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Beware of Macs in enterprise, security consultants say


Fanbois (of any OS) really need to step away from the keyboard

Good article. I find (as usual) the fanbois - this time Mac ones, once again don't actually read the entire thing, but just see "my favourite toy is being dissed, must defend!!!" - This is typical of so many uneducated fanbois of ***all** platforms.

Given there has yet to be a perfectly secure computer network, the very fact of a security article pointing out a flaw in a particular platform should not be met with derision or putdowns, but rather a scramble back to the readers' own networks to see if the vulnerabilities listed exist within their own demesnes.

Of course, those who do exactly that tend not to post in response because, well, they're busy securing their networks thanks to the new information. The fanbois, of course, still have their leaky sieves on the 'net, vulnerable as always, but thinking they're still secure "just 'cuz".


Comcast 'Tweetgate' apology thrown back in face


Disagree with this articles' author

I have to add my voice to disagreeing with the author of this article, too: I think it took guts from Reel Grrls to turn down the money, along with sending a message: Not only to Comcast and the world, but to the young ladies they're out to protect: Freedom of speech does not get 'edited' with corporate money. Good on them for their stance - before and after the Comcast apology.

-Marc Bissonnette

Ontario, Canada

BOFH: Join the club

Jobs Horns

Magnesium plate - brilliant!

As a former firefighter who has fought magnesium fires: BRILLIANT!!!

If I could have babies, I would name them after Simon. As I cannot, I will simply have to build a robot in its stead.

Now, bearings and diesel, where do we keep those ... ?

BOFH: Robot wars

Jobs Horns


Man oh man, do I ever miss seeing Robot Wars on TV :)

US gov slaps flack for fake iTunes game reviews


For a PR firm, this exec is pretty clueless

Snitker, if she had an ouce of common sense or actual skill in the PR world, should have immediately denounced her employees' behaviour and apologized unreservedly.

One could almost guarantee she's lost her firm countless numbers of clients, because they're too stupid to even cheat at cheating correctly. I mean, seriously - Your own employees who *benefit* from the apps' success ? Did these halfwits not even think of asking friends or neighbours to post the fake reviews so they wouldn't, you know, be *traced back to them* ?


To think this is what the education system is cranking out in North America today...

$11.7m judgment against Spamhaus slashed to $27,000


Victory ? I think not.

I hate to be a wet blanket, but I'm looking at this as e360 v Spamhaus: e360 wins :(

The court is basically saying "Spamhaus caused the spammers to lose $27K - Spamhaus has to pay it back" - That is patently false: Spamhaus, using all the methods that it uses, publishes lists of IPs that are known to them to emit unsolicited mail - Millions of people around the world, including myself and everyone on my servers, choose to follow that advice and block mail originating from those IPs. That is *my* decision not to see any of e360s - and other ***spammers*** mail, and therefore not give them any business - not Spamhaus'.

It is *me* that has the relationship between my mail servers and the outside world - Not Spamhaus (and my servers) - I may choose Spamhaus for influential data, but how that data is used (in this case, to block mail) - Is *my* choice, not Spamhaus' - So the fact that the court ordered them to pay even a twenty seventh of a cent, much less $27K, is utterly ridiculous.

This is a bad, bad, bad decision that will have very negative long term effects unless appealed.

BOFH: Forgive and forget


He's back - Life is good!

The universe is back in balance - The BOFH is BACK!

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles



2010 just wasn't the same without BOFH - My year has now officially started.

(And, as in a former life I was a backhoe operator, I LOLed at the mention - Brilliant!)


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