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Virgin Media still claiming no usage limits

Jonathan Wickett

VM Untruths

2 weeks ago I called virgin customers services asking about this £2 increase and 20mb upgrade. They assured me that this £2 would only be charged when I got the upgrade. I repeated this back to them, asking if they were sure, they said yes there sure.

Lo and behold my bill arrives this week, and my internet is now £37! but no upgrade. So onto the phone i go and ask them what the hell is going on. I explain what I was told previously, to which they reply that the person who told me that was mistaken, and that £37 was now the price. Oh no its not I said, much to their suprise :) I demanded to be put through to disconnections dept, where I tell them in no uncertain terms that I aint paying more money for something I am not getting!

The guy then checks the upgrade date for my area (southwest) and confirms it'll be up to3 months. So he then offers me my £2 back until I get my upgrade.

VM must think we are stupid, £2 more for a restricted connection,and customer services that simply dont know what they are doing!

Dont do the typical British thing and just accept it, complain and let them know we wont put up with it !