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Contractors welcome Lords inquiry into IR35 before tax reforms hit private sector but fear it's 'too little, too late'


Re: Indeed...

That changed today



Ignore the VAT, the end client reclaims it*

* apart from certain sectors.

UK government review of IR35 tax reforms? Like a broken pencil, say contractors groups – it'll be utterly pointless


Re: It's over....

Exactly, my "squirrelled away" cash is a collection of savings when I was a permie and savings when I was (am) a contractor. I've paid tax on all of that money. I'm jacking it all in now as I've reached an age where I don't want to return to the permie corporate treadmill, I like the independence that contracting gives me and would have carried on for a few more years had these changes not come in.


It's over....

Oh well, squirrelled away a few quid. Would have liked to continue working but I'll hang my boots up now and retire.

Reaction Engines' precooler tech demo chills 1,000°C air in less than 1/20th of a second


A simple request....

Could John Scott-Scott please change his forename to Scott.


How to lose a UK contractor in 10 days: Make them commit after upcoming IR35 tax upheaval, apparently


Re: Tax dodging contractors? It's not that simple

" first £5k dividends are not taxed"

Reduced to £2K these days

Accused Brit hacker Lauri Love will NOT be extradited to America



81's 99 in 17: Still a lotta love for the TI‑99/4A – TI's forgotten classic


Happy memories

I too had one. I remember the graphics being quite advanced at the time, the BASIC had sprite capability I believe.

Me and a mate wrote a Connect 4 game for it and had it published in a Computer mag, I remember getting a letter back from Robert Schifreen who was working there at the time. He went on to "other projects" :D and gained some notoriety!

IBM puts Global Tech Services staff at risk in 'skills remix'


I left last month after a long "career".

It's a company spiralling down the corporate plughole.

Run by spreadsheet accountants in New York.

Sad state of affairs, I really need to flog the IBM shares I accumulated over the years before they're worth jack shit!

IBM to cut '118k jobs worldwide' – report claims


" The company still makes huge profit… $21 billion in operating pre-tax profit last year. "

Good to see IBM admit to huge profits, shame it doesn't share any of that love with the employees.

IBM ushers in BIGGEST EVER re-org for the cloud era, say insiders


Re: No compulsories in the UK

"The only people who got accepted were those close to retirement who were on fat pensions anyway"

Not in my area. People in their 30's and 40's were accepted, band 7's and 8's.


Re: Possible dead wood cleanout?

"I'm guessing these changes are being made to manage out anyone in their hardware product organizations."


It's been a bizarre, knee-jerk response to the shit Q3 results. There is virtually zero bench in the areas targeted (services not hardware) so all revenue earning individuals.


Re: No compulsories in the UK

Staff morale was on the floor last year, it's in intensive care now.

I was turned down for the voluntary redundo, "too valuable" apparently. I await my rewards ;)

IBM lifts axe, will trim UK workforce weeks before Chrimbo


Re: Not just STG

Indeed. The top management needs to be replaced and from outside of IBM.

For years now it's been the same story and the chickens have come home to roost.

RIP charging bricks: $279 HP Chromebook 11 charges via USB



From zee specs here:-


"Micro USB for 15.75W charging"

Mars rover Curiosity snaps explicit selfies from ALL ANGLES


"Click for hi-res" no worky ? Not for me on Chrome anyway.

Big Blue down on all fronts in its third quarter


Must be verging on panic stations in Armonk these days what with the 2014 EPS plan looking like a crock. All those exec bonuses tied to it will no doubt result in some more lunacy over the new few months.

IBM juices profits in Q2 despite sales drop


Re: Thats really good news.. but..

Do you guys know which UK divisions are being targetted by this "consultation period" or is it across the board ?


Amen to the above.

I was wondering why HR had sent out an Email this week asking employees to urgently verify that their home address details were correct on IBM's records. Of course that request was dressed up as some kind of benign, touch feely action when it's probably so they know where to send the P45s.

Pirates be steering the ship me hearties....

IBM chiefs order pay freeze at US services tentacle


Greedy execs at the trough...

Same old story, no money for salary increases but enough in the coffers to spunk billions of dollars buying back their own stock to boost the EPS ratio, which the execs bonuses are tied to.

Bitter, moi ?

Big Blue gives Big Sam big bags of cash


Meanwhile back at the ranch....

UK employees get told no pay rises again this year.

Go Sam!

Winklevoss twins' new Facebook lawsuit rejected by judge



The jocks got pwn3d by the geek.

"High five"

'NATO RESTRICTED': The lowest possible classification



As above, RESTRICTED docs do have to be shredded, mustn't be EMailed over an insecure networks, left out on desks overnight etc.

RESTRICTED may be low down on the protective marking food chain but care is still required when dealing with the information. You'd think a DV cleared author would have known that.

Inside the 'funky' history of Groupon's biggest shareholder



Teeth whitening, spa days, little fish nibbling on my feet.....

These seem to be the majority of stunning deals I receive.

$30Bn valuation ? LOLcats

IBM gorges on cheap debt for share buybacks, acquisitions

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All the financial games but no salary rises.

No doubt Sam + all the execs will slap themselves on their sweaty backs and award themselves huge bonuses for the inflated share price and then refuse to pay salary increases to the "workers".


Money for nothing – and your (gambling) kicks for free


It's true...

LOL @ all the posters who just don't get it or assume there's a catch :)

Big Blue's Big Sam gets $10bn for bonus stock boost

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So that's where my salary increases have gone for the last six years.

Must get myself a new job, IBM has long since been a decent place to work.

Beatles on iTunes? 'Don't hold your breath' says Yoko



who gives a shit ?

IBM job cuts go compulsory


Don't bother....

I'm an IBM employee and could not recommend it to anyone I liked :)

Run away now and find a company that values their employees!

Big Blue eye glares at UK workforce

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Meanwhile in IBM HQ....

.....IBM'ers offered bounty payments of up to £7K to get their mates to join big blue. Hundreds of positions on offer.