Saved..." before gets old pretty fast. I often compare old versions of documents, documents I do not want changed in any way, with the new one I'm currently working on. Browsing a document without saving is now impossible, that's just ridiculous.

I'm sure there are people who might benefit from this, but power users working together in a network environment should have the option to disable this downright dangerous feature.

OS X has always had a sort of undefinable quality where the OS is working with you. Anyone who's never used OS X for at least few weeks straight has no clue what I'm talking about. Sadly Lion has adopted the absolute worst aspect of Windows; it's in your face. It's constantly actively interfering with the way I think it's best to something.

Needless to say, I reinstalled Snow Leopard from my Time Machine disk.

Apple sells world's most expensive flash drive


recovery disk assistent

well, in all fairness, Apple also provides a free download to create your own recovery thumb drive. (http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1433)

You can even use it and a time machine backup to go back to 10.6.8, which, after a good week, is what I did. Lion was supposed to be conjured up specifically for my 11" MacBook Air, but all it did was to require more clicks to achieve the same thing as before and throw up more fancy transitions.

Microsoft, Nokia, HTC fight Apple's 'App store' trademark



I'm not so sure this will hold up. Apple coined the term "App" with the introduction of their App store. Plus the similarity in the name; App(le)

The companies complaining, choose to follow Apple by referring to the software running on their stuff Apps as well, where they could also have come up with some other own hip name for programs running on Mobile Devices

Broadband pricing in US and Europe falls


hey, we Dutch are cheap...

I pay about €50,- for a 25Mbit line, but that includes cable tv and unlimited phone calls nationwide.

It's a little easier to hook up a country that is small but densely populated, and relatively rich, though.

Outlooked Office for Mac 2011 unveiled


Entourage is pretty good

I'm in a lucky position where my computer life is pretty much all Mac, both at home and at work. But I do use Entourage. I've tried several times to switch to Apple's mail. I can't do it.

Mail is cumbersome. I find it much harder to organize, the rules are less powerful, it's far to difficult to change languages when spell checking and I don't like how Address Book works.

My girlfriend had her Entourage profile go bad on her. I switched her to Mail (imap) and she absolutely hated it. A asked her to try, but she was back in Entourage within a week.

Entourage is not so bad, my main complaint about itis that for no apparent reason, it sometimes takes ages to startup.